Click Cash Code Review – Is This a CLICK SELLING Scam?


A New Product by Philip Mansour: Make Millions Buying and Selling “Clicks”  –  Click Cash Code Review


Philip Mansour is back; spiky hair-do and all exited. Best known for “Free Money Formula”, a video internet marketing training, Philip disappeared from the internet marketing scene for a while (just about 3 years).

Out of the blue, an email landed in my inbox from none other than Philip. The pitch:


“I am back and I will show you how I made over $3.8 million from clicks”.


click cash code review
Say Hello to Philip Mansour, creator of Click Cash Code


He also offered the download of a FREE .pdf e-book, which will explain how he made all that money from “clicks”. Not PPC though, but by “selling e-mail clicks” made on your list campaigns.

Have you ever heard of this. I am in the online business several years now but this is a new one for me.

I followed his advice and clicked on the link that led to a refreshingly short video. Philip talks very animated about this “amazing method, and how easy it is to rake in an enormous amount of money”.

After watching the video, I downloaded the free, 14-page pdf to find out what this is all about.

There is also an invitation to a Live Google Hangout session which will take place on September 30 at 8:08 p.m. Eastern Time (in about 4 hours from now – I have already registered)


The Click Cash Code PDF E-Book


How I Started – Page 2

I would have been surprised if there would NOT have been a “sob story”. Philip lets you know that he made a chunk of money from 2007 to 2011 and pissed it away in LA-LA land.

Broke, down-and-out and distraught, he gave in to his friends begging him to gout and have some fun. And as these stories go, he met this elderly gentleman (accompanied of course by 3 beautiful and younger women).

To make the long story short, after a while Philip asked the older gentleman if he new of any ways to make money online…besides the usual affiliate marketing or anything that is the norm.

The man asked Philip “Why don’t you sell clicks”. And that is how the “magic happened”.

Philip then goes on to tell you how “HE and HIS Team” worked the system, generated clicks, got paid 30 – 60 cents per click. No sales and no commissions; just clicks.

According to Philip, in the end they sold almost 10 Million clicks for a total of close to 4 Million Dollars.


The Model – Page 6

In this chapter, Philips briefly explains, without giving away too many details, how the whole thing is based on “Solo-Ads”.


How You Get Started – Page 7

Finally, you get a step-by-step lowdown of what you need and what to do to get started (with suggestions and links)


1) Buy a domain (

2) Get hosting

3) Set up a selling page (Philip has a sample for you)

4) Get an auto responder system (

5) Set up a squeeze page (there are free templates you can use)

6) Get a Paypal account (if you don’t have one)

7) Buy solo ads from or


If you don’t want to buy any now, wait for the Google Hangout webinar and Philip will show you how to get up to 5,000 leads for free.


Making Money – Page 9

This section is quite interesting and detailed. Too much so for me to give you even some highlights.

Philip lists some places where people trade clicks and solo ads. He also provides some links to “places” you can join to take the business to “the next level” (whatever that means).


The Live Call – Page 13

This is the official invitation to take part in the Google Hangout Session. I am going to attend and check “how we can join other members of Click Cash Code for a membership fee with options that suites our needs”.

Do I smell the usual low fee and a bunch of annoying upsells? You can bet I do, and this is the reason why I am going to attend. So, stay tuned for “the rest of the story”!


The Click Cash Code Hangout Call with Philip Mansour


I have to say this now and get it off my chest. I WAS WRONG!

There is NO low fee buy-in and there are absolutely NO UPSELLS!


There you have it; but more about this later on. I sat through a marathon hangout call of over 2 ½ hours. Philip wasted about 30 minutes of sales time telling his sob story. Or course that is his sales tactic!

From how he met this guy Mike Maynard, how much he drank that night, how he learned about “selling clicks” and so on. Finally, he told us that he engaged the big hitters from Empower Network, MOBE and other similar scam programs.

He even got one of the worse internet scammers, Vic Strizheus, involved in this business.

That rang the “Scam Alert” immediately and very loudly. However, his and his team’s effort was a big success over a period of 11 months. He claims they sold almost 10 Million clicks, which brought in a total of almost 4 Million Dollars.

Of course, Philip showed us some “proof” of his success. Here you see a screenshot from what is called “ClickMeter”, showing you the number of total clicks.


is click cash code a scam


The image below shows a Skype session with a certain Tom Duncan arranging the sale of clicks for a total of $481.000.


click cash code scam review


By the way, Philip thought it is important we know that Tom drives a Bentley….he enlarged the image of the car and made a big point of it!


Ding…ding….ding….that’s the darn “Scam Alert” again.


Are you tired of all the BS and want to take a look a SCAM FREE online business learning center?


Finally, We Learn How Click Cash Code Works!


Philip made it very clear that his program will not make you rich over night. “It is all in the list” he continues, and it will take anywhere from 60 to 90 days before you will make any money.

Building a good e-mail list does take a long time (many months, sometimes a year) and will cost money as well. Philip is correct in pointing that out.

Don’t worry though, Philip has created a coaching program for anyone, including newbies, that will teach you how to get your piece of this pie.

He also guarantees you will get 5,000 clicks in 30 to 60 days, which will lead to about 2,500 subscribers.


This program consists of:

  • 5 weeks of “drip-fed elite training”: You get access to the course material on a schedule and you cannot learn at your own pace.
  • A Members Forum: You can chat with other members, ask or answer questions
  • A Dedicated Help & Support Forum: Philip assures you that he and his team will be available on a daily basis
  • Access to a “$3,000 Bonus PMC Training: Sorry, I have no details of what is included


Here is a screenshot of the Members Area.


click cash code members area


Well, the site looks good, I have to admit, and everything seems to be on the up & up. Philip explains very briefly what is behind the different Menu-Tabs.

Of course, I was most interested in the content of the “Elite Training” section, but Philip did not offer too much in-sight. This was disappointing, because I like to know what I am going get for my money BEFORE I SPEND IT.

AND we still have not heard yet how much the membership will cost us. Some participants have already left. I checked just about at this point at the hangout, and about 19 of the initial 134 participants had left.

It is typical for this kind of presentation that we have to wait a little bit longer. Philip has Korben and Jim, two of his students, BETA testers he calls them, on standby to give us their testimonial.

Korben is the first to tell his story. OK, I am keeping this short and show you only Korben’s Paypal account. He had it up on screen and it seems legit. I have a Paypal account also and it does not look like it had been “doctored or photo shopped”.


click cash code_paypal statement


If true that these deposits indeed came from “selling clicks”, we may be on to some good here, don’t you agree?

At that point, Philip Mansour informs us that there are additional video testimonials on the next page (which is the purchase page).


What Does Click Cash Code Membership Cost?


I already told you earlier that there is no low buy-in, followed by upsells.




You can choose between two Membership Levels:

Level 1: $497.00 one-time payment

Includes the drip-fed training + 5,000 clicks guaranteed.

Level 2: $997.00 one-time payment

Includes the drip fed training + 10,000 clicks guarantee (to jump start your business)


Unfortunately, I could not hear the response from the other participants of this hangout call. I was in shock for a few seconds, then I burst out laughing. I could not breath because I laughed so hard.

Philip Mansour was dead serious. He even asked after about 30 seconds, “how many of the folks signed up”. I didn’t hear the answer because I clicked over to the purchase page to check on the “additional testimonials from real members”.


It is 100% free to take a “test drive” with MY #1 RECOMMENDATION. Check it out. You have NOTHING to lose!


Video Testimonials of Click Cash Code Members


Clic_-Cash_Code_testimonial_pageWhen you get to the purchase page, you will see seven (7) videos. The 3rd from the top is the testimonial of John Baker. He introduces himself as “a member of Click Cash Code”. Click on the image to enlarge!

Hey, wait a minute” I said to myself. I was 100% sure that I have seen this guy before in a video giving testimonial for another big scam I reviewed.

I know where to find these folks, believe me. I headed over to, knowing that this is the place where lots of folks are advertising their services for as little as $5.00 for a short clip.

Sure enough; there is Johnny Baker on page 1 of the Video & Animation / Testimonials & Reviews by Actors section.



Same face, same furniture, different shirt.

paid for fiverr testimonial
Click on the image and check out where it takes you


What about the other six video clips on the Click Cash Code website, you may ask. Well, I found one that is obviously a fake. If I would be willing to spend some more time with it, most likely I would find out that the others are fake and done by paid actors as well.


My Opinion About Click Cash Code


I am in a dilemma here, to be honest. After attending the hangout call, I did some extensive research into the list- and click selling business. Following the links provided by Philip Mansour, I found out that there is indeed a market where you can buy and sell “clicks”.

I came to the conclusion, that people do make some money by exchanging email addresses that promise to actually lead to generating sales of products or services. Having said that, I need to point out the things I did not like about Philip Mansour’s Click Cash Code:


  • How does it really work?: Philip never explained in detail how this business works. I asked via the chat box “What is the ratio of selling & buying?” and never got an answer. I assume that you will have to consummate some purchases too in order for this to work.
  • Exaggeration: I believe that the number of clicks sold by Philip and his team during the 11 month period are greatly exaggerated to great hype for his product. The question I have in this context is: “Why would you sell some training and 5,000 clicks for $497.00 if you are making almost 4 Million Dollars in less than a year?”.
  • Philip’s “Sob Story”: Every good Scam needs this kind of annoying tid-bit, it seems. It is never the owner of the product which invented, planned, created or dreamed up what he is offering. There is always a mystery person, almost an older, good Samaritan coming to the rescue. I am just getting tired of those made up stories.
  • The showing of “proof” in form of photo shopped and not verifiable documents: Although I was impressed that Korben (and Jim) did show Paypal Summary pages that seemed to be real, there are ways to mislead the audience. For example, I have friends send me money to Paypal, I show the statement and return the money to the senders afterwards. Just saying.
  • Useless Money Back Guarantee: Philip Mansour’s program is sold through Clickbetter and comes with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. I call this useless because the training is “drip-fed” over a period of 5 weeks. By the time you finish the training and realize that “you have been had”, the 30-day frist is past and you will never get a refund. This is a clever tactic used by typical scammers.
  • The obvious DECEPTION by using actors for testimonials: Many legitimate businesses use actors for their commercials and even testimonials. However, they also let the viewers know that the people are in fact actors and are getting paid for their work. Philip Mansour on the other hand, states clearly that “the testimonials are from Click Cash Code Members and showing actual success results“; this is an outright lie and unethical deception.
  • Philip’s connection to Empower Network, MOBE, Vic Strizheus et al: This is one aspect I really dislike. These are the so called Internet Gurus, (I should say SCAMMERS), which give the whole industry a bad name.
  • The Price: $497.00 & $997.00: The price for this product is simply too high. If only 2,000 people fall for the $497.00 deal, Mr. Mansour would make a cool million bucks ($1,000,000.00). Enough said.


Is Click Cash Code A Scam?


This is difficult to answer. There is a market for selling, buying and swapping clicks (or lists), you will get a viable product with the training (if it holds up to Philips promises) and there is a good chance you can make some money. At this point, I will have to say that it is not an outright scam.

However, considering what I said above, I believe that Philip Mansour’s main objective is to sell Click Cash Code to as many folks as he can. I also believe, that his earning statements were greatly exaggerated to support his sales pitch.

Should you give it a try? This is absolutely up to you. I cannot advice you for or against it. I personally will not get involved at this time. A friend of mine did spend $497.00 to find out exactly what is going on and he will review the product at a later time.


What Next?


Many people making money online. It takes work and the willingness to learn. If you are interested in starting your own online business, I suggest you take a look at my #1 recommended online learning center. They provide you with the best training available, all the necessary tools and 24/7/365 help & support.


profil_johnI am John, the owner of this website. I’ve helped many newbies to get the right start in Internet Marketing. If you have any questions about this article or Wealthy Affiliate, please leave a comment below and I will get back with you asap.



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  1. J. Kirk

    Thankyou for this article. I have been online searching forever and been scammed a lot. Finally getting smarter. I recogized a name that you have in your article. He sends me emails daily. I always delete them. If it was legit and he is making as much money as he claims why would he be begging me to work with him? right? I just automatically look up a business now before I even consider. So far they are all scams. Thanks to people like you I have more money in my account. Thanks again. The good thing that has come out of my search is that I can spot a scam now when I see it! (most of the time.)

    • John Worthy

      Hello Kirk, thanks for stopping by. The sad point is that these folks do make money with their crap. Not all scams are obvious at first and you only find out after money was wasted. Be careful, it’s a jungle out there.

  2. Abdul

    Hey John. I really liked your post about click cash code. I had a question though, do you know of any way that I can get a hold of Philip? Maybe like an email that you could share? Thanks

  3. Loes

    Hello John, I read the whole piece about Philip and his click cash code, you feel something is not completely right, and also if this kind of marketing falls under pure integrity, is a question you have to ask yourself. There is so much on internet what often more or less indistinct is.
    You really have to look closely, not to fall for any scam.
    I do like your number #1 thought.

    Greetings Loes

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