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Chegg Tutors is a legitimate opportunity to work from home and should be considered in the top 20 of online tutoring services. Tutors complain that there is not enough work to make a full time income


The Internet is a blessing for many folks, and in many different ways. People all over the world are making money online from the comfort of their homes, and many people are paying money for a variety of online services.

It’s dificult to put a number to it, but there must be 100’s of different and legitimate  ‘work at home opportunities‘.

I earn a living with this website and a handful of niche websites, my neighbor is a stay-at-home mom, processing medical claims for a physician’s network as  ‘telecommuter‘, and some people I know make an extra $500 to $800 each month just by using their smart phones for certain activities, and getting paid doing so.

My neighbor’s claim processing job left her with a lot of free time and she was looking for something she could take on. Somehow she stumbled across an ‘online tutoring review’ and ran some of her own google searches to learn more about this subject.


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Surprisingly, there is a huge volume of searches from people that actually looking for online tutors, either for themselves, or for their children. One particular provider of online tutoring piqued my neighbor’s interest…she knew the company Chegg as a text book exchange from her college years, and is now offering online tutoring. The Chegg Tutoring subsidiary is the subject of my review today.


What is Chegg Tutors?

Chegg Tutors is a subsidiary of Chegg, Inc., an American education technology company based in Santa Clara, California, that used to specialize in online textbook rentals. Chegg Tutors was founded by Alison Johnston, Dan Johnston, Joey Shurtleff as InstaEDU and purchased by Chegg on June 3, 2014 (source: Wikipedia)

The Chegg Tutors website enables students to find the perfect match with a ‘Tutor On Demand’. The private virtual class rooms use text chat, a white board, and video chat for communication between student and tutor. The sophisticated and mobile friendly system provides a document editor, a file uploader and screen sharing which allows the student and tutor to work together in one-on-one sessions.


How To Become A Chegg Tutor!

Chegg accepts tutors from all around the world. There are just a few requirements…

  • Needless to say, you need a late model computer, laptop or tablet (you can get one here for under $200) with a web cam (they almost give them away at this place here).
  • You can apply online IF you have tutoring, instructing, or teaching experience
  • You MUST be enrolled or have graduated from a 4-year university
  • You need a Facebook account to verify your identity
  • You need to upload your profile photo and other related documents (i.e. diploma, ID)

After you answer a few basic questions and select the subjects you want to tutor in, Chegg needs to confirm your information, which takes just about one week.

Once you are accepted, you can create your online Chegg Tutor profile and are on the way to earn money as Chegg Tutor.

Insider Tip: Approval seems easier and faster by signing up through Facebook!


How Much Does Chegg Tutors Pay?

The pay for new tutors is $20 per hour, computed by the minute. If a tutor works 11 hrs and 34 minutes, the payout will be $231.33. Your performance is rated by the student (or their parents) and pay raises are possible.


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How Does Chegg Tutors Pay?

You will get payed every Thursday via PayPal. The pay period runs from Wednesday 7:05 a.m. to Wednesday 7:05 a.m. the following week. All times are based on Pacific Time.

You only have to work for 5 minutes a week to qualify for payment.


How To Boost Your Earnings!

It is nice to have an ‘Insider’ as friend. I learned things that are not to be found on the official Chegg Tutors website. Here are some ways to add some extra money to your earnings:

  • Earn a $10 bonus for every new tutor you refer. You qualify for the bonus once your referral completed the first lesson AND receives a positive review.
  • Chegg Tutors is paying a ‘Mystery Bonus’  for tutoring subjects that are in high demand. However, bonus amounts are not made public in advance.
  • Make sure you are logged on and your status is set to ‘available now‘  during during midterm and final exam periods. Midterm October & March, Finals December & May
  • When you are ready to work and your status is ‘available now‘, make sure to monitor closely what is going on in the system in order to respond IMMEDIATELY to student requests.


Chegg Tutors PROS:

  • Base pay of $20 per hour, which is almost double the minimum wage
  • Chegg Tutors is available all over the world
  • You can earn an extra $10 referral bonus
  • You can pick the subjects you are an expert in
  • There are no hourly requirements to qualify for payment
  • You can appeal student reviews if you feel they are unjust
  • You can work 100% from home
  • You set your own hours

Insider Tip: You can arrange appointments directly with your students without them having to request tutoring publicly!


What Are Chegg Tutors Complaints?

So far everything seems to be perfect. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, and no matter how good a product, a company or service is, there will always be some complaints.

Some of these reported cons have to taken with a grain of salt, but I did find a number of issues that are important enough to let you know about.


Not Enough Work!

This is the Number ONE complaint, even mentioned by tutors that give Chegg Tutors a 5-star rating. So, I did a little bit of digging and, according to the financial statements for the year 2017, the subsidiary Chegg Tutors is highly profitable, which contradicts the motion that there is not enough work.

The problem seems to be two-fold: Too many tutors and the Request Posting System.

I have read hundreds of reviews on and a great number of complaints mention that it is very difficult to actually get an assignment. See what one tutor has to say:



Not all similar complaints are that detailed, but this seems to be a valid complaint about a problem that is not easy to fix, I assume. Chegg Tutors would have to raise the ‘quality bar’ and weed out lesser qualified tutors, and at the same time, implement a different system to assign work to its tutors.

Insider Tip: Offer some kind of incentive for students to agree to fixed appointments (1/2 hour free if more than 3 hours per week, for example)


Unruly & Rude Students:

  • Many tutors report that Chegg seems to have the motto ‘the student is always right‘ and not making any efforts to find out what actually expired.
  • Students write bad reviews to avoid being charged with the time
  • Students log a tutoring request, only to get a few answers or solution to homework problems, then cancel the session (again to avoid being charged)
  • Others are abusive and rude and Chegg is siding with student 100%
  • Students can request then cancel lessons even if tutor work is done

Insider Tip: Use Screencast-O-Matic or Monosnap and video record your session with the student


Is Chegg Tutors A Solid Opportunity?

My neighbor adds an average of $520 per month from tutoring for Chegg to the income from her claim processing job and is making a pretty darn good livable income from home.

As we found out, Chegg Tutor offers a solid and legitimate opportunity to add a few hundred dollars to your income stream, but may not be a good enough way to make a livable income by its own.


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That’s my Chegg Tutors Review. If you know something of interest I have not mentioned, feel free to chime in on your way out.

Thanks for stopping by, and if you have a few minutes to spare and want to find out the best way do become your own boss, don’t be shy and check out My #1 Recommendation


John Worthy


  1. Sophia

    You can become a tutor to earn some extra cash, but I have tutored on Chegg myself and couple of other websites as well. The best one that I recommend for online tutoring if you want to become a tutor is SolutionInn. The process is fairly easy and speedy, they verify you within couple of days rather than weeks. Check them out here

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