Computer Oasis Review– Beware Of Scam With A Different Name

Beware of the Computer Oasis Scam. It is an exact clone of My Home Success Plan, and several others, in a series of outright online scams. 

I thought people would have wised up to these scheisters by now, but obviously, somebody is still making plenty money.  Otherwise, they would have quit by now, wouldn't they? Obviously,  defrauding unsuspecting opportunity seekers trying to earn money from home must be very profitable. 

Computer Oasis is getting a lot of attention right now; almost 100 searches per day are recorded by Jaaxy, my favorite keyword tool.

High time for me to get off my behind and take a close look at this thing. 

Computer Oasis Review

Computer Oasis Summary

Product Name: Computer Oasis

Product Type: Work At Home Opportunity

Creator/Owner: unknown

Price: $97

Upsells: $150

"Marylin Applebee"

Summary: Computer Oasis is one of a long series of a particular online scam that targets people searching for opportunities to earn an income from home. The perpetrator(s) of this scam promise you an opportunity where you can earn hundreds of dollars in a day with Link Posting.   This a long out dated and totally superfluous SEO technique. Avoid this scam at all cost!

Rating: 0.5 out of 5

What Is Computer Oasis?

Computer Oasis is nothing more than a One-Page website, created with the sole purpose to swindle unsuspecting visitors out of their hard earned money!

This 'Landing Page', in the industry also called 'Squeeze Page' (for obvious reasons!) is full of deception and false information and is used in a series of identical scams.

Their 'squeeze' is a promise that you can make over $300 per day, working just ONE hour performing the task of LINK POSTING. That means to spam every social network group you can get access to with links to similar sites as Computer Oasis, and when someone joins, you will earn a commission of $10.

computer oasis review

Take a close look at the Computer Oasis landing page and how their deception tactic works. "But how can that be a scam, when they have been all over the TV?" you may ask.

Well, they weren't...this is all part of the big scam they are throwing at you. More details in just a bit.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Computer Oasis?

$97 is the asking price when you get to the check-out page. In case you get the jitters and hit the exit, a pop-up offers you a Discount of 30 bucks.

If you walk in the trap and pay the $67,  be assured that it wont take too long before they try to strong arm you into Private Coaching which will set you back another 150 Smackeroos!

Is Computer Oasis A Scam?

You can bet your sweet bippy on the fact that this is a scam, and I am going to show you exactly why! (click on Images to enlarge)

Identical Websites

The image on the left is the Computer Oasis site, looking exactly like the My Home Success Plan site on the right. One might argue that a job placement agency uses ONE site to attract applicants for different jobs, but that is definitely NOT the case, as I will show you in just a minute.

Claim To Be Featured On National TV!

Displaying CNN, FOX, MSNBC & ABC logos in the header of their site makes it appear that THEIR work from home opportunities  have been featured on TV. But when you do watch the short video below, you will notice that it has absolutely NOTHING to do with what we discuss here today. 

Positions Availability!

If it wouldn't be so serious, it actually would be hilariously funny. They make it sound as if only a certain number of 'positions' are available, and the opportunity would disappear after these position have been filled.

Please, believe me...IF the devil would release every single soul, they all would be accepted by Computer Oasis as long as they are able to fork over $97.

The Use Of Stock Photos & Pen Names

The perpetrators of these scams are using stock photos and 'pen names', supposedly for privacy reasons, for the folks that give report of their success'. Computer Oasis is brought to us by a Marylin Applebee, while Home Success Plan was pushed by April Matthews. 

I looked at roughly 20 of these sites and noticed that Computer Oasis is the first, and so far the only one, where they admit to use models and pen names instead of letting REAL PEOPLE report their experience.

Exaggerated Earning Possibilities!

'If You Can Spare 60 Minutes A Day, We Can Offer You A Certified, Proven And Guaranteed Home Based Business Job To Make $379/Day From Home!'

This attention grabber used to be on top of their site but has now been moved into the content of their sales page. It should be obvious that it is almost impossible to make almost 400 bucks in an hour.

Some people do, like popular defense attorneys, Amazon's Jeff Bezos or now retired Microsoft founder Bill Gates, but believe me, definitely not a Joe Bloggs (that's you and I, and million others).

​​​​​​​​​​​Posting Links

The work from home opportunity they are pushing here with the promise to make you over $300 a day is Link Posting

Let me explain what this is. 

Link Posting is a Black Hat SEO Technique, designed to drive traffic to a particular squeeze page promoting a product or service. In the case on hand, you would be 'spamming' every group you can join on Facebook or any other social network.  If someone clicks on he link you posted, you will receive a commission IF a sale is made. Of course, you will not get paid for posted links that do not result in a sale.

On top of it,  it's needless to say that you would be banned from the social network groups before you can say 'thanks'.

Conclusion to my Computer Oasis Review

Sorry to bust your bubble, but you won't be making over $300 a least not with Computer Oasis. 

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