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Review of: EZ Cash Creator
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Travis Stephenson
$49.00 + 3 Upsells

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On April 12, 2014
Last modified:December 10, 2014


I am not sure if that's legal, but it is at least unethical. So, stay away from EZ Cash Creator. It is a scam!

Are You Ready To Get Scammed? Then Buy Ez Cash Creator!


I was mulling over a headline for my Ez Cash Creator Review two full days to come up with the proper way to express my anger about this scam. I review a great number of scammy online products, and Easy Cash Creature is among the worse.

I cannot understand why these folks are allowed to swindle people out of their hard earned money with misleading information and outright lies.

As you read on, you will understand the reasons for my anger, and I am sure you will feel just like I do.

EZ Cash Creator Overview:



EZ Cash Creator Review
The “Secret Software” that will stuff your bank account?

Product Name: EZ Cash Creator

Product Owner: Travis Stephenson

“Video Narrator”: Mark Anthony

Price: from $49.00 to $29.00 to $9.00

Upsells: 1st  – 197.00, 2nd – 297.00

My Rating: 10 Points on 100 Point Scale – 1 star

First off, despite the fact that some character named Mark Anthony claims to own the product, the real creator and owner is Travis Stephenson. But more about that later on.


What is EZ Cash Creator?

According to the “Narrator” of the sales video, it is a secret software program, which will make you tens of thousands of dollars every day. Of course, you would not have to do any work to get filthy rich. All you need to know is how to “Copy, Paste and Click”. The program would do all the rest for you.

Why is it a Scam?

Well, there are three obvious reasons, which we will explore:

  1. The ridiculous sales video and the BS story told in it
  2. The fake reviews and earning testimonials that float around on the Web and You Tube
  3. The typical Scam Techniques and promises of unrealistic income potential

I would not dare asking you to sit through 40 minutes watching their sales video. But I ask you to check out this short video, under 2 minutes long, so you get a feeling of what I will be walking you through afterwards.



ez creator scam review
This picture is used in other scam videos!

This excerpt demonstrates what you get throughout their video pitch: A bunch of questionable “bank statements”, supported by laughable and “fake testimonials” from some shady characters and a story that seems to be taken right out of the “book of lies”.

Stick with me for a few more minutes. I will give you a short rundown of the full length video and UNDENIABLE PROOF of the fact that the testimonials are outright lies. (I downsized the images to fit – click on them to enlarge).


Is ez cash creator a scam
They try to lure you in with their false promises

Like all the other scam videos, it starts with the inevitable presentation of a $100.000 car and a big million dollar Mansion. Mark Anthony let’s you know that you can have a car and a mansion like that in a very short time.

He knows, of course, you are dead broke, just waiting for an opportunity to get out of the rat hole and become a millionaire in the next 4 weeks.

Mr. Anthony then informs you “he was born rich, with a silver spoon in his mouth” (his words, not mine). His story is getting real interesting and weird at this point. It gave me a good laugh though. I hope you will find it funny also.


Here Is The Sob Story Behind EZ Cash Creator:


“Supposedly, his father was a member of an Internet Guru Syndicate that made BILLIONS of dollars by using a Secret Software. Then they cooked up the plan to sell a “fake” and non-functional version of said software and made a lot more dough.

Unfortunately, the Fed’s had gotten wind of it and shortly before the father’s unavoidable arrest, the poor daddy left a copy of the functional, and still very secret software, for his son to find.

Like his father before him, Mark Anthony is raking in millions of dollars by using this secret software. However, the father, tortured by his sub consciousness about his wrongdoing, attached a condition.

Mark must “right his father’s wrong” by making the secret thing available to whoever is willing to “pitch-in” a few bucks”.


Aha, now we know the “truth” and nothing but??? In the video, Mark claims that hosting for the users websites runs about $100.000.00 per month and the $49.00 charge for the user is a “pitch-in” to upset this expense.

The clever narrator then goes on about how fantastic this software is. He elaborates the ease of use, all you have to do is “Copy, Paste and Click”. Done with your work for the day, the bucks will just come rolling in.

However, the most unforgettable sentence Mr. Anthony said is also the most ludicrous:


ez cash creator is a scam
Now HE can “CURE POVERTY”!!!


In case you started to watch the whole charade and tried to leave, you have seen the first pop-up window urging you to stay on. Now you are getting the first discount. The pitch-in is a low $29.00 now.

OK, you endure another five minutes and try again to leave. Surprise! Now it will cost you only $9.00. This is a typical scammer technique, used by many of the “scheisters“. The sole purpose for the low buy-in is to “lure you on the other side” and get your credit card information.

As soon as you have access to the member area, they will hit you with the first “upsell“. And before you know it, they took several hundred dollars from your hard earned money.



is ez cash creator legit
First Discount: Now $29.00


Mixed in with the presentation are the showing of more bank statements and the fake testimonies from the clowns you watched in the short video. Which brings me to ………..

The Undeniable Proof That The Testimonies Are Fake!

You watched the short video and listened to the testimonies the three individuals gave about their success with EZ Cash Creator. Did you believe them? I wouldn’t blame you if you did. A lot of people do and loose their money to this scam.

I promised you “undeniable proof” that their testimonies are indeed fake. In fact they are advertising their services to create 50 second videos with good reviews of any product or services for a fee; for as low a $5.00. Yes, this is not a typo. FOR AS LOW AS $5.00.


Here are the links to their fiverr site: videogeeksbbyronburbanjoman15


Now you understand my anger and why I call this program the worse scam I ever came across. There is another lady giving her testimony in the full length video. In a very whiny voice she claims to “have received my first paycheck just yesterday. It was over $148.000“. Yeah right. I could not find her on fiverr and had to omit her from my review for that reason.

bbyronbur testifies to have received over $240,000.00 in just 4 weeks. Things like that make me want to throw up.

My Experience with EZ Cash Creator:

Well, I spent and lost $9.00. As I mentioned earlier, as soon as I was a member, I got hit with the “upsells“. The first is called “20 done-for-you campaigns” and will cost you $197.00. If you decline, they offer it to you for $97.00.

The second upsell “Easy Traffic Creator” has a price tag of $297.00, again if you decline they will knock off $100,00. I declined both offers and that must have ended my membership.

My password was not working the next time I tried to log in. Instead, I was greeted by a “Welcome to the Members Area” window that wanted me to reset my password.

Ok I thought, that’s easy enough. I thought wrong. There where two options to choose from:

  1. Reset for: Commission Conspiracy
  2. Reset for: Cash Machines 2

but none for EZ Cash Creator. The two options given are programs, scams like this one, owned by Travis Stephenson. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

That ended my experience with this scam. Neither in the full length sales video nor in the first video after you become a member, is it explained what this software is supposed to do.

I found out from another member which contacted me through a review about another scam I wrote a couple of weeks ago. The software is some kind of “malware” that allows you to “piggy-back” onto websites and leaves a “pop-under” window when the visitor exits.

In other words, you would perform a search and copy-paste the URLs from first page results into a form. That will attach a little snippet of code into any website you choose. The pop-under contains YOUR product offers and when the unwitting visitor clicks on the offer, you receive a commission.


Final Words About EZ Cash Creator

I am not sure if that’s legal, but I guess it is at least unethical. So,  stay away from EZ Cash Creator. It is a scam!


scam logo

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John Worthy ProfileMy name is John and I am interested to know if you have any experience with scam programs. If you do or have any questions, just drop a note in the box below or send me an e-mail. john@factsaboutinternetmarketing.com


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