Explode My Payday Review: [Crappy Products Are The New Norm]

95% of all 'make money online products' are just crap and basically worthless, but today's Explode My Payday Review will tell you if this Meaghan Harper production is an outright scam. 

It is a VERY fine line whether a product is just bad but legitimate, or if it is an illegal scam.

For example: 2 year ago we have seen an onslaught of 'Binary Option Trading Programs' which are outright scams.

We then witnessed the emergence of Digital Altitude, which defrauded thousands of members of over 100 Million Dollars. DA was a 100% copy of Mobe, with business headquarters in Malaysia, which took in over 250 Million Dollars from unsuspecting victims

Both outfits have been under investigation by the  Federal Trade Commission and subsequently shut down in 2018,  unfortunately not soon enough. 

Explode My Payday appears to be an outright scam. So, lean back and let my ExplodeMy Payday Review tell you all about this product.

Explode My Payday Review Summary

Product Name: Explode My Payday

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Platform

Creator/Owner: Meaghan Harper

Price: $47 one-time fee

Upsells: $100 and $195

Recommend: Hell No

explode my payday logo

Summary: Explode My Payday is as bad as it gets and comes close to be an outright scam. Most bad products out there do provide at least something of value, even if it is very little, and are not purposely trying to rob you out of your hard earned money. Unfortunately, that cannot be said about Explode My Payday. 

Rating: 0.5 out of 5

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What Is Explode My Payday?

(according to their sales pitch)

Video 1

The sales video starts out with testimonials from 3 individuals telling you that they are making 'real big bucks' every month with before Meaghan takes the stage.

Meaghan Harper claims to be the owner/creator of this product and lets you know right away that she is a multi millionaire. 

She shows some kind of account statement with a balance of over 3 Million dollars.

Meaghan, supposedly, is planning to expand her team and is willing to pay you when you decide to join.

fake account statement shows 3 million balance

Click image to enlarge

Her sales pitch is kind of unique because it consists of 2 pages and each page contains a video. You see in the image above that 'you can get started now', but it's better to find out first what's what before providing your name and email, don't you agree.

Meaghan is trying her best to make you believe that she has in her possession some kind of 'miracle system' that generates thousands of dollars every single day.

After you are convinced that she is a millionaire and, from the goodness of her her heart, is looking for people she can share her wealth with, you provide your particulars and are redirected to sales page two.

explode my payday page 2 screenshot

Video 2

As soon as you entered your name and email, Meaghan went ahead and set up your account. I am not making that up, she tells you that right away. As proof, she shows you a form with ZEROS in the 'Daily Clicks' and 'Earnings Per Clicks' fields.

She now activates the system with the click of a button. Meaghan actually shows a red button and pushes it.

'Your account is live...no way I can fake this' she says, 'and soon you will see how quickly this method will generate traffic from all over the Internet...'

Meaghan is now going into details of how great her system is and that it is generating billions of dollars for people just like you! She lets you know that her method accounts for 92% of the 'Internet Gurus' way of generating online income.

Hers is a brand new method that requires zero skill and is completely automated. Explode My Payday is doing everything for you. 

All you have to do is to gather your links to direct 96% of Internet traffic to YOUR site, that is already created for you.

She goes on for several minutes speaking about 'how YOU don't have to do absolutely nothing' and 'how her system generates money, A LOT OF MONEY for you.

Roughly 7 minutes have passed, and while you listen intensively to what Meaghan has to say, this method is working somewhere in the background. Remember she already had set up an account for you?

She clicks a button and up pops YOUR MASTER ACCOUNT 

Your Master Account

The Sales Pitch

Surprise, surprise...you already made $240, in less than 10 minutes with absolutely nothing to do.

Good old Meaghan spends the next 5 minutes emphasizing the fact that she is not going to charge you a dime for the use of her method, but that YOU have to be the owner of the 'web space' you are going to occupy.

Before she gets to the point, however, she want you to take another look at 'your account', and WOW, just wow...out of nowhere, there are $625 showing.

Now is the time to wrap this all up. All you have to do is to 'set up your personal members area  account' to receive the payment.

So, the next step is to 'click the button below', then fill out the form with your personal data, and proceed with the check-out proceeding. That's it, you are in business.

That's all you will get out of the sales videos. If you still wonder what Explode My Payday is and how it works, welcome to the club, you are not alone. 

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How Much Does Explode My Payday Cost?

$47 One Time Fee

The Upsells

Upsell 1: Big Bundle $195

Upsell 2: Campaigns $99

Pros Of Explode My Payday

Money Back Guarantee

The product is sold through Clickbank and you will get a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked

Cons Of Explode My Payday

Unknown Product Ownership

Meaghan Harper is not the Owner of Explode My Payday. In fact, she is not affiliated with the product at all .  Meaghan is a model and can be hired through Shutterstock.

meaghan is a shutterstock model
meaghan harper

Fake Testimonials

Not one of the people testifying for Explode My Payday is a users of the product. They are fiverr.com spokes people, providing any testimonial for at little as $5.

fiverr spokes person

Click on image to enlarge

screenshot fiver spokes person

Click on image to enlarge

They Sell Your Personal Data!

Taking a real close look at their sales pages will show you that the owner(s) of this product making additional money by selling your data.

Your email account will be bombarded with spammy product offers

selling your personal data

Click on image to enlarge

Price of $47 Is Dirt Cheap

Think about it for a minute. Would you sell a system that can make thousands of dollars a week for $47? I guess not. They do that because Explode My Payday is not some 'MYSTERY THING' that can produce wonders, but part of a sales funnel. 

I did some digging and discovered that whoever put Explode My Payday on the market, makes only 30% from each sale, paying out 70% commissions to affiliates that actually doing the selling. 

Here is the JV information on Clickbank for affiliates interested in promoting Explode My Payday. However, I was not able to find out who the person in the JV video is, but assume that he is one of the owners/creators.

JV video explode my profits
affiliate commission structure

Click on image to enlarge

Is Explode My Payday A Scam?

Read my lips...Explode My Payday is a scam! I review a lot of bad products but even the worse do provide something that will be of some value to some people.

Explode My Payday on the other hand does NOT over the iota of value. The fact that they pay 70% in affiliate commissions is telling. They are only interested at getting as many people to bite on the 47 dollar level as  possible to be able to make upsells.

Think about it this way. People that buy these kind of products, you can call them 'fortune chasers',  tend to also fall for the upsells. These also are 'funnels' with up- and downsells that pay 50% commissions which then will be paid to the owners of ...and you guessed right, Explode My Income.

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I hope you enjoyed reading my Explode My Payday Review as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any questions, or something you want to share, please don't be shy and leave a comment on your way out

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