Click Clone Cash Review – My Scam Alert Clicked On Alright

Review of: Click Clone Cash
product by:
Josh Owens
$90.00 minimum

Reviewed by:
On August 24, 2014
Last modified:August 8, 2018


Avoid Click Clone Cash. It is a scam

The Click Clone Cash sales video, which lasts well over one hour, is perfect for you, if you enjoy


  • listening to Josh Owen bragging about his riches
  • Josh Owen showing off a Jaguar (most likely rented for the filming)
  • Josh Owen showing off an expensive yacht (most likely rented for the filming)
  • Josh Owen showing off a multi million dollar Mansion (most likely rented for the filming)
  • Josh Owens showing fake earning statements and bank accounts
  • paid actors giving false testimonials about their “success” with Click Clone Cash
  • being lied to about how much money you will make in 30 a month – $100,000 guaranteed


If that turns you on, go ahead and sit through this way too long and hilarious video production.


is click clone cash a scam


I am watching a lot of similar videos for my reviews and I thought I had seen it all; the fancy cars, yachts, mansions and the fake proof of “I am a millionaire spiel”.

These scheisters using the same tactics over and over. Josh Owen, however, was able to outdo them all. He says with a straight face “I am not doing what all the other Gurus are doing”, but he is doing just that. And then some more.

I am sitting through this thing one time, taking notes, to find out what it is all about. You may know that these type of videos don’t have a pause button, a rewind or fast forward function.

So, I have to suffer through it a second time to take some screenshots and some more notes. Let’s start with the Click Clone Cash Review!


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Here are a few details about the Click Clone Cash sales video


OK, the video is scripted pile of BS. Josh “guarantees” that you will make 100 Grand a months. He goes so far as to say “You are contractually guaranteed $100,000 per month” (see the screenshot above).

He makes it a point, that he and his team tested his secret system until he actually made 100K in a month; not only once, but many times over. Take a look at the screenshot below.



Not only does Josh with the disclaimer admit to use actors in the video (red underline), but if you read further, it says:

“This is a new system, so there are NO TYPICAL RESULTS” [,,,,,,,,,,,,] and so on.

What does this tell you? Simply put, everything said and shown in the video is nothing but a bunch of deceptive lies and “hot air” to get his hands on your money.

What about the “Contractual Guarantee” to make 100K with Click Clone Cash?

Josh does provide a “Contact Us” link on his squeeze page that lets you send an email. I used this link and sent the following email:


email sent to click clone cash support



Of course, I didn’t really expect to get an answer, and I was not surprised to never have heard from Mr. Owens.

There is one more little detail I need to point out to you. Josh claims that this website will be taken down soon and you must act NOW. That’s a lie also. I have logged on to his site several times over the past 15 days; it’s still up, still telling you “ONLY ONE SPOT LEFT”……… I need to say more?


What Is Click Clone Cash?

Josh created a program that, supposedly, searches the web for online businesses which make a lot of money, clones their business model and installs the clone on your computer. All you have to do, is sit back and watch the money roll in.

This will not happen, because there is no software that is able to do that. PERIOD.


The Real Click Clone Cash Product Revealed

You will have to watch the video for an hour until Josh will let you know that you need to pay for website hosting to be able to use his program. And you believed him when he said “It’s absolutely free, I don’t need your money”.

His set up is a well known internet scheme, called “Web Hosting Scam”. And this is where Josh will take your hard earned money, because he is an affiliate of the hosting company and earns a hefty commission for each referral.

He is not the only one running a scam like this. Check out the footnotes to this review where I provide links to similar scams I reviewed this year.


The Click Clone Cash Check-Out Page

When you click on the link to purchase the product, you will enter a hosting contract with Cloud Hosting at a cost of $152.49 for ONE YEAR.

However, if you change your mind and try to leave, you land on a “BONUS” page that offers you a 6-month contract for $89.79. WHAT A BONUS.

Also, take note of the “Total Recurring”. I tried to find out WHEN Cloud Hosting will re-bill, but was not able to find any information.


screenshot of check-out page



This program has taught me HOW To Make A

Life Changing Income Online!

Find out how you can too!



Is Click Clone Cash a Scam?

You don’t really believe in the possibility of some secret software can copy a business model, install it on your computer and the clone will make you rich without having to work, do you? Neither can I.


Joshua Owens is a phony liar and his product is a SCAM.


One of Josh’s partners says in the video:

“Folks, don’t be stupid”

Please, follow his advise and avoid this scam.



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This program has taught me HOW To Make A

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John Worthy ProfileMy name is John. I hope that my review was helpful for you. If you have any questions about Click Clone Cash or any other programs, please leave a comment below or send me an email.


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10 Responses

  1. Martha

    I was just scammed out of $231.00. I saw the video and felt for it but only agree to their basic cost of $37.00 but after reviewing their videos I decided this wasn’t for me , so I emailed within their website telling them I wanted to cancel. So, since I didn’t hear from them, I called the next day telling them I wanted to cancel and told them I had send an email the day before. So, the following day without my authorization or knowledge they pulled $97 out of my card, and the following day they pulled another $97. So, I didn’t find out until 4 days later, I was so I raged then they said I needed to email them to cancel which I did. They emailed me back telling me they would refund my money 3 to 4 weeks. I don’t think they’re going to refund my money, no company takes this long to refund money, plus no company had pulled more money then I agreed to. This is the first for me that’s what makes me so furious. They’re scamming people they need to be shut down ASAP.

    • John Worthy

      Hello Martha, thanks for your comment. Stay on them and demand your money to be refunded NOW, and file a complaint with the Federal Trade commission. You can do that online at
      Let us know how it goes.

  2. Tammy

    I almost fell for this scam, until I found the information you provided.
    Thank you

  3. Jason Benjamin

    Nice scam report, but I find it a bit disturbing that after reviewing a scam report on someone else just trying to get people for their money.. that you in return DO THE SAME EXACT THING at the end of the scam report and try and get us to sign up to your affiliate link. And nof, getting people to sign up for these dumb programs isn’t the only way to make money online, and I know this because I’ve been internet marketing for over a decade. ‘Work from home’ is just one niche in the whole grand scheme of things.. and isn’t even as profitable as other niches. Shame on you bro. I expect you to delete this comment, so I won’t be surprised that you don’t reply. I’ll make sure to come back and check.

    • John Worthy

      Jason, you shouldn’t judge what you have no idea about. I promote Wealthy Affiliate, and since you are so smart, you may figure out how to join me there for FREE, look around, find out what it really is, and THEN come back here and report. I am tired of ignorance

  4. Willy

    Josh Owen is one of the biggest bullshitters. to rob people of their hard earned money with his promises. i swear i will never trust any internet dealins again. i learned a good leson. I hope he reads this and prove me wrong

  5. Guy

    Hi John,

    Received today the first email regarding click clone cash and it was the always repeating scenario, car, mansion, boat, account, testimonials, the story of the multi millionaire revealing his secret, the “gutmensch” Owen as your partner. Are people really so dumb or so despereated to believe such a scam? Thanks a lot for your review and freundliche Gruesse.

    • John Worthy

      Hello Guy, sorry for the delay in my response. Thanks for reading my post. I believe people are not “dumb” but easy to be misled in the hope to get rich quick. You and I know that this is not possible. It takes hard work and a lot of effort.

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