Full Money System Review – Full Money System Scam

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Dan Craig
$49.00 + Upsells

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On April 16, 2014
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Full Money System is a scam. Avoid

Full Money System Review – A Never Ending Stream Of Guru Scams!

I am getting sick and tired of these unscrupulous scheisters and their SCAMS. Recently I reviewed another one of these “Top Secret Monsters” and thought I have seen and heard it all (EZ Cash Creator).

The Full Money System and EZ CC have one thing in common: Both are a “big pile of cow manure”! I am not going to hold anything back and give you an honest review.

Employing proven Guru Techniques, Dan Craig presents his Full Money System with a sales video that raised the BS Level to inconceivable heights.

Full Money System Review


Full Money System is a ScamProduct Name: Full Money System

Product Owner: Dan Craig

Price: $49.00 to $19.00 to $9.00

Upsells: $198.00, $98.00, $47.00

My Rating: 10 points on 100 points scale – 1 star

My Verdict: SCAM – Do Not Buy This System


What Is The Full Money System?

In short, it provides you with an “over the counter” niche website, affiliate links to products you know nothing about, and Dan’s miracle system will run on autopilot to create mass traffic to your site.

Dan Craig’s Sales Pitch (Video)

I hate this kind of videos for different reasons. Besides the fact that they are “crap”, they have no “pause, forward or backward option”. If I doze off and want to back-up or fast forward, I am out of luck.

Anyway, it starts with the showing of short clips from Cable Network News Programs. The News Casters are talking about the economy and people looking for ways to earn extra income. I assume this should make us believe that they are talking about Full Money System.

The last news reporter mentioned, “Some online entrepreneurs making a 6-figure income” a year. Right on cue, Dan Craig takes the stage with his first ridiculous sentence:

“You are about to learn the secret, step-by-step “click and profit” system that could make you MILLIONS”.

Dan is trying real hard building up hype and excitement in his audience with lines like:

full money system scam review
A System that could make you MILLIONS!
Is he talking about the Lottery?

 “This is the most important video you will see in your life” or

“This system is for you only if you are serious about making six figures in a few days” and

“The product was only available to internet millionaires until a short time ago” and the obligatory  

“just copy, paste and click and the system is doing the rest, even while you are sleeping”

Of course, he backs all this up with screenshots of ludicrous bank statements and images of “happy and now rich folks”. Supposedly, they belong to a group of 500 hand picked individuals that were allowed to use this secret system.
All these Scam products contain an important segment.

Do you know what this is? It’s a “sob story” about themselves and how they were so lucky to come about their money making miracle systems.

They obviously have a choice of different versions and Dan Craig chose this for his Scam:

Poor Dan lost his job, was dead broke and “out and about” every day looking for work. He got in the habit of taking a break from this strenuous effort at the same small Coffee Shop.

So, one day, an elderly man approached Dan. We learn that the man was a Janitor, never went to school, could hardly read or write and was poor all his life until the big miracle happened. This poor man came across a secret system that made him a rich man almost over night.

The Janitor is no Janitor anymore. Instead, he is living the high life, traveling all over the world and enjoying his fortune. But back to the meeting at the coffee shop.

He claps Dan on the shoulder (this is a touching scene, I must admit, that brought tears to my eyes because I laughed so hard) and, out of the goodness of his heart, he let Dan use the secret system. And lo and behold, Dan made over $30.000.00 in the first week using the system.

More than he made in a whole year on his old job. Here you have it, the sob story behind Dan’s riches. I am not going to bore you with the rest of this long and absolute idiotic sales video.

He just goes on and on trying to convince you that “no experience is necessary, just click and it will make you rich”.

full money system $100.000 guarantee
He puts his Guarantee up on the screen. I wonder if you could get a notarized letter!

However, I need to point out the most stupid promise Dan is making.

“If you don’t make a six figure profit, $100.000.00, in SIX MONTHS, HE WILL DO IT FOR YOU!”

At that point, I have seen and heard enough. Knowing that I would get on “the other side” for less than the advertised $49.00, I played the “click out game” which got me to the $9.00 discounted squeeze page.

What awaits you inside Full Money System?

To keep this article at a reasonable length, I will give you the short version of what is in store for you.

  • Upsell #1: The offer is for 100 automated websites. Just a few clicks will start earning you $1.5 million in one year. You can have that for a measly $198.00. Decline this offer and the price comes down to $98.00
  • Upsell #2: Would you like to become a member of a secret society that makes millions of dollars by using yet another secret software? It is almost impossible to get in, but you, and ONLY YOU, are randomly selected to join. The fee is a low $197.00, but you don’t have to twist an arm to get in for $97.00.
  • Upsell #3: This offer is for a system that can generate over one million visitors every month to your websites. They are using an “over the hill” actor/marshal arts fighter for their sales pitch. You can have it for a mere $97.00, decline and it’s yours for $47.00

Having bypassed these annoying upsells, you will find 6 videos in the member’s area.

The Welcome Video:


What is the secret behing full money system
So, what the heck is this secret behind Full Money System?

You hope to finally find out about the secret behind Full Money System? Keep on hoping. The fifteen minutes long video is in fact a tutorial about website hosting, setting up a HTML sales page and creating a PayPal account.

Business Advisor Video:


They explain the importance of making a “free phone call” to a 1-800 number and set up a schedule with a business adviser. This is a hidden upsell and one-on-one mentoring can cost you several hundreds, if not thousands of dollars

Video about Live Webinars

They schedule 8 live webinars where you will learn how to get traffic to your websites. The subject is interesting and could be helpful. But isn’t the system “paste, click and forget it”? Or did Dan Craig simply misspeak?

Video about Hosting for the Free Websites:


This is an explanation why they use a particular hosting service. In my opinion, the service is overpriced and another hidden upsell

Video 5 & Video 6: Automated Paydays & Free Cash App

Dan Craig, in best Guru fashion, is promoting other shady and suspect products that promise outrages income potential. This is a common practice to suck as much money out of you as possible.
Besides the above, you will find the promotion of a product called “Copy a Millionaire”, which is on the market for a couple of years now.

Downloading Full Money System.

This still secret money making machine comes as a downloadable file. I aborted the download attempt due to a “Virus Alert” from my anti virus program. I am reluctant to continue despite a notice underneath the down load link:

“We CERTIFY that This software is VIRUS-FREE. If you get a WARNING, please click IGNORE – as we have submitted the software to the proper companies for “approval” so these warnings do not come up”.

I will leave it up to you what to think about that.

My Conclusion About “Full Money System”


Full money system guru tactic
There are always “spots available”. By sheer luck, I guess

Dan Craig makes it a strong point in his sales video that the number of participants will be limited to 500.

I was curious about that and used one of my “spam e-mail ID” to find out. Entering this e-mail address, but leaving the site without taking action, triggers a flood of responses.

Every other day I receive this e-mail. Click on the image to enlarge.

What I described is what you will get.

There is NO TRAINING whatsoever, except the webinars about traffic creation.

Implementing the websites is far too technical. It requires at least rudimentary knowledge about website building.

Also missing is training about the products and services you will promoting.

The upsells are annoying and can cost you in the thousands if you would make use of all the offers. I seriously doubt that the Secret Full Money System will generate any income for you as promised.

The only way you would make money is by selling this shady product other people. That explains that the first 6 pages of FMS search results are full of fake reviews.

I did the search on Google, Yahoo and Bing and found 3, and I repeat that, 3 honest and real reviews about this program among the first 50 search results. All the others are sales-pitch-like posts with at least 3 links to Dan’s sales video.

My Verdict: Full Money System is a Scam.


What’s Next For You?

Understand that there are no secret systems or fully automated products that can make you rich overnight. You need a solid foundation for your legitimate online business.

I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate, a learning center that provides you with state of the art training, an outstanding help and support system and all the tools you will need. Take a look at my Wealthy Affiliate Review for details about my Number One learning center.

 solution to how to start an online business



John Worthy ProfileMy name is John and I’m the owner of Facts About Internet Marketing. I am helping newcomers to the industry getting a good start in building their own business. If you have any questions, drop me a note in the comment box below or send me an e-mail: john@factsaboutinternetmarketing.com

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  1. Erik

    You are so right with your review. I bought in 4 weeks ago and have not made a single dime. They try so hard to sell more junk, but I requested a refund. I hope that more people will read your review before they buy this crap. Thanks for the review

    • John Worthy

      Hello Erik, thanks for the comment. I wish you had read the review before you bought in to this scam. If you have problems with your refund, send me an e-mail. I’ll be able to help you. Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review if you are planning on starting your own online business. Cheers

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