Freedom Profits Review – Predictable & Consistent Profits! Really?

Sometimes I think I have seen it all when it comes to 'make money online systems' and how they want to make us believe that getting rich over night is easy!

Most of them are total crap. But if you look carefully, there are legit ways to make real money online that can be recommended!

Look at all the REAL opportunities that are out there to...

  • Make a little EXTRA money
  • Find Best Work At Home Opportunities
  • Create an Online Home Business

The subject of my review today is a product/system with the potential to be a very good Work at Home Opportunity.

Review of: Freedom Profits

Product Type:  Video Course

Owners: Mosh Bari, Jason Fulton, Abdullah Ashraf


Price: $12.95 + 5 Upsells ranging from $37 to $197

Reviewed by: ​​John Worthy

Summary: The promotion of Freedom Profits is somewhat misleading as it does not mention that the course is actually teaching  how to how to become a successful Freelancer. Skills ARE required, indeed.


Freedom Profits Review

I often search on the Internet for new subjects for my review website, and I came across Freedom Profits, the production of three individuals that have been busy releasing 'money making' systems' with clock work regularity.

Despite the fact that their Sales Page doesn't appear any different than those of similar products, something seemed to be odd.

freedom profits review

Don't get me wrong, the sales page has many of the attributes which are typical in this industry... it's a mile long and full of hype and over statement of earning expectations and meaningless platitudes. Here are some of them:

  • Job-Quitting” income possible within as little as 3 days from RIGHT NOW
  • ZERO RISK - forget paying for traffic, ads or expensive tools … this is a PURE profit system
  • STACKS of verifiable proof from REAL USERS of the method - see their stories below
  • Your BLUEPRINT for banking 3+ figure daily, CONSISTENT profits online
  • 100% Beginner Friendly - zero experience or skills needed - copy & paste this proven method and get paid UPFRONT every time
  • AUTOMATION software INCLUDED to explode your results in the shortest possible time
  • Scale to game-changing income without lifting a finger

Of course, the 'spice of 6-figure income in NO TIME AT ALL' is freely sprinkled into the mix to keep you reading on.

They tell you about the student dropping out of school and made over $300,000 in 18 months, and that you don't have to need any SKILLS or EXPERIENCE!

And they claim you will NOT need:

  • Advertising
  • SEO
  • Hosting, domain name, website creation
  • List Building

But ONE important ingredient is totally missing. 

What Is Freedom Profits?

Despite going over the sales page 3 times, by the life of me I could not figure out WHAT EXACTLY Freedom Profits is all about.

So, I bought the darn thing and got a surprise I did not, and could not, expect.

Freedom Profits Is A Training Course on...

How To Become A Successful Freelancer!

Contrary to their sales pitch, YOU DO NEED SKILL(S). They are not teaching you any, never mind, but they came up with a system that teaches you HOW BEST TO SELL YOURSELF and your skills to agencies like Fiverr, People Per Hour and Upwork.

freedom profits review

How Much Does Freedom Profits Cost?

They let you have it real cheap...$12.95

...and, of course, with some Up- and Down sales, aka OTO.  There are 5 of them, some with a  Down Sale.

Their 'wisdom'  behind up- and down sales is simple. Make sales by giving the product away dirt cheap, but make it so that it WORKS BEST ONLY with some elements sold separately at a much higher price to achieve maximum profits.

It's like selling a car without engine, transmission and breaks...(I am sure you can finish the sentence by yourself)

How Much Are The Upsells?

  • OTO 1: $37   Done For You Freedom Profits System – Down Sell $17
  • OTO 2: $197 Freedom Profits Guaranteed Success
  • OTO 3: $47   Freedom Profits Secret Strategy – Down Sell $27
  • OTO 4: $77   Set This Up On Autopilot  - Down Sell  $47
  • OTO 5: $97   License rights - Down Sell $47

Who Is Freedom Profits For?

You've got talent? You've got skills? If you are a wizard in one or more of the tasks listed below, Freedom Profits may be the right vehicle to greater success for you.

  • Logo Designs
  • Content Writing
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing & Public relations
  • Transcription
  • Teaching & Tutoring
  • Virtual Call Centers
  • Video production
  • Website design
  • Web Research
  • 3D Modelling
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimizing)
  • Photography
  • and then some more

People with experience in any of these tasks are very much sought after by...

Fiverr (

Upwork (

People Per Hour (

What Is Inside Freedom Profits?

Once inside Freedom Profits, you have access to the training videos.

Menu Tab 1 contains a short Welcome video 

Menu Tab 2 contains a CASE STUDY which shows you in detail how Freedom Profits is supposed to work, and...

Menu Tab 3 carries the load of 11 training videos:

  1. Case Study: 6:15
  2. Who is Freedom Profits System For: 3:37
  3. How Does It Work: 4:39
  4. Why Follow Freedom Profits: 3:16
  5. What services can you offer: 7:34
  6. Identify your skills: 6:21
  7. Signing Up: 18:13
  8. Mass Exposure: 13:48
  9. Test Your Skills:  12:13
  10. Expand Portfolio: 4:11
  11. Thirty Five Shots: 13:55
  12. The Perfect Proposal: 3:22
freedom profits review

click to enlarge​

The eleven instructional videos run a little over 1 1/2 hours. A serious student should get through the course in a couple of days.

The Freedom Profits Software

Much proclaimed as Super Software on the sales page, the program is in fact a handy tool. This lead generation software will save you a lot of time by automatically collecting the email addresses from potential clients.

The Pros and Cons Of Freedom Profits:


  • Base price is affordable
  • Newbie friendly
  • Easy to follows video lessons
  • Decent video/audio quality
  • Well functioning Lead Generation software
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee


  • Misleading Sales Page
  • Some Up- & Downsell necessary for system to work
  • Number of Up/Down sells

Is Freedom Profits A Scam?

The product is 100% legit. Having said that, I wish that they had created a 100% honest and straight forward sales page without the somewhat misleading, and over hyped, 'scammy' presentation.

Conclusion To My Freedom Profits Review:

It is not a bad product and can be very helpful for aspiring freelancers to get an easy start in the profession. The course does not teach any skills but is a tool to simplify the process of getting work.

What I do not like and understand are the reasons behind the misleading promotion. I understand that it is 'IN' to to launch products with a 'sales funnel', meaning to sell the base product dirt cheap, but make the functionality dependent on at least ONE upsell.

However, I believe that this product can be a helpful tool for anyone trying to make a living as freelancer.

What's The Alternative:

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I hope you found my Freedom Profits Review helpful and I'd love to hear your thoughts about it. So don't be shy and leave a message down below on your way out. Thanks for stopping by.

John Worthy

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