Daily Results Review – Syndicated Software Scam


You Will Get $12,165.00 Just For Watching Steven Foley’s Video! Is That so?


And then $12,165 every single day for the next 90 days”, if you want to believe this BS. Steven Foley sent me an e-mail announcing the launch of Daily Results – Syndicated Software, yet another one of these annoying binary trading programs.

You see, I have a special “spam e-mail address” where I receive plenty material for my reviews. Filling in a first name and this e-mail address, created an onslaught of follow-up mailings from Steve.

I understand that he needs to build up the hype for the planned launch from September 29 to October 5, 2014. However, sending out 3 to 5 every day seems a bit like overkill, in my opinion.

On Friday, October 14, I received two similar mailings like this ……(click on image to enlarge):


Steven Foley e-mail about Server problems


OK Steven, I heard you the first time”. My guess is, the server problem was restricted to a certain area, because I experienced no disruptions. “You know, I spent a lot of time listening to your crap and taking screenshots at the same time”.

It’s just too bad there are no pause or rewind functions; that would make my work a lot easier.


The Daily Results Sales Video

Good old Steven really puts it on strong. Here is a sampling of the most idiotic sales pitch I’ve ever heard. Believe me, I hear a lot of crap reviewing online scams. But Mr. Foley beats all of them by a huge margin:

“It’s your turn to join a small group of people earning thousands every day

In fact, 12,165 every day

If you say no to opportunity today, sorry, but I wont be able to help you again

This is your one and only chance today

On the next page is access to over 10,000 every single day for 90 days

Turning you into a millionaire within 90 days

I will show you proof in just a moment

It’s totally FREE”


WOW! It takes a lot to make promises like these. If you think it could not get any worse, you are dead wrong. Take a look at the screenshot below.




Is that right? “Wall Street is buying out the Syndicate and is taking over this software“? But the “BigDogs allow you to use it until Christmas. After that, you will get a measly 12%, while WS is raking in the millions”. Mr. Foley continues.

“Going in today will make you over $100,000 in the next 7 days”.

On-and-on he goes with his BS; throwing in the “Wall Street Threat” occasionally, urging you to sign-in right now

I watched this video about 10 times and it made me sick to my stomach. Steven Foley is not done yet, however. There is a second video waiting for you.

Check out the timer on top. It will give you 5 minutes to open an account with the only broker the FREE Miracle Software will work.



The Link To Royal Binary, located in Nicosia, Cyprus

My main interest was to find out who is handling the money transaction. I suspected it would be “ClickSure” and I was spot-on.

Oh my; ClickSure is handling most of the products and programs that Clickbank is refusing to carry. ClickSure is located in the FarEast and is know to make refunds almost impossible.

I found this interesting “Affiliate Page” on the ClickSure website. Affiliates can “rake in $250.00 per sale in commission”!




That’s the same amount as the “minimum deposit” required to trade with Royal Binary!

This minimum deposit IS NONE- REFUNDABLE. In fact, you will have to consummate a certain amount of trades, before you are able to withdraw money from your account; even in the rare case that you got lucky and really won a couple of your bets.


This brings me to Binary Option Trading.

There are so many similar products on the market that I gave Binary Option Trading its own category.

What is it? I will keep this short and to the point.

Binary trading gives you only 2 choices. Either you bet that a certain commodity is UP (Call bet) or Down (Put bet) at a precise time during a trading session. You determine the “strike time”, i.e. 2:05.05 and if you guessed right, YOU WIN about 75% of the amount you bet.

If you lose, you can kiss your money “Goodbye!

You see, in order to get ahead in the game, you need to win more bets than you lose. It is like a coin toss.

Steven Foley, and like minded scammers, claim “that their software can predict the outcome of the minute fluctuations of trading”.

This is pure nonsense. There is not a single piece of software that can do that. What they tell you is an outright lie.

Even Royal Binary says in their disclaimer that Binary Trading is very risky and traders may lose money.



Do I need to say more? I think not.


6 Reasons Why Daily Results – Syndicated Software Is A Scam


  • The outrages profit figures are an outright lie. There is not a single person that makes over $10,000 profit per day, every single day.
  • Binary Option Trading is a very risky art of trading. Even highly experienced traders advice to stay away from this kind of “playing the market”
  • As soon as I received the first e-mail about Daily Results, I did a Google search for “Daily Results Review” and found about 3 dozen so called “reviews”. All of them were sale pitches from affiliates, hungry for their piece of the pie. $250.00 commission per sale is paid to affiliates of Steven Foley. Now you can figure out how much total commission per sale is being paid out. Steven wants his share of the pie also.
  • It is an outright lie that Steven’s software can predict the outcome of your bet. Even if a commodity is rising or falling, it does not so in a straight linear manner, rather in small ups-and-downs. The results are based on 5 decimals behind the point. Get the drift of your chances to win?
  • Steven Foley may not be lying when he calls himself “Certified Partner” in this syndicated scam. I think it is absolutely  possible that a bunch of the well known Internet Gurus (Scammers, that is) got together to cash out big on this Scam
  • Last but not Least: If Steven made 1.2 million dollars in 101 days, why would he find it necessary to broker deals between a brokerage and unsuspecting folks to make a minimum and none-refundable deposit of $250.00.




Final Words About Daily Results – Syndicated Software


This is a Scam and I advice you to avoid getting involved.


What Next?

If you want to make money online and build a legitimate and sustainable home business, you must understand that it takes hard work and the willingness to learn. I recommend to you my #1 online learning center that teaches you everything from the ground up, provides all the tools you will need and offers 24/7/365 help and support.


The table below shows you how my #1 recommendation compares to Daily Results – Syndicated Software:



John Worthy ProfileYou can see why Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation. My name is John and I have helped many newbies to start their online business the right way. If you have any questions, please leave note below or send me an e-mail.




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  1. Alexander Hayes

    well i have been working with a couple of brokers over the past few months and i have to say you are right but not completely. yes, i have lost some money with some of them but earned with others. and i dont agree with you that binary options is like gambling cuz its not, on one of the platforms i believe it was royal binary or something like this i had an account manager that gave me some signals and insights and i walked out of there with over 3k in about a week

    but for the most part yeah its kinda like gambling

  2. Sean Rogers

    If you’re looking for a quick way to make some quick cash… look no further: This will change your life. In fact, many people who are using this, Same system and software are banking Millions already… You?

    • John Worthy

      No thanks Sean, Binary Trading is like gambling; you will lose in the long (most likely SHORT) run. And software that can predict the outcome of binary trading bets DOES NOT exist

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