Guaranteed Wealth Scam Review: The Rebirth Of Brothers Grimm

What Have Victor Lambert And The Brothers Grimm In Common?


Every child knows the popular fairy tales “Cinderella, The Frog Prince, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and Rumpelstiltskin” by the brothers Grimm.

The Brothers Grimm are among the best-known storytellers of Folk Tales and published the first collection of their work, “Children and Household Tales”, in the year 1812.

However, they were not just writers and story tellers. One of their goal was researching a scholarly treatise on folk tales, they established a methodology for collecting and recording folk stories that became the basis for folklore studies.

Between 1812 and 1857, their first collection was revised and republished many times, growing from 86 stories to more than 200. In addition to writing and modifying folk tales, the brothers wrote collections of well-respected German and Scandinavian mythologies. (source: Wikipedia).


painting of the brothers grimm
The Brothers Grimm
painting by: Elisabeth Jerichau-Bauman


The combination of being researchers and writers with an unequaled imagination made the Brothers Grimm the best ever writers of folk tales.


Over 200 years later, I like to introduce you to the reincarnation of the Brothers Grimm:


Mr. Victor Lambert, creator of Guaranteed Wealth, an Internet Marketing Product


You see, Mr. Lambert (if this is his real name), launched this new product just a couple of weeks ago. The story he tells in his sales video is so “fairy tale” like, it could have been scripted by the brothers Grimm.


The Tale of “Guaranteed Wealth” (narrated by yours truly)


$10,000 a week for the rest of your lifeOnce upon a time, there was this traveling computer network geek who is not a traveling computer network geek any longer. His new job is to promise you “the pie in the sky”.

To be precise, he GUARANTEES, regardless of what you have ever seen online; “this is guaranteed”. You will get rich beyond your wildest dream, making $10.000.00 a week, for the rest of your life.

This is done by using a system that’s 91.4% accurate; all the time!

He goes on saying “This is guaranteed because my team and I will do it for you. Welcome to the first Guaranteed Money System”.

the guarantee screenshotAfter that it is time to show you some images of “bank statements” with a balance of $1,140,000.00, amassed in just 4 weeks, a fancy yacht, a luxury car and a million dollar mansion.

And you can have all of these things too. “Today,” Victor says, “is the first day of the rest of your life. You will be richer than you can imagine. And it is FREE. I don’t want a single cent of your money“. 


guarantee it is absolutely free


But this is only the prelude to the fairy tale. And so the story continues:


The Secret Of Guaranteed Wealth


passing info from computer takes a fraction of a seconIn his old job as traveling computer network geek, Victor was responsible to help big companies connect their computers to the different Telecoms and other networks.

Casually he throws in few names like Google, Facebook and Coca Cola, to let you know that he was a very important man, in the good old days.

He makes it an important point that computers communicate with each other via networks and he, as senior network specialist, had access to all the log files (in the old days, they called ‘em the “Witch’s Recipe Book”).

And on a bright and sunny day, or maybe it was raining, Victor noticed something very strange. He calls it an “Anomaly”.

It’s not a “loophole”, a “glitch” or “some other hack” that are not legal, are unreliable or may stop working altogether. Oh no, it’s an ANOMALY.

 “And this anomaly will be there forever”, Victor explains. “It takes a fraction of a second for information to be passed from one computer to another”.

timings anomaly as explained by victor lambert

This tiny micro-delay enabled victor to analyze, which way the price of a commodity or asset is going and the binary option trader Victor emerged.

From this day on he used this “Timings Anomaly” for his trades with success, he claims. The big breakthrough came after he met Nigel, a genius programmer. Together they tweaked the software to the point of 91.4% accuracy.

But the story does not end here. Despite the fact that the program works completely on autopilot and made Victor immensely rich, the poor sod is not happy.


Why Victor Wants To Give You Guaranteed Wealth For Free


Supposedly, there is a limit of 90 salesVictor Lambert is very bored, it seems. The software is working on autopilot as we have heard and Victor spends a lot of time dining lavishly and taking vacations from I don’t know what.

He even spends time on a private island somewhere in the Caribbean. But he is missing some company and folks to share all of his wealth with.He decided to “widen his inner circle” of equally rich people.

Exactly by 90 new members, not one less and not one more. He does not need any of your money. He obviously has enough, so you can get rich too if you decide quickly and join Guaranteed Wealth.

And so ends the tale as told by Mr. Victor Lambert.


The Facts About Guaranteed Wealth – The Review


I hope you enjoyed the little fairy tale Victor Lambert is spinning to lure you into binary option trading. Watching the video numerous times gave me some good laughs though. But let us get serious now and take a real close look at this Scam. 


1) It Is Not Free

Contrary to what Victor says, signing up with Guaranteed Wealth comes at a hefty price. True, the use of a trading software is free, but in order to consummate any trades, you need to make a deposit with a brokerage of Mr. Lambert’s choice.

The minimum deposit is $250.00, which seems to be the standard in this shady industry.


2) You Will Not Get A Refund!

Mr. Lambert is telling an outright lie when he says you that you can request a refund of your initial deposit. The truth is that you need to make a certain number of trades (between 40 and 70) before you are allowed to withdraw money from your account.

By the time you reach this threshold, your deposit is most likely gone and there is nothing left to withdraw.

Many people learned the hard way that they had been had. I know of people who lost sums in the 10s of thousands of dollar. There is no legal recourse because 99% of all brokerages are located in Cyprus, the Seychelles or any other offshore locations without regulations.


3) You Will Not Make A profit!

Let me assure you that the odds are stacked against you. First of all, binary option trading is very risky. Only the most experienced traders, with almost unlimited funds, can make money. (for info about BO trading see this Wikipedia entry  – about the risks involved, read this Forbes article).

Binary Option trading is a gamble, not unlike playing Black/Red on roulette. You bet on only 2 possible outcomes:


  • CALL/UP if you think a commodity or asset will be up at a certain time
  • PUT/DOWN if you think a commodity will be down at a certain time


If you win your bet, you receive about 70% of your bet as profit (30% broker fee)

If you lose your bet, you lose the entire amount of the bet.

The brokerage however, will receive a 30% commission no matter of the outcome of your bet.


4) The Software That Is 91.4% Accurate Does Not Exist


91% accuracy is guaranteed
it follows a fundamental law of physics!
PLEASE, don’t believe this BS

I do not know the exact number but there are over 100 of these binary option Scams you can find on the Internet. They all operate the same way and each one has a program that is supposed to predict the outcome of trades.

There are similar tales about a poor schmuck stumbling upon a “glitch in the program, found a loophole of some sort or met some kind of genius who created a miracle system”.

Fact is that all brokerage houses do use some kind of software that “reports” a trend in the behavior of the market. But these are reports of what has already taken place and the “trending modules”, programmed by humans, are simply guess-work.


5) Why Then Bother With Products Like Guaranteed Wealth?

Obviously, there is a lot of money to be made. Of course, the brokers make plenty of dough, regardless if the players win or lose.

And there is an army of affiliates that makes hefty commissions for every account that is created through their efforts. Do a simple Google search for “guaranteed wealth review” and look at all the so called reviews on the first three result pages.

You may find a couple of “honest reviews” that in fact do expose this Scam (mine included if it got ranked high enough). All others are affiliate sales pages with links to the sales video.  I will leave it up to you to figure out why that is. 

Do I believe that Victor Lambert is the real owner of Guaranteed Wealth? It seems that Mr. Lambert is a paid actor, hired to narrate the sales video. When I filled out the form to get access to the actual purchase page, I noticed a redirect to, which is not accessible without an affiliate-link extension.

That added fuel to my suspicion, that most of these binary option products are the brain child of the syndicate of Internet Gurus that is exploiting the vulnerable and unsuspecting folks.

It took about 30 seconds before I finally arrived at CVC Option, the brokerage of Victor’s choice. Leaving without making a deposit, I ended up at the website shown in the screenshot below.


customer complaint and refund request


Here is the complaint from one unhappy customer requesting a refund He left the comment on, which may or may not have a business connection with CVC Option (I could not find proof either way).

But if you would like to know how the “no refund system” and the “matching bonus systemwork, check it out here.

Then I went to the affiliate page at CVC Option and learned that every new account is worth $250,00 in commission AND that there are NO REFUNDS and NO RESERVES!

Now you know who makes money. The Brokerage and their Affiliates. You, as a player, will lose your money.


Final Words About Guaranteed Wealth


Mr. Victor Lambert tells his tale, I told and showed you the truth about this Scam. If you still think you need to try it out, go right ahead. I cannot stop you. If you have some money to throw away, you may as well go to a casino close by or go to Vegas and have some fun doing so.

Binary Option trading is not for me; neither is making a buck by selling this crap. I make my money online, but I chose to make it the old fashioned way – working for it, instead of trying to scam other folks out of heir hard earned money.

I have reviewed several of these products in the past months, and will keep on doing so as long as a new one pops up every single week. There are so many that I gave this genre of internet scams its own category.


My Verdict: Guaranteed Wealth is an outright Scam – 0/100 points


sign of two thumbs down



What Next

If you want to make money online, I can help. I learned how to do that at  My #1 FREE recommendation. I am not saying that Wealthy Affiliate is the right thing for you. This is for you to determine. What I can tell you however, is that is 100% FREE to ‘take look behind the curtain’, take 10 lessons of the Get Started course, and at the same time, build your first website. 

The table below shows you how Wealthy Affiliate compares with Guaranteed Wealth.



There is no scam, no BS and no guaranteed systems. Like I said before, it’s absolutely risk free and you don’t have to spend a dime out of pocket.

That’s all for today. I hope you liked my review and I would love to hear your opinion. So, don’t be shy and chime in on your way out.


John Worthy


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John Worthy ProfileI am John. If you have any questions about this review, feel free to leave a comment in the box below. We also would like to hear from you if you have had any experience with Guaranteed Wealth or any other of these scams. 


14 Responses

  1. bo E.

    the guaranteed wealth system does not work. BEWARE! STAY AWAY! They took me for $22,898.32 to be exact. they will never give you a refund but instead they ask for more money when you’re wanting to get out of it… making you think you’ll break even. if there are any real moneymakers on the internet someone let me know

    • John Worthy

      Hi Bo, sorry to hear about you loss. None of these binary option scams work. There is no program, secret formula, loop hole, or whatever they claim to have. It’s just sad that they give the whole trading industry a bad name. Yes, there are money makers on the internet, but none that make money out of nothing. If you are really interested and willing to learn and work, I suggest you take a close look at My #1 Free Recommendation.

  2. Bob

    Please stay away from CVC OPTION, they are a bunch of thieves. I traded with this organization for about nine weeks. They started out giving me wining trades; afterwards, they would tell me to send in two, five, three, or five thousand dollars more for trading equity. When my account reached $10 thousand, the traders asked me if I could raise $10 thousand more. The trades were excellent so I was encouraged to continue.

    On that weekend, I received an early-morning call from a person, David Castillo, telling me he was with CVC and I had to send a portion of the money, by Dollar Express or Western Union, to a José Rafael Peralta Taveras. Thank God, Dollar Express refused to send the funds. I was then directed to an alternative individual, who would also furnish winning trades, a Ney Siris Valdez, in addition, residing in the Dominican Republic; I was told that these individuals would send us the details concerning upcoming trades that would be profitable.

    This running back and forth trying to send the funds took an entire day. That afternoon, I contacted CVC OPTION; I was advised that this was a scam. By way of a phone conversation, one of the evening traders let me know that this wasn’t the first time these scams had occurred at CVC. When I tried to contact someone in authority, two of the evening traders, outside the team with whom I worked, told me they could do nothing. One asked me if I had contacted my local authorities. (This is the point; most of these binary options’ trading organizations are not regulated; therefore, there is no legal backing for the unsuspecting trader. Be careful with these unregulated organizations because they can do whatever to want and the majority of their traders are masters at cheating the public.)

    After contacting the office at CVC and realized I was in a helpless state, it was clear; I realized that my CVC trading team had constructed this entire scam with others outside the organization. Indeed, the scam was initiated by my own traders. The main trader phoned me, Ronald Nikerson said, “You should have sent the entire amount, as you were told, to the Dominican Republic.” Then his supervisor, Nick Donavon, called me as well and said, “Oh yes; Alex Wilford was your trader; you should have done what he suggested and sent the money to the Dominican Republic.” This is when I realized the entire scenario was a scam; right from my traders at CVC Option and the entire organization was suspect, and I had no legal authority to back me up. At once put in a request for a refund of my funds. Even though my trading equity totaled $49,544, I would lose 29, 54I, but I didn’t care. I immediately placed a withdrawal request for $17,000 (I was told this was all that was the actual balance. In the meantime, I received a call from David Nikerson telling me he saw the withdrawal request, and wanted to give it another try. He would bring my account up to $50,000 with one more trading session. I told him I knew he would bring me down to zero, but at this point I doubted they would return my funds anyway. I followed his five trades, and just as suspected; they all failed; each at $5,000. My account was now reduced to $14,000. I asked how much I could withdraw and close the account. I was informed that the account bonuses totaled $17, 000; therefore, my real balance was currently $0. STAY AWAY FROM CVC OPTION, AND BE CAREFUL OF ANY UNREGULATED BINARY OPTIONS ORGANIZATION.

    • John Worthy

      Hi Bob, I am sorry you’ve been had by some crooks. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I am keeping an eye on the scams that pop up almost daily. These are the ones committed by the affiliate(s) of brokerages. Unfortunately, there is not a single binary option broker registered in the US. Yes, there is NADEX, but trading with NADEX is not really BOT. You know that a lot of reputable brokers stopped serving the US market because of some regulations that make it almost impossible even for the most honest broker to conduct business. It’s up to us now to weed out the bad apples. And CVC OPTION is absolutely one of these rotten ones.
      Your comment is very detailed and I would like to use it in a review i am working on as we speak. Let me know, please, if it’s ok with you.

  3. Carmealette Smith


    To Whom It May Concern:

    I have received MANY notices for this webinar recently & others, similar to this in the past!! There are FAR TOO many scams online, however, & I am at the point in my life where I have lost ALL patience with their wicked attempts to steal from unsuspecting people like me!!! It pisses me off, to no end, that LIARS & THIEVES would take the time to prey upon those who are seeking a way out of their financial troubles, instead of realizing that they can’ t take the stolen money with them to HELL, after death!!!!

    I say all that simply to say, I do not want, have time, energy, nor money to throw away on ANY MORE BULLSHIT!!! I MUST make a substantial amount of money, like the amount that is claimed in the emails that I have received about this webinar. Nevertheless, I need to know some specific information about this program, such as: what is it; who created it; what are ALL the costs involved; is there verifiable proof of this,”little loophole where many regular people have been making an easy $12,000 PER DAY with virtually no risk;” if so, where is that proof; how soon can that income be generated, after joining????/? Also, are there any evening webinars coming up soon, because I work during the day?

    Will you please write back, quickly, with detailed answers to these questions, so that I know there is a REAL, HONEST, PERSON, behind this program?? Unlike the various SCAMMERS, with their FAKE BANK ACCOUNT SCREEN SHOTS, PAID ACTOR “TESTIMONIALS,” ETC…!!! As usual with ANY KIND OF EVIL, the GOD we PRETEND to love, on religious holidays, (especially the one coming up), KNOWS EVERYTHING, INCLUDING WHO’S SCAMMING WHOM!!! Even if they “get away with it,” here, they WILL NOT, HEREAFTER, IN A LITTLE PLACE CALLED, HELL!!!!!!!!

    • John Worthy

      Thanks for your comment Carmealetta. I am glad you posted this email to let us know how upset you are about all these scams that are flooding the Internet. I made it my mission to review online products, particularly those in the “how to make money online” industry, and exploit the obvious scams. I just hope that I can help people to recognize these scams and safe them from losing their hard earned money.

  4. Tom

    What an awesome review very informative and people please do nit get caught up in these webs they weave.
    Great job

    • John Worthy

      Thanks for the comment Tom. There must be a lot of people that get lured in. Every week a new binary option trading scam is released.

  5. Neil Blake

    Thanks for writing this they keep sending me high pressure sales tactic messages about how there’s only 17 more open slots. LOL! Really I checked it out yesterday and it came off the world wide web as an email. Apparently they’re either lying, of they can’t find 90 suckers in 24 hours. LOL! I looked it up on youtube and they’re are tons of people telling me this is a scam while trying to get me to buy their scams.

    If somebody actually came up with something that offered a fair compensation package for doing online work, they’d make a fortune! The market and human resource is there but the actual work hasn’t been created yet, that’s simple enough for someone with the drive to just come in learn, and get to work! It’s frustrating seeing all of these bottom feeders trying to swipe money from the poor. They’re just a bunch of nerdy con men!

    • John Worthy

      Hello Neil, thanks for stopping by. Binary Option trading scams are the hot product this year. There is a new one coming out every week. I reviewed about 12 of them….6 of them you can find on this site and the others are on sites I write as a guest author.’Anyways, these scams must be stopped. I have no idea why Google allows those fake reviews that are in fact affiliate sales pages.
      As far as making money online is concerned. Let me tell you that it is absolutely possible to make a nice full time income with an online business. All it takes is the willingness to learn and work; there is no easy way. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything you need to know and you will be making money. Don’t expect to get rich over night, online business is like any other business. You have to make it work and grow.
      Check this out and give it a try…..

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