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On August 8, 2014
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Cash Cow Ugly Sites is simply a bad product that I cannot recommend

When I received the first Cash Cow Ugly Site promotion email back in April, my first thought was, that this must be an “April Fools Joke”.

Obviously, I thought wrong, because around middle of July I received yet another one of these spam mails. So I decided to check out what this is all about. By the time I purchased Cash Cow Ugly Sites, the price was up to $17.00 from the initial $7.00 offer (the product was a “dime sale” where the price goes up every time a purchase was made).

cash cow ugly sitesWayne’s site is ugly, no doubt about it. I don’t care much about the looks of a website, to be honest, as long as I can get the information I am looking for. However, what I saw almost knocked me off my chair.



Here are the first four statements below the red, 35-word long headline:



“I can show you how to setup a portfolio of simple mini-sites that each take no more than 30 minutes to setup. Yes, that’s right, less than 30 minutes!”

“You will not need any complicated content, in fact I typically re-use the same old duplicated 300 word article and simply spin a few words here and there to match the niche.

“Believe me, I still rank these sites time and time again at position 1 on Google, using this exact system. But that is just the beginning of this unique and simple system.”

“You will not need to spend any money on traffic, No facebook, No PPC, No Solo Ads, No PPV, No Article Marketing, No boring guest blogging and most importantly, you will not need to Squidoo all over yourself!”

End Quote:


HELLO WAYNE, wake up! This is the year 2014, not the 1990’s anymore!


Google will slap all the sites you sell with a big NO RANK for duplicate content……there goes the dream of Page one ranking for these poor folks!


The Product

cash cow ugly sites reviewWhat you get for your money is a “training course” that consists of 8 (eight) videos that total a little over 60 minutes! I wont take long to run by you what to expect if you decide to buy this crap.

Video 1

One and a half minute greeting by Wayne

Video 2

One and a half minute again. Very brief discussion about the concept of mini sites. Pick niche >> Build site >> Rank (3-5 days without SEO) >> Make noise (buzz)??? No real explanation

Video 3

WOW…a full 6 minutes. Choose your niche. Wayne preaches to decide on a product instead a niche. Makes sense, somewhat, since the site will be a “ONE PRODUCT ONLY” thing of the past.

Video 4

8 very long minutes. Wayne puts a lot of effort and emphasis in the importance of your domain name. I could tell you in 20 seconds. “Put your product in it and add a random word or two to make it unique”

Video 5

30 minutes of sheer excitement! You finally learn how to create your website(s) . First, you will use an installer (called FANTASTICO) to install WordPresss and then you will download a pre-build site. Wayne then talks a little bit about editing to match your product (not many details given here).

The Header Titles must be important, I guess. Wayne tells you “to not remove them but replace them as they are for SEO”. What was that? No further explanation.


cash cow ugly sites tv promotion


Video 6

4 minutes of Wayne squabbling about how to buy back links on Fiverr! The poor sod must have been hibernating through the Google Panda update, otherwise he would know that bad back links are a big NO-NO nowadays. 

Now I can’t breathe…………because I’m laughing so hard

Video 7

8 minutes of Wayne, finally awakened by the “buzz – how to create traffic to the site”. He discovered the thing called You Tube and tells you that this is a good way to generate traffic, “if done correctly”. Bummer.

You learn that he  usually outsources the task of creating videos (to Fiverr as you guessed correctly), or actually, does it himself by using Scrapebox ($97.00).

Video 8

A 3 minutes long “Thank you very much for purchasing Cash Cow Ugly Sites and blabla…blabla…blabla“.


I wrote an article recently you may be interested in reading. It’s all about “mini sites and how to do them correctly”


Almost forgot to tell you. There are, of course, two upsells which I thankfully reclined

Upsell 1: $47.46 Cash Cow Outsourcing Elite (another dime sale?) helps you to find the best outsourcers (whatever the heck that may be)

Upsell 2: $27.00 for Cash Cow Traffic Elite – remember Quote 4 on top that starts “You will not need to spend any money on traffic,………..”? Maybe he forgets easily what lies he is telling.


Here is my opinion about Cash Cow Ugly Sites

Wayne is selling a legitimate product which is not a scam. The product is plain ugly and of very poor quality. The training videos seem to be thrown together in a hurry with no intent to produce a high quality product.

The teachings by Wayne are out dated by at least 5 years, and the chances of any of these sites to rank on page 1 in Google are slim to none. He does not have a clue about SEO and admits that he does not care about good content.

The practices of spinning words in duplicated articles and buying back links from sources like Fiverr, screaming out loud to Google and the other search engines “SLAP ME SILLY, I DESERVE IT”

I cannot recommend Cash Cow Ugly Site and give it a rating of 2 out of 10 – 1 star



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