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On January 27, 2014
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MY VERDICT: Coffee Shop Millionaire is a SCAM! AVOID!

Coffee Shop Millionaire – Scam? Con? Rip-Off?


Mr. Anthony Trister should have named his scheme “Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam” or maybe “Coffee Shop Millionaire Con”. Either way, I call it a very clever Rip-Off.  Stay with me for a few minutes and I will show you the reasons for it.


Name: Coffee Shop Millionaire

Owner: Anthony Trister


Price: initially $37.00 per month, followed by upsells

My Rating: 15 out of 100 points – 1 star




Coffee Shop Millionaire ScamThe SCAM ALERT warning bells went off as soon as I arrived at Anthony’s website and being greeted by just a video screen (as shown in the image above). Please read the sentence and think about the statement for a moment.

I sat through the video, nodding off twice, and after 28 minutes or so, I decided to step outside, letting the video run its path since it lacks a PAUSE button.

I am not quite sure how long it actually lasted, but I am certain it was way longer running than 7 minutes, and I did not get access by then to the PROMISED LAND as advertised.

 However, I did my due diligence, paid $37.00, arrived at the other side and this is where my Coffee Shop Millionaire Review starts.


The Coffee Shop Millionaire Package


What Mr. Trister is trying to sell you are actually TWO things. One is what I would call a PRODUCT and the other is his PROGRAM. Let’s take a look at the product first.




Anthony Trister ReviewIt consists of Training and Tools geared to give you the basic knowledge of Internet Marketing. The training modules, there are twelve of these, supported by videos with additional information, are pretty good to be honest.

A total newbee to the business will get a lot of knowledge of the business and the more experienced participant will find some interesting and helpful content.

The only drawback I could find however, is the lack of recent updates to the material. It does not keep up with the latest changes to the industry. For example:

Mr. Trister’s training for his “Cash Machines”, which is just another term for marketing techniques such as Local Marketing, Video and e-mail marketing and Article submissions, is missing detail and in-depth and it is left to the student to find the needed information to start a successful campaign some other places.




I say it very bluntly: IT DOES NOT WORK unless you already have a couple of niche marketing websites up and running and also a huge and “life” mailing list to draw from. This is one very important aspect Mr. Trister “forgets” to mention in his coffee shop millionaire legit


Do you want to know what happened with the “$21,000 in 21 days” simple system? Well, I did put this up after about 9 days into the program and have NOT MADE A SINGLE DOLLAR with it. I know my bad, my bad. I was just doing what Mr. Trister said I should do.

Sleep in, go to the coffee shop, start up my laptop and “watch the bucks roll in”. And that’s just another important part Mr. Trister forgets, ever so conveniently, to mention. It takes hard work and a good deal of time to build a line from the ground up. Although he mentioned several times in his video “that all the work has been done already” so you will not have to do it and blah blah blah blah.


But what about the bank statements he showed you? I did a quick keyword search on Jaaxy, my favorite tool, with the phrase “how to make money online”. Would it surprise you to learn that there are 1.8 MILLION searches on average per month?

Searches by people like you and me, looking for a chance to “jump on the Internet bandwagon”  begin their own business, becoming their own boss and earn a decent living.

I did the math and if only ONE TENTH of ONE percent of the searchers buying Coffee Shop Millionaire, Mr. Trister is making more than $60,000 every single month. And this is not counting in the money he makes from the numerous up-sells in his program.


Support at The Coffee Shop Millionaire Program


If there is an active Help and Support System in existence, I must have looked in all the wrong places. E-mails with support requests went unanswered and it is impossible to get in contact with Mr. Trister himself.

 He may be too busy sitting in a coffee shop and watching the dough roll in instead of supporting those that bought into his hype with their hard earned money.

In case you are looking for a legitimate program I recommend you take a closer look at Wealthy Affiliate, my Number ONE ranked program in the whole industry. Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review for all the details.


PROS & CONS of the Coffee Shop Millionaire



  • Low initial cost per month
  • Relatively good Training and Tools


CONS: money machines


  • Typical “Internet Guru” Promotion and Sales Tactics
  • Too many UPSELLS which are not revealed early on
  • No Help and Support system
  • Training is in some areas not up-to-date
  • Earning potential is misleading (you will NOT make millions)
  • Many positive reviews written by partners or affiliates of Coffee Shop Millionaire


 How Much Will Coffee Shop Millionaire Cost You?


  • Membership fee per month: 37.00
  • First Upsell: $297.00. Immediately after you join you will be asked to “upgrade” into the “Six Figure Club”
  • Free Websites: You will get “5 Ready To Go” websites to work the “money machines” program. However, you have to buy the domain names and hosting through Hostzilla  for
  • $151.00 for 6 months
  • $197.00 for 1 year
  • $256.00 for 2 years

What it all means is this. They lure you in with a low initial fee and then get more of your money on the back end. Are you looking to “jump on the Internet bandwagon”? If so just keep on reading to the end of my review and I will you introduce you to the “real thing“.




I bought into this program knowing what to expect. A SCAM. Coffee Shop Millionaire is sold through ClickBank with a 60 day guaranteed refund policy. I got out after 55 days and spending almost $400.00 without making a single dollar!

Mr. Trister is preying on the unsuspecting and those that are blinded by the promotion and sales hype. This is a sales tactic I despise and will not tolerate.


MY VERDICT: Coffee Shop Millionaire is a SCAM! AVOID!

coffee shop millionaire cash machines


Name: Coffee Shop Millionaire
Owner: Anthony Trister
Price: initially $37.00 per month, followed by upsells
My Rating: 15 out of 100 points –  1 star


How would you like to join a SCAM-FREE environment and learn everything you need to know to start your own Internet Marketing Business. I would like to introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate, the most respected “HOW TO………” program in the industry. WA is not just a product, but foremost a learning institution where you can learn and train at your own pace.


Wealthy Affiliate University


At Wealthy Affiliate you will join a college like community with a 24/7  help and support system. WA is the only program that lets you join FOR FREE, yes that is right, for $0.00 dollars, so you can check out their program. You can start taking the Level ONE course lessons, build your own first website FOR FREE and enjoy a great learning experience.

Still skeptic? I do understand and ask you to read my Wealthy Affiliate Review before you make a decision. You can take advantage of the ZERO DOLLAR STARTER MEMBERSHIP by simply Clicking HERE and then choose the $0. option

John Worthy ProfileDo you have anything to add to my Coffee Shop Millionaire review then I would be very interested to hear about it. Just drop a comment below and I will reply within 12 hours. e-mail:

My name is John and I am here to help. You can contact me at my Personal Profile page inside Wealthy Affiliate by following this link

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  2. Max

    Am I ever glad I read this review! On the surface so many of these sites look like they will really help you. The $37 initial fee would have got me for sure, because like most people I would have thought to myself, “I can afford forty bucks.” I just can’t stand upsells! Thanks so much for a great article.

    • John Worthy

      Hello Max, thanks for the comment. It’s not just about the $40.00 or whatever one may lose. It’s about misleading people, take their money and shatter their dreams. I fell for some of the scams, unfortunately, but I never gave up.
      Have a nice weekend

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