How To Learn Internet Marketing (IM)

Do you want to know how to learn Internet Marketing
and create a legitimate work home job for yourself? I can show you how to stay clear of online scams  and make some money as many other people have done and are doing every day? Have you tried to find a REAL and LEGITIMATE opportunity online before and failed because you fell for a scam?

If your answers are “YES”, you MUST take this First Step and keep on reading. I can help and will show you how YOU can get started online in the next 10 minutes

Many others, and that includes myself, had to start somehow and were looking to find help on the Internet. There is a vast amount of very good and helpful information to be found that can be used to get off the ground.

Unfortunately however, there are a great number of individuals and small business enterprises taking advantage of people looking for help. They do that in many different, very clever ways and it can be very difficult to realize that they are out to SCAM you.

Recognizing and avoiding online scams

If their Sales Pitch is…….

  • Make thousands of Dollars week after week working 20 minutes a day!HOW TO AVOID SCAMS ONLINE
  • You are ONLY EIGHT mouse-clicks away from making $600 overnight
  • I give you a website that made my friend a millionaire and I share it with you
  • Follow my simple step-by-step instructions and watch the money flow in
  • They show account statement after account statement with thousands of dollars in deposits knowing quite well that there is no chance for you to get verification.
  • They show you a number of items you will get “for free” (most of them are worthless e-books – FOR FREE – you could find on your own)

…….then you are definitely looking at a scam! They all have one thing in common. When you finally get to the end of the presentation, they will ask for your money (usually between $39.00 and $99.00) just to find out what their program really is all about. Some claim they don’t need your money since they make enough already, but the fee is to cover their “expenses”.

Once you started with their program and realize that there is no money coming in “overnight”, they tell you it’s necessary to maximize the system by buying this or that. We call this “up-sale”, which is a common practice in these types of scam.

And when you finally realize that you will not make any money and request the “100% Guaranteed Refund”, you have most likely missed the expiration date of the refund guarantee.

My advice to you: DO NOT get caught up in the hype they create so convincingly and DO NOT believe their promises that you can make thousands of dollars “even while you sleep”. DO NOT join a company or program where you have to pay a “FEE” just for registering with them.


If you did, I fully understand that you were mad at yourself for falling for their sales pitch. I was too. But I checked it off as
mistake and did not let it deter me from pursuing my dream of owning my own business.

Many successful business people admit to the mistakes they made and the failures they suffered before their business became a
success. Failure will make us learn from our mistakes and should be an incentive to try even harder.

I understand when you are skeptical and afraid of getting burned by a scam. Heeding my advice and using common sense should prevent you from falling for another online scam.
Here at I only recommend Legitimate Online Programs.



This is a really good question considering that most of the so called “opportunities” are scams. Let me assure you that there are hundreds, if not thousands of possibilities to find a lucrative niche which you can exploit to make money. But before we get into that I want you to take a look at some amazing statistics.

  • Over 2 ½ BILLION people are connected to the Internet worldwide
  • Google, by far the largest Search Engine Provider with a market share of about 80%, is handling over 100 BILLION SEARCH REQUESTS every single month worldwide
  • In the USA alone Google receives over 16 BILLION search queries per month. That breaks down to over 500 MILLION per day, over 22 MILLION per hour, over 377 THOUSAND per minute and 6,280 per second.



And I can substantiate this statement. Take a closer look at the search numbers again. Over 22 MILLION searches per hour in the USA. This is the big “Money Pie” just waiting to get eaten, and you want a piece of it. Not a big piece, what can i do to make money from homejust a crumb. If you could tap into JUST ONE PERCENT of the hourly searches you would have access to 220,000 potential customers.

This is not going to happen. However, if you could attract just 1/000 of ONE PERCENT to visit your website, you would be looking at 220 potential customers per hour. Still a relatively high number to expect in a home business.

We all are looking at companies like Amazon, eBay and PayPal and their millions of dollar businesses and ask. How did they do it? See, Amazon was a retail bookseller with many stores around the USA. Their business was to sell books, and only books, to a targeted customer group. Buyers of books. And that was their NICHE

Amazon is the brain child of Jeff Bezos and was founded in 1995. The Internet was still in its infancy and Jeff had the idea to offer products online. He had a short list of about 10 niches and decided on the “buyer of books” as his target. He realized, that he can offer a much larger variety to potential customers, than traditional brick and mortar book stores.

However, Amazon did not make a profit until 2001.

The rest, like the saying goes, is history. We must not forget, however, that it took Amazon many years and a lot of money to invest to become the biggest Online Marketer in the world.

What I am pointing out to you is How Amazon Started Out! They had their niche, which was Buyers of Books. And after getting the word out that people now can order their books online the business started to grow many times over.

I mentioned In the last few paragraphs the world NICHE a couple of times. It is a very important part in your decision making in respect to “What Can I Do……..”  read my page About Niches here on FactsAboutInternetMarketing for more details).

On this website I will show you step-by-step what you need to know and how to get started to be able to claim your little crumb from the BIG MONEY PIE.


Legitimate Home Work JobsSTEP 1: You already took it by following me this far.

STEP 2: You need to fully understand that starting a Home Business is like any other business. It takes determination, hard work and a lot of effort to succeed! You must be willing to learn and not be afraid to ask questions if you need more clarification on an issue. You need to understand that success will NOT come overnight and you must be willing to spend all the time it takes to become successful. There will be bumps on the road ahead to overcome, but you can do it!

STEP 3: You need an Internet ready computer. Obviously you already have access to one but it’s imperative that you have your own since you will be spending quite some time during the initial start-up-phase

STEP 4: You need YOUR OWN website over which you have total control. It must be your decision what design you choose, what content goes on it and how you want to promote your business.

STEP 5: I introduce you to THE BEST ONLINE PROGRAM I have found since getting involved in the Online Business sector. WEALTHY AFFILIATE is EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED to get started. ARE YOU STILL SKEPTIC? I understand. Put your skeptics aside! Remember that I told you to stay clear of those that have you pay before you’ll see what you get?

THIS PROGRAM is NOT, and I repeat, NOT a scam! They offer you to join FREE of any cost or any obligation! YES, you can join free to get started.



You will get the THREE THINGS required to build an Internet Marketing Business:


learn online marketingWhy is knowledge so important? Without LEARNING nobody is able to perform a certain task or project of any kind! We had to learn how to walk, talk, eat, put your clothe on and so forth. Later on in life we learned a lot in school and collage; we took on a trade and had to learn even more in order to perform in our jobs.

The same is true now as you are considering to start your own business want to become successful in the Internet Marketing World. You need to learn and acquire the tools necessary and also train the practices and processes. And this it where Wealthy Affiliate comes in. They can teach you everything you need to know and train you at the same time. But you can not do it by yourself. That’s why the second thing you need is HELP&SUPPORT. (Read more on the subject “How to avoid making mistakes”.


online marketing schoolI know from experience how frustrating it can be when you are stuck and there is no help around. It does not matter if you are stuck with a flat tire and no spare in the trunk, or if you are stuck on a subject in your studies. YOU NEED HELP. And this is where Wealthy Affiliate is second to none.

The college like community at Wealthy Affiliate, some call it even WA UNIVERSITY, is a big pool of knowledgeable memberseager and willing to share what they have learned and now know. Besides their outstanding tutorials and video course, WA also offers a number of classroom settings in which students help each other. On top of it, every member is encouraged to start a discussion in an open forum. LEARNING and TRAINING goes hand in hand.


How to build a website
Of course you need a WEBSITE. By that I mean a website YOU OWN and have full control over it. You need to control the Design (Theme), you need to control what goes on it (content) and you need to control how you want to promote it.

The good news is that website design has rapidly evolved and changed over the past years. You DO NOT need to know any of the programming languages (HTML, CSS, JAVA or CSS) to build a fully functioning in Internet ready site. Here at Wealthy Affiliates you can literally build a WorldPress Website in less than 1 minute.

And it get’s even better. Wealthy Affiliates will give you NOT ONE but TWO websites for absolutely $0.00. zero, nada, zilch.

Just watch the short video below and you will see how fast and easy it is to build a website.


Wealthy Affiliate University – the best online business learning center!

IMPRESSIVE, is it not? Join Wealthy Affiliate and you get all of that for FREE as in ZERO DOLLARS, not even ONE SINGLE CENT and NO OBLIGATION. You do not need a Credit Card to become a STARTER MEMBER of WA. And the good part is that you can stay a FREE MEMBER as long as you wish.

What do you have to lose? Nothing! Look at  the screen capture below, choose the “Starter Option” (that’s the $0.00 option) and you will be on the way to start your own Internet Marketing Business.

YES, I am ready for a try-out

how to start internet marketing

John ProfileMy name is John and I would like to hear from you if you have any questions. Just drop me a note below and I will get back with you within 12 hours.

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  1. Rolf K. Bratli

    Hi John,

    I just want to tell you how impressed I am of the presentation of your material. I am a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member, and I can confirm all the information you have presented here is entirely correct. I am a new member so my website is like a bicycle with a training wheel yet – i am trying out things and trying to find my voice.

    I am a semiretired person, still hanging in there. But I would like to take my profession online, as I have been working as providing training in rock mechanics for the oil and gas industry. I am planning to take my coursematerial online and hope to build m bisiness around that. I have many 100 pages of information, but I want to know how to format and present it in a proper manner so it can generate an income from something I am passionate about doing.

    I will likely send you a PM back in WA to get in touch so I can learn from your experience.

    Thank you for an inspirational read and keep up the good work you are doing keeping people away from scams.

    All the best

    Rolfk Bratli

  2. rick

    Great Information here. I will come back often and check on new articles.
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    • John Worthy

      Thanks for stopping by. There is a lot specialized info on my site. You find it under “IM101” and “Knowledge Base”.
      In particular about Niches, Keywords, SEO, Quality Content, Building Websites” and more.

    • John Worthy

      Hi, thanks for stopping by. Yes I am working on some new “stuff” as we speak. Check by every now and then if you wish.

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