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On February 28, 2014
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Chris Farrell Membership is a LEGIT program that teaches how to start an online business. CMF offers a good opportunity for newbies and is my #2 rated program.

Chris Farrell Membership Review 2014


Name: Chris Farrell Membership
Owner: Chris Farrell
Price: $1.00 first week, $37.00 per month
My Rating: 84 out of 100 points/ 4 stars


Meet Chris Farrell


Chris Farrell Membership Review
Chris Farrell is highly respected and his reputation is impeccable.

Not too long ago, 6 years to be precise, Chris worked for a radio station in a good paying position. Yet he had other plans and left the financial security of his job to pursue his dream of starting an online business.

Chris was a rookie, a total newbie in Internet Marketing and had to learn the trade from the ground up. He is clever, obviously talented and a hard worker. In just a few months of studying, he mastered the challenges and was on his way to success.

But financial success for himself was not the only factor that drove him. He had the strong desire to help others to achieve financial independence and success. Thus the Chris Farrell Membership was born.

By his own admission, it took Chris 6 months after starting online, before he saw his first $200.00 day. Another 6 months went by before he got close to $1,000.00. Two years later he was a millionaire.

Besides his incredible success, Chris stayed the likeable, down-to-earth guy. He is highly respected in the online business community and his reputation is such that I am convinced the thought of “ripping people of” never crossed his mind.


How is Chris Farrell different from the Scammers?


When you log on to the Chris Farrell Membership website, you will see a video sales pitch. That “always sets off the big scam alert”. It is short, just a little over 4 minutes and soon you will understand what really sets Chris apart from the so-called GURUS.

He does NOT promise that you will make thousands of dollars in 21 days, but that making money will be the “last step of your journey”. Chris is going on talking about his own struggles starting out, and what it takes to succeed.

There is a second video, below more promotional stuff and testimonials from members, in which Chris gives a more detailed overview of the program.


The “21 Days To Success Program”.


Upon becoming a member of the Chris Farrell Membership, you have immediate access to a comprehensive, step-by-step trainings program. The training focuses to teach you the most important aspects of building an online business.

The 21 course modules, consisted of excellent videos, well structured and kept short enough to avoid an “overload of information”. If you prefer text lectures over video, you can access the written transcript to each video in PDF format; this is also a great help for the hard of hearing.


During the 21 days you will learn:


  • Chris Farrell Membership - 21 day program
    21 Days To Success
    Laying the foundation for an online business

    How to write quality sales letter

  • How to create high-conversion landing pages (also called “squeeze pages”)
  • How to get people sign up to your mailing list
  • How to create your own e-books
  • How to market your own products
  • How to create websites using step-by-step templates
  • Everything about WordPress


Each lesson comes with easy to follow instructions, explaining what you should do, how and when. And by the end of day 21 you should have a clear understanding of the basics of online marketing, a working website and some products that will get you started.


The Support System at Chris Farrell Membership


Chris Farrell Membership Support System
Discussion Form at The Chris Farrell Membership
Newbies find a huge pool of helpful information

Although community support is offered, sometimes you may be hard pressed to actually find any activity. Chris is almost never there and your best choice to find support is the Discussion Forum. (Click on the image to enlarge)

The threads already available are a huge pool of important information. You will be able to start your own discussion, and when folks are indeed active, you will get plenty of help.

If you are hoping for quick response from Chris, you will be better off making use of a phone number he gave you in case you have a major problem.


If you prefer a program that guarantees 24/7 support, check out my favorite hang-out.


 The Pros & Cons of the Chris Farrell Membership



  • Chris Farrell’s honesty
  • Low entry fee to start
  • Excellent training Course
  • First Class Videos and PDF transcripts
  • Step-by-step training
  • Easy to use templates to create website fast
  • No information overload



  • No up front explanation of time to invest before you make money
  • No up front disclosure of extra expenses
  • No up front disclosure of disturbing “upsell” of Mentor Me (cost: $997.00)
  • No 24/7 Support System
  • No intensive lessons about SEO and Google ranking criteria


The Price of The Chris Farrell Membership:


  • You can join for an extreme low cost of $1.00 for a one week trial period. If you like what you see and stay on, it will cost you $37.00 per month.
  • There will be additional expenses that are not explained up front.
  • Cost for Domain Name (about $10.00 each when you buy from NameCheap)
  • Hosting Cost – you are looking at $25.00 – $40.00 per month
  • Auto Responder – approx. $20.00 per month
  • And then the big ticket upsell at $997.00 for the Mentor Me option.


 Conclusion of my Chris Farrel Membership Review.


Chris Farrel Membership is legit
Chris Farrell put together a good program for the beginner. It is LEGIT

Chris Farrell presents an excellent program for “beginners without any knowledge of the online business”. The well structured training and the magnificent videos are easy for you to follow. Detailed instructions how to implement the different facets are practical and can be done without problems.

What impresses me most is the stellar position Chris Farrell is taking in making it clear to his members that success requires a lot of work and effort. He also makes it very clear that it will take time to make any money, and that it will take even more time to make enough for you to make a comfortable living.

There are, however, TWO things about the program I do not like

1) The “Mentor Me upsell” is the typical GURU tactic to draw more money out of the members

2) The program will give you a start in the online business, but lacks to teach you how to proceed from there. A lot more is involved to have continuing success and building a long lasting business. Yet this education you will have to get some place else.

Overall The Chris Farrell Membership is one of the better programs you can choose from. If you want to learn from the best and become one of the best, I recommend you take a look at my #1 FREE recommendation. (My Rating: 97 out of 100 points)


Summarized Overview:

Name: Chris Farrell Membership
Owner: Chris Farrell
Price: $1.00 first week, $37.00 per month

My Rating: 84 out of 100 points, 4 stars

Chris Farrell Membership is a LEGIT program that teaches how to start an online business. I take making recommendations very seriously and I review every program honestly and without any BS. CMF offers a good opportunity for newbies to start their own internet marketing business and is my #2 rated program. Second only to my #1 Online Business Learning Center, Wealthy Affiliate University. Check it out below.

 solution to how to start an online business



John Worthy ProfileMy name is John and I am the owner of this website. If you have any experience with the Chris Farrell Membership program, I would like to know about it. Any questions or other concerns? Just leave a comment below or e-mail me at:


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  1. Paul

    Dear John,

    Thanks for sharing such a great, very informative and useful review on Chris Farrell Membership. I think you done a great job on this review and walked me through the detailed information. Very good stuff. I’ll come back when I have more time and see what else I find here. Thanks and good site! Wishing you all the very best!

    Your Friend,

  2. it

    don’t make me lough,the content was put online anges ago, never updated,completely out of date and incomplete& Chris Farrell himself is the biggest scammer in the internet history… he’ll try to”sell”you “customised coaching” that doesn’t exist!!!

  3. Guy


    Yes Imcan write about my experience at Chris Farrell Membership and I can really compare with WA. I’ve been member of CFM during 6 month and I really appreciate this membership and I did learn a lot. Even if there’s one upsell this upsell is never promoted to the existing members ( no spamming). The support is 24/7 (I even got private teaching and website analyzing videos with no costs), but the marketing approach is quite different to WA. I think if both programs would work together with Chris as video teacher, this would really be far the best of the IM market.

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