Five Minute Profit Sites Review: Scam Or Legit?

It is impossible to write a Five Minute Profit Sites Review and NOT to talk about Clickbank, founded in 1988 by Tim and Eileen Barber.

Clickbank serves as a connection between digital content creators (also known as vendors) and  approx. 100.000 active affiliate marketers (source: Wikipedia).

It was not obvious when I started to research the Five Minute Profit Sites product, but the farther I got into it, and after I purchased it, one thing became very clear:

There is a profound, and somewhat dubious, connection between Clickbank as Affiliate Network and the product

Five Minute Profit Sites.

Hang in there and find out the honest truth about this Clickbank product.

It all starts with the usual and overly hyped sales presentation and a video without control buttons, narrated by a hired spokes person.


five minute profit sales review


What Is Five Minute Profit Sites?

I have read my fair share of sales pages and watched hundreds of sales videos since I started this review blog, and I can tell the difference between…

  • a legit, solid product,
  • a legit but crappy piece of BS
  • an outright scams.

Let’s see how Five Minute Profit Sites fares, shall we?


They Claim It Is…

A CONTROVERSIAL Software that exploits a $12,3 Million Loophole & makes $519 a day, and you can get started TODAY in under 5 minutes & 17 Clicks.

MY BS barometer went wild. There are THREE outrages claims in just one short sentence. The good old wonder software and the magic secret (or loophole), the laughable amount of $519 (why not ‘over $500’), and, of course, it only takes 5 minutes.

Congratulations! You qualify to read this private letter…because of your location…

Never figured out what my location has to do with qualifying to read this sales page …PURE NONSENSE

It has NOTHING to do with Gambling on CRYPTO CURRENCIES

At least they are current with their stuff…last year they would have said BINARY OPTION TRADING (it was HOT then)

LOOKIE HERE! We made over $100.000 the last 4 weeks

…and they pile on more BS


exaggerated earning figures


You Qualify For A FREE LICENSE if you are going to USE this Software AND if you are NOT already making $100,000 on the INTERNET

Laughing out loud…

“Why Are We Giving Away Our Most Valuable Money-Making Software  For FREE?”

Guess what the shocking answer to this stupid question is…

We’re doing this because……we want you to Partner with us… As Partners, we’ll help you……and you’ll help us…

And here it is, the ‘lets PARTNER UP’ BS


This comes at about the ‘halfway through the BS point’ (the threat – If you don’t get it now, the offer will disappear)

Of course, you hope to find out what this is all about, how this all work, but you won’t be that lucky. They go on and on about how much money you are going to make, how great these FREE websites are you will receive, and if you do not claim your FREE Software License, somebody else will be the lucky one.

Well, the only way to find out what this Five Minute Profit Sites is all about will be to actually…




Free License Offer


WHAT THE HECK? I really thought the FREE License is FREE. How stupid of me. The FREE cost you $37, and is a ‘small contribution towards server costs’.


Wanna See A REAL FREE Trial? Check Here (…and they don’t even want your credit card info)


Oh well, now I really want to know what this thing really is, so I just went ahead and pay the 37 bucks.


Purchasing Five Minute Profit Sites!

I would have been surprised IF there would not be any Upsells, aka OTO (One Time Offers). They throw three of these annoying things at you:

1. FMPS Faster Profits Upsell $197

Bigger and faster profits website with unique articles and product reviews – additional affiliate links to Clickbank products

2. FMPS Double Your Profits Upsell $187

You will get ONE Niche Website (non ‘make money online’ niche) and you have to choose one of their niches

3. FMPS Traffic Tsunami Upsell $97

This is a step-by-step program on targeting traffic to your website

Once you get past these ‘One-Time-Offers’ you will have access to the Five Minute Profit Sites membership area and, finally, learn …


What Five Minute Profit Sites Really Is!

First off, the ‘websites’ you will get are actually just SALES PAGES on sub domains. You will not get a dot com or dot net site, but a personalized page, the URL ending with a with .live.

The screenshot shows you the member area where you will be…

Creating Your ‘Five Minute Profit Site’


five minute profit sites review


Behind the menu tab ‘How It Works‘ are a couple of videos about Clickbank and on the subject of the system. You will start with ‘Create Site’:

  • In Step 1 you will create a Clickbank account, or link to Clickbank by inserting your CB ID
  • In Step 2 you choose one of suggested names for your sales page
  • In Step 3 you either create an account with Aweber, or link to your existing account by entering the OPTIN Form Code

Sorry, but you MUST create an Aweber account even if you already use another auto responder system (Getresponse, Mailchimp, Sendlane etc. are not compatible.

Once you finished this simple setup, you created a sales page that includes a 3-minute, generic sales video, promoting yet another Clickbank product…in my case, something that’s called The AZ Code. 


Driving Traffic To Your Five Minute Profit Site

Behind the Menu Tab Traffic Methods are 21 videos about traffic generation:

  • Article marketing (4 videos)
  • Guest posting (3 videos)
  • Forum marketing (2 videos)
  • Blog commenting (2 videos)
  • Press release (4 videos)
  • Solo Ads (6 videos)

Most of these methods are totally outdated and won’t work any longer, except Solo Ads, which can drive targeted traffic to your product. However, Solo Ads will cost you between $35 and $100 per 100 optins, depending on the quality of the subscribers.


Can You Make Money With Five Minute Profit Sites?

Yes! No! Maybe? What do you want me to say? I am sure that promoting THE AZ CODE will NOT make me $519 every day, nor will it make me $100 each and every day.

The AZ Code is another $37 Clickbank product that promises to make 30, 35 or 40 thousand dollars every month, promoting Amazon products.

I doubt that anyone can make serious money with Five Minute Profit Sites.


Is Five Minute Profit Sites A Scam?

I wouldn’t call it an outright scam, but a crappy product with more down sides than good ones. I don’t like …

  • the concept of ‘personalized’ sales pages on sub domains
  • Solo Ads as sole traffic generating method
  • to promote randomly selected crappy Clickbank products
  • to have no control over the so-called Profit Sites

In short: Five Minute Profit Sites is not a scam, but a product I cannot recommend.


This program has taught me HOW To Make A

Life Changing Income Online!

Find out how you can too!


That’s if for my Five Minute Profit Sites Review. If you have any questions or know something about this product you want to share, don’t be shy and leave us a comment on your way out.

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