Commission Miner Review: I Challenge You To Make Money!


commission miner reviewLet me get straight to the point: I challenge you to make $1000 – $1200 online in the next 6 weeks, and more every single month thereafter!

If you think this is one of the usual BS, or you don’t feel up to the challenge, don’t waste your time reading on.

Still with me? Good, because I am going to show you how I made over $1500 the last 6 weeks with a program that delivers great results.

Making money online is a weird business. I should know, because I chose to make a living from the comfort of my home, and take advantage of the ‘bazillions’ of opportunities provided by the Internet.

Millions of people try every year, but sadly, 99% either fail or struggle to make enough to pay their bills, while only 1% of Internet Marketers have ‘massive success online”. Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, lets take a look why so many people fail.


Making Money Online Is A Business, Not A Hobby:

Most folks never have a sliver of chance to succeed because they don’t understand that Internet Marketing is a business that requires effort, knowledge and work. They may try different things, particularly the ‘made for you’ out-off-the box crap, spend a few bucks and lean back, waiting for the dough to roll in. None of these programs work as the creators may claim; believe me.


Not Knowing How It Really Works:

The other reason is an open, yet little know ‘secret’. Those that do make some money “are doing what SEEMS to make sense, on the surface, while they are actually missing the underlying key of how BIG MONEY really is made online”.

That brings me to Bryan Winters, who, by the way, belongs to the 1% that do make millions, and he is willing to share with you not only the ‘Know How’, but also some of the money he is making. On June 15, 2015, Bryan launched a new program that is the subject of my review and the reason for my challenge to you.


What Is Commission Miner Co-Op (CMC)

Here is the scoop, which Bryan calls the Million Dollar Secret. I am not a friend of these kinds of marketing slogans. However, Bryan tells us the ultimate secret to success:


“The common mistake most people make is ‘promoting a product’, simply following mainstream affiliate marketing techniques. By shifting the ‘Focal Point of Your Marketing Strategy from Promoting Affiliate Products to Promoting Affiliate Income Opportunities’, you direct your energy and effort from promoting products to ‘Building Your Own Sales Force of Affiliates”.

Reading this gave me the “DUH moment”! It’s so simple and so true, I should have thought about this myself.


How Does Commission Miner Co-Op Work?

I will give you just a brief overview of what to expect, and leave it up to Bryan’s excellent videos to give you all the details.

First of, you can join CMC free of charge for the first 30 days. This gives you ample time to learn and understand the program, make some money, before you have to invest in your business. After the first month, the membership fee is $29 per month. Here is what you will get:


is commission miner a scam
Come on in and become a Commission Miner


Extensive Training:

  • How to build your list
  • How to promote products
  • How to build your sales force of affiliates
  • How to generate traffic to your squeeze pages (free traffic and paid traffic)
  • How to train YOUR affiliates



Three Sales Funnels and a variety of products:

Type 1 Funnel: Here you will promote CMC, the first step to build your own sales force of affiliates

Type 2 Funnel: This funnel provides a variety of great and FREE products for your “2-Tier Affiliate Program

Type 3 Funnel: This funnels gives you PAID outside programs, especially selected by Bryan.


Extensive Tools and supporting material:

Bryan provides you with everything you will need. Email swipes, promotional material, several squeeze page websites, free hosting, FREE use of integrated auto responder system in back office (so you don’t have to spend money on your own auto responder BEFORE you make money).


A Very Active Member Forum & Support By Bryan Winters!

This is very important and something I place high value to. You will never be alone when you feel stuck or need answers. No program is perfect, as good as it may be. There will always be something you need the input and expertise from other members, or even Bryan himself. A function support system is priceless!


Fifty Percent of all sales!

You will receive 50% commissions on all sales, payable through PayPal immediately after payment was made.       


The CMC Auto-Rotator!

I saved the best for last. The CMC Auto-Rotator system is indeed unique. I mentioned earlier that Bryan is going to share HIS profit with all the affiliates, and created a system that disperses 50% of every dollar he makes EQUALLY among the participants.

You MUST promote CMC to participate AND invest a one-time fee of $97. I hate upsells, aka OTO (one-time-offers) as they usually are worthless. In this case however, it definitely is worth it.

You will get $48.50 for actually doing nothing. It’s a bonus you receive whenever it is your turn to get hit by the Auto-Rotator. Don’t mistake this with a lottery though. There is no luck involved; every affiliate will get their fair share of Bryan’s profit.


Don’t miss out – sign up NOW!


What I Did Not Like About CMC!

The program is compact, to say the least. It’ll take a few days to find your way around and figure out how everything works. There is a connection with Saxaa, an Affiliate Network like ClickBank or JVZoo, and I totally missed to request “Instant Commission Pay”, which resulted in a 30-day delay in payment.

It can be a bit overwhelming even for someone with a vast knowledge of Internet Marketing. But don’t be discouraged; it does work.


Let Me Show You How I Did So Far!

I joined on July 3, 2015. The screenshot below shows you the number of CMC referrals as well as the number of HITS by the Auto Rotator:


commission miner review


As of August 16, 2015, I had a total of 125 referrals, of which 15 already paid their first month fee of $29. If I did NOT miss to request ‘Instant Payment’, the amount of $217.50 would be in my account today. Oh well, my bad. The Auto Rotator hit me 36 times, and I am due $1.630.50 for doing absolutely nothing.

The next image shows my email inbox, August 1, 2015. It sure speaks for itself!


is commission miner a scam


Conclusion To Commission Miner Co-Op Review

In case you ask “Is Commission Miner a scam?“, I can assure you that it is not. It is legit and will make you money as it does for me. However, let me remind you that this is a business and it takes work and effort on a daily basis. I spend about 3 to 4 hours a day, not only promoting CMC itself, but also training and supporting my referrals; either via email, in the members forum, or even via Skype. 

Back to my challenge! Do you feel up to it? Give it a try and find out yourself how you can put some real money in your pocket. Take advantage of the 30-day free membership and start your business. Do sign up for the Auto Rotator right away though; it’ll come around at least 4 times, if not even more often. This alone is worth the try.


What else is there to say?

I know, it’s easy for me to challenge you. I make money online for quite some time now, and I look at CMC at another income stream. However, I remember the times when I tried, failed several times AND lost money doing so. This changed when I found My #1 Free Recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate, that taught me Internet Marketing in general, and Affiliate Marketing in particular. 

I took advantage of their free Starter Membership which allowed me to build my first website and enjoy 10 lessons of their 60 lesson Online Entrepreneur course. That got me going, and after about 7 weeks I decided to become a Premium Member. The rest, as they say, is history. If you are interested, come on in and take a look. It’s risk free, they don’t even ask for your credit card information.

Well, that’s all for today. Like always, thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to let us know your opinion about my Commission Miner Review.


John Worthy



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4 Responses

  1. Allan


    How can you join Juli 3rd and refer people to a 30 day trial and then say they allready paid their 29 $ membership bye 1 August?

    • John Worthy

      Hi Allan, thank you so much, you caught one of my rare typos! I wrote the review on August 16th, and the sentence should read “As of August 16th……”. However, your comment made me look into this issue and there is one compelling reason why some members could not take advantage of the 30-day free trial. People of certain countries are excluded from free trial offers due to a high occurrence of fraud committed. (for example, Wealthy Affiliate has a free membership which is not available for folks in India, Nigeria, Malaysia). Another reason is that PayPal is not operating in certain countries for exact the same reason, and people from these countries can join, but need to make first month payment with a valid credit card. And that happened with some of my referrals. Hope that answers your question.

  2. Rick Bell

    I hope this progam works John. I just joined and will need some help with questions I’m sure. Like how do I promote the program with no website? Do I need to get one? Let me know and see if you see my name on your new members list.

    Thanks for the review. I think this is something that will work. Also do you think 2 hours a day is enough to make money with Commission Miner?


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