Dumb Little System – Can It Get Any Dumber?


Dumb Little System: “Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, What’s The Dumbest Of Them All?”


dumb little system reviewFocusing on the “make a ton of money quick, no experience or work required‘ systems for my reviews, I say to myself many times… “this is some really dumb stuff“.

A few weeks ago, I came across a new product launch by Bryan Winters, a well known Internet Marketer specializing in Affiliate Marketing. He calls his latest brain fart “Dumb Little System (DLS)”. But what’s in a name, right? “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover“, my mother always told me.

So let me be fair and take a close look into this DLS stuff, and find out what it is all about, especially since I did make some decent money using Bryans “Commission Miner” just last fall.


What Is The Dumb Little System?

There is a 10 minute video on the DSL sales page with Bryan explaining, in detail, what his system is all about. However, I will give you a very short overview.

DLS is one of Bryan Winters email marketing sales funnel, and he encourages you to copy exactly what he does, and copy it NOW, to rake in hundreds of $10 to $90 sales, all on Autopilot.

He tells you…

 …that the ‘Big Guys, including himself‘ are getting stinky rich, because they create their own products and then get hundreds of affiliates to start sending them sales. But the problem for the average person is that creating a product is usually very expensive, extremely time consuming, and also requires a great deal of experience! 


DLS solves this age-old problem in a revolutionary way…by turning your DLS referrals into your own affiliates by automatically hard-coding YOUR affiliate link into their DLS funnels. [end quote]

Are you confused yet? Don’t worry, I’ll give you some details in plain english a bit later on.

Bryan then goes on by throwing some numbers at you; IF you would refer 100 new affiliates per day and bla, bla bla, you would get as rich as he his, followed by the usual sales video hype and fluff. Of course, he is not going to tell you at this point HOW exactly DLS works and how much it will cost you, you will have to join to find out.


How Does The Dumb Little System Work?

First of all. you need to join, which is FREE, to find out about the different steps it takes to participate. Click the button below the sales video. 


1) Activate YOUR FREE DLS Website: 

Since you don’t have your own product, Bryan Winters ‘hand picked’ exclusively Clickbank products for DLS. That means you need to have a Clickbank account. If not, a link is provided…so go ahead and open an account, it won’t cost you a dime, then come back to this First Step page.

Enter your Clickbank Account Username / ID and your email address in the 2 fields provided, and proceed to Step 2.


2) Activate Your New DLS Website For DIRECT COMMISSIONS:

Whip out your credit card now, you will need it. This Step 2 page provides you with THREE Clickbank products to choose from. 


little dumb system review


I suggest you research the 3 products before you make your choice. You will receive 100% commission of every new referral that purchases the same product. Once you completed the purchase, you’ll move on to Step 3.


3) MONETIZE Your DLS Site For AUTOPILOT Commissions:

Bryan Winters calls this part the GENIUS, and the Heart of DSL. This is where YOUR affiliate link, supposedly, IS HARDCORDED into THIS STEP 3 page of your affiliates’ website, meaning that YOU will get the commission whenever a referral from YOUR affiliate also signs up to this product.

What is the product, you ask? It is called Cashblurbs.com, and you may have guessed it already, it is a Bryan Winters product he released back then in 2012. More about this a bit later on. 

Cashblurbs.com is a membership site and cost you $20 per month.


X) Monetize For $90 High Ticket Commissions:

STEP X is optional and not really necessary to work the DLS. However, Bryan urges you to make the investment of $197 and join doemembers.com, which is an Ezine Advertising Membership site. Of course, Bryan argues the point that YOU WANT to make $90 commissions of every referral you make going forward. Check it out and decide if you want to join.


4) Schedule Your Traffic:

Now you have spent at least $227 and are ready to ‘rock n roll‘. Step 4 is all about traffic. Remember, DLS is an email marketing funnel system and the BEST ways to promote DLS, and the hand-picked Clickbank products, is through email campaigns, and postings on UDIMI and Facebook.

What if you don’t have a list, or just a couple of hundred subscribers to your list? Well, this is where Udimi.com enters your world of Internet Marketing. There you will find a ton of Solo Ad sellers that are eager to promote your product to their lists, and also help you build your own list at the same time. For more information about Solo Ads, allow me to refer you to Mr. Solo, my preferred source of clicks (subscriptions to my email list).

You also will find TWO links to solo ad sources on Facebook on your Step 4 page. In addition, Bryan provides you with email swipes for your email campaigns, banner and text ads.


Does The Dumb Little System Really Work?

In theory, it might. Why am I saying this? Because I detected some really dumb stuff that makes me skeptical. Here is what I don’t like:


It Shouldn’t Cost You A Penny To Promote A Product:

Affiliate Marketing is by far the most popular, and easiest way to make money online. You can literally promote ANY kind of product without having to ‘pay for the privilege to work your behind off to earn commissions‘. For example: Becoming an Amazon associate is free, and you can promote any of their products in every which way you choose, as long as it is within their guidelines.

However, in order to join the Dumb Little System you are required to purchase one of three products in step 2. Yes, you will get your money back, and most likely multiple times, if you are successful in your efforts to sell DLS to other folks.


The 100% Direct Commission Products Are Crap:

I choose the $10 “25K Firesale” , which gives you the PLR (Private Label Rights)  to a collection of 100 ebooks. This is an assortment of mostly outdated ‘dust collectors‘, impossible to sell, and even difficult to give away for free in return for a subscription to your email list.

Of course, I understand the need for “bait material“, but hey, choose something with a bit of value.


Hardcoding YOUR Affiliate Link Into…Is Total BS:

First off, it is technically impossible, and just another marketing slogan by Bryan Winters. Here is what really takes place. Step 3 of DLS makes you a new member of cashblurb.com, owned by Bryan Winters, launched in 2012, and now revived within DLS.

Cashblurb is a Facebook based pyramid scheme, in which members can post their affiliate links to reach a greater customer base. Bryan Winters added the pyramid wrinkle in a smart way. 

Affiliates can post THEIR affiliate link ONLY after they posted their referrer’s affiliate link first. This way, the referrer gets the commission for the sales of the second DLS product from his affiliate. 

Can you see it now? Imagine you get 100 affiliates, which buy the Cashblurb membership. Each one posts their sales pitch with YOUR link on Facebook. Every person that clicks on the link and joins, becomes your affiliate, and you get the commissions.

Smart indeed, but…it becomes a pyramid, and we all know what is bound to happen; sooner, rather than later. 

Of course, you are happy because you receive a lot of dough, but in order for YOUR 100 affiliates to have the same success, each one of your hundred affiliates, needs to get 100 referrals…and so on. You can do the math and figure out at what point the pool of human targets simply dries up. Then the whole system will crumble, just like all pyramid schemes do.


The Dumb Little System Is NOT For Total Newbies:

Although Bryan claims that his DLS is so newbie friendly that even his dumb mother-in-law could do it, I disagree. Email marketing requires a lot of knowledge and experience in different areas. List building, creating opt-in pages, setting up an auto-responder system and understanding the risks involved in solo ads takes time, and a newbie will have to go through some trial and error periods.

The fact that Bryan provides a lot of material and support, does not eliminate the need for know-how. The Step 4 page within the LDS includes yet another UPSELL of a product called “Clickfunnel”, which automates the funnel building. This upsell will cost you $97, recurring monthly, after a 14-day free trial. 

Now you know why I have doubts that the Dumb Little System will make affiliates a lot of money. I have no doubt that it will make Bryan Winters another million, or so, but I see no potential for affiliates to build a sustainable business with it. 



Find out How I Started My Online Business!


Is The Dumb Little System A Scam?

Nope, it is not. It is 100% legitimate, and some affiliates will make a decent amount of money promoting it. It all depends on how much experience they have, how big their own list is, and how big a budget they have to invest in solo ads to drive traffic to their websites or sales pages.

I ran my first email campaign to a good list of 1,000 opportunity seekers, promoting the DLS just 3 days ago. 47% of those that actually opened the email (917) clicked through to the DLS sales page (431). In spite of a darn good CTR, I have not made a sale yet.

The Jury Is Still Out…

green thumb good1and has not rendered a verdict yet. Personally, I don’t look at the Dumb Little System as a long-term business enterprise, but an opportunity to ‘jump on the DLS bandwagon‘, and cash out as much as possible while it lasts. 

I already told you the main reasons for my lingering skepticism, but I am also concerned about the fact that Cashblurbs.com is being recycled into a new product, which may be reason enough for many prior buyers to not get involved a second time around.


Dumb Little System: “Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, What’s The Dumbest Of Them All?”

Mirror: “Dumb Little System You Are Pretty Dumb, But NOT The Dumbest Of Them All”


Food For Thought!

Unfortunately, there are no reliable statistics available, but it is a well known fact that millions of people DO MAKE a full time, liveable income on the Internet. It is also a fact, that very few actually DO MAKE THE BIG BUCKS, to the tune of millions of dollars per year. Why is that?

Bryan Winters calls them “the big guys“, and like himself, they are pumping out “Little Dumb Systems“; one after the other. Some launch a new product once a year, some even in shorter intervals. 

Let me ask you a question: “Why is it that all the folks buying these DLS’s don’t become millionaires”?

The answer is quite simple: “Because such systems don’t exist”!

All these Bryan Winters’ and their super affiliates, we call them ‘Launch Jackers”, are masters in ‘selling a dream‘. 

STOP DREAMING And Get To Work! Build a solid foundation for your online business first, then venture out and explore ways to grow it.



That concludes my rant and my Dumb Little System Review. I hope you enjoyed reading, and would love to hear your opinion, or  your experiences with any of Bryan Winters products.

So, don’t be shy and chime in, on your way out. Thanks for stopping by…

John Worthy



2 Responses

  1. robert

    I have to say that I don’t really see much value in this product especially for someone who is just starting out in internet marketing. The dumb little system sounds more like a way for experienced internet marketers to make another quick buck by sending this opportunity out to their subscribers.

    I have heard of Brian Winters before and I’ve even looked closely at some of his other products. I even joined Commission Miner as well and although it wasn’t a scam, it just wasn’t for me.

    I think that affiliate marketing itself is probably the best way to get started making money online but I’m sure there is a better avenue than this for beginners. I haven’t looked into your #1 recommendation yet but I’ll be sure to head over there and check it out today.


    • John Worthy

      Robert, good to hear from you. You are so right, there is no value in the DLS; disappointing, because I did make pretty good money with Commission Miner, at least for a couple of month, before it took the route all these products take. No new members, and few stay longer than 3 to 4 months.

      DLS is not a new product, but an effort to revive Bryan’s CashBlurb product, which he released in 2012, and is in fact a Facebook pyramid scheme. It’s not worth spending a dime on it. Too bad, because some extra dough is always nice to make, as long as the product is unethical or an outright scam.

      Again, thanks for stopping by.

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