Build My List By Jimmy Kim! Is It Worth Your 49 Bucks?

Update September 28, 2018

I received an email from Jimmy Kim informing me that he is no longer involved with this product. No further details, as to the reason(s) were given.


Desperately seeking………….no, not Susan, but a ‘make money online’ program which deserves an unbiased and GOOD review. For those who don’t know, there is a bunch of crappy stuff floating around, especially in the MMO industry.

I don’t know if it is the spring season, but it seems like the nicer weather brought some Internet Gurus, and ‘wannabes’ out of hibernation, promoting new products which will teach you ‘How To Build Your List”!

The Money Is In The List’ is a true statement as far as Email Marketing is concerned, and the latest addition to the long list of online courses about list building is “Build My List” by Jimmy Kim, and the subject of my review today.


build my list review

What Is Build My List?

Jimmy Kim put together a package that consists of:

  • Five training modules with ‘over-the-shoulder’ videos teaching you all about list building
  • Jimmy Kim’s own auto responder system, called SendLane, FREE for the first 3 months
  • Free “Point & Click” Squeeze page Builder (exclusively to use with SendLane)
  • Power Calls: This is kind of a personal coaching plan which is included in the purchase of BLM, DAILY support calls for the first 30-60 days free, NO CLUE what happens after wards
  • A FREE “Build My List ebook” to give away to your subscribers

Jimmy claims that his system built him a list of over 50,000 subscribers in almost now time, and makes him $25,000 per month; all this with an initial 60-minute set-up, and with ‘just 15 minutes of spare time per day’.

He also assures you that you can apply his method to any market niche or product, and that you don’t need any skills or knowledge.

How Much Does Build My List Cost?

The whole package as listed above cost, $49.00. Of course, tradition in MMO product offers dictates at least one upsell. Jimmy offers you 2 OTOs (one-time-offers), each at $97.00.

Upsell 1: Copy & Paste Profits

Using Jimmy’s own words, ‘he hands you his $25,000 case study on a silver plate’, in form of a pre-recorded webinar training. In addition, he allows you to ‘copy & paste” his BEST campaign. If you decide to promote BML you will receive 100% commission of all sales, including the 2 upsells.

Upsell 2: BML Elite

Spending 97 bucks will give the questions you may have TOP priority and will be answered before those of non-payers. You also get 10 weekly coaching sessions with either Jimmy himself, or with a member of his team.

How Is The Training With Build My List?

The training course consists of 5 modules. Before you start, there are several introduction videos by Jimmy King. Besides the usual ‘welcome’ stuff, he also gives you a walk through of the member area.

Module 1: List Secrets

Here you will be introduced to the basics of building an email list. This is broken up in the following segments:

  • Why building a list?
  • The Value of a List
  • How to build the List? This includes ‘Building a Squeeze Page & Sending Traffic to the Page

Module 2: The Profit Machine: This module is about setting up the SendLane Auto Responder.

Module 3: Max Commissions: Jimmy shows you how to find certain products which you will be able to PROMOTE AS YOUR OWN and get 100% commissions per sale.

Module 4: Business Wizzard: You will learn ‘how to drag & drop’ segments to create your one-page-website.

Module 5: Instant Traffic Triggers: You will learn all about how to get traffic to your squeeze page. Free traffic and paid for traffic, and convert subscribers to your emails to paying customers.



My Unbiased Opinion About Build My List

What I Like!

First off, I did not purchase BML myself but had the opportunity to watch the training course at a friend’s who wants to build a list for his business.

Jimmy Kim is doing an outstanding job teaching you the basics of email marketing AND a proven method how to build a list. The ‘over-the-shoulder’ videos, combined with Jimmy’s talent to explain the ‘why and how’ in an easy to follow and understandable manner, are by far the best of what I have seen so far.

If you are absolutely new to the topic, you should have no problems to get a full understanding of the concept. Even the more experienced students will learn a few new tricks taking Jimmy’s course.


My Concerns about BML

Is BML Really Applicable To Any Niche?

Jimmy Kim emphatically claims that BML is for any niche. I do have some doubts about it. But don’t take my word for it. During my research I came across the website of one of Jimmy’s partners or team members, and he gave the following answer to a question by person interested in BML:


“I SUPPOSE you could do that but it’d be very hard to build your list via the usual means (solo ads, etc) UNLESS you found somebody with an email list of recent college grads or whomever your ideal demographic is.

I suppose for your free report, you could offer a “Top 5 Things that Get Resume’s Noticed” – then build a relationship and your list from there. Even still though, I would imagine only a very small # of people would PAY for a resume to be written – I know I would not, and have always done mine myself.

On another note, you could definitely build a list via your blog – but you’d need to be getting daily traffic to it to begin with (in order for them to see your offer)

Anyways, I DO recommend it – just keep in mind your niche is much different than the usual Internet Marketing niches (lose weight, make money online, etc) so you may need to do some thinking outside the box!

Hope this helps


In other words, if your business is not in one of the ‘Evergreen Niches” like ‘weight loss, beauty products, or make money online, you are kind of in the outfield and will have to look some other places for help.

Needed Investment To Generate Traffic

Module 5 of the course is about generating traffic to your site. Jimmy Kim talks very little about FREE traffic sources but a lot about Paid traffic, without telling you what kind of budget you would need. A specific question how much would be needed to make $200 – $300 a day was answered this way (again quoted from Jeff’s site)


“If you want FREE traffic methods, they’re out there and they work great – BUT it’s going to take you more TIME to generate that traffic.

PAID traffic = real quick traffic, but of course it’s going to cost you $$

So time or money – it’s up to you – but BML is a great course and if you stick with it you WILL see results 

OH – to answer your question, I’ve seen people get up to $300 a day within their first month – BUT they hustled, built an AMAZING squeeze page and spent some money on paid traffic. Having said THAT – it’s definitely something almost everybody can do as long as they apply themselves, and don’t quit before the magic happens.

Work IS required, this is not “push this button and earn $1k overnight” – so keep that in mind, and you’ll succeed”


This is a ‘no-answer answer’ and understandably so. I know from experience that FREE traffic methods do take a long time to build a significant list. I also know from experience, that PAID traffic methods cannot guarantee the hoped for results.

You may spend $200 on a campaign that returns $1,500 in profits, while another $200 investment brings in as little as $20. Been there, done that.

The SendLane Auto Responder:

The “Point & Click” Squeeze page Builder” is an integral part of Sendlane, and when you want to use it YOU HAVE to use their auto responder system. That by itself is not a problem or reason of concern.

What does bother me though, is the fact that this is a new product, with less than 20,000 users, and there is really no info out there how this thing really works.

Yes, it’s free for 90 days, but after that you will be charged with at least $19 per month. They don’t tell you that outright, but a simple search turns up numerous sites from Jimmy Kim’s partners in SendLane.

Here is their Price List:


is build my list a scam



Imagine you ‘copy & paste’ the campaign handed to you on the famous silver plate, and build a list of 50,000 subscribers; at the end of the free period your monthly fee will be $269.00. I just hope that when you get to this point, your list is making at least that much every month. And there is no guarantee that it will.

The 100% Commission For Promoting Build My List!

If you take their Copy & Paste Profits Upsell for $97, they give you the rights to promote BML as your own product TO YOUR OWN LIST, and you will get 100% commission. Not only the $49 bucks for the main product, but also 100% of the 2 upsells.

How is that possible, you may ask? Obviously, they are not overly concerned about the revenue from BML sales, including the 2 upsells. That’s ‘jump change’ for them. They make the real big bucks from users of SendLane, which was founded in 2013.

2 years later, they have, by their own admission, about 15,000 users. Lets say the average fee is meager $30 per month, that equates to $450,000 per month, or roughly 5 ½ million bucks a year. Now that’s real money, don’t you think?

However, there are millions of people using Awber, GetResponse or other auto responder systems already, and it is not easy to break into this market with a new product.

What better way to use programs like BML, Income Blueprint or Profit Academy, among others, as sales funnel for Sendlane? Every buyer of their programs will be forced to use their auto responder. Enough said, I think.


Conclusion to my Build My List Review

Jimmy Kim has created an above average training course that teaches you everything about email marketing and list building. If you want to do business in one of the ‘evergreen niches’ and use email marketing to reach your target customer base, I recommend Build My List and ‘that you go all in’, as they say.

In case you want to just learn Jimmy’s methods and not get involved as BML affiliate, just spend the $49 bucks and use what you learned in your field of business. If I would still use the star rating for my reviews, I would give BML 4 stars out of 5.

Although I am a member of JVZoo, I decided not to promote BML at this time. But if you want to give it a go, here is the link to Jeff’s website, where I took the liberty to use the above quotes for my review.

I hope you liked reading my rant as much as I enjoyed writing it, and I would love to hear your opinion. Please, chime in on your way out and let us know what’s on your mind.


What’s the alternative to Build My List?

Well, if you are looking for a better course to learn list building, I cannot think of another course I would recommend. However, if you want to jump on the ‘make money online‘ bandwagon and are interested and willing to learn ALL aspects of it, I suggest you check out my #1 FREE Recommendation.

I am not telling you that Wealthy Affiliate is the right thing for you. What I can say, however, is that it is 100% free to come on in, take the first 10 lessons of the Entrepreneur Certification Course and build your first website at the same time. If you decide that this is not for you, you can just leave, no questions asked, and not a single cent out of your pocket. So, take action today and join me as Starter Member on the other side.

That’s all for today. Like always, thanks for stopping by

John Worthy


18 Responses

  1. Jimmy Kim

    Though you created a great “negative marketing” post for people to read, the biggest problem I have with your post is simple.

    It’s obviously a very uneducated post especially with the number of success stories (over 1,000+) we’ve had with Build My List as a product and helping people turn the stone of an online business using email marketing.

    Secondly, you’re doing negative marketing to promote a even worse product called Wealthy Affiliate -a laughable product with poor reputation and rip off reports that has such terrible that DOES cost money – even though you act like it’s free.

    I wanted to post this so that everyone who DOES read this blog post can get a TWO SIDE opinion.

    I’m sure you’ll delete this post simply because this is what people do to “protect” themselves, but it’s only fair to educate people on both sides.

    Consider you literally bash my product – here’s a post we made on our blog:

    Check out the tons of comments to see how happy people were with my “scam.”

    what’s funny is you’re stopping scams by scamming others with MIS-LEADING information here.

    Wealthy Affiliate is FREE to start but $47 a month.

    • John Worthy

      Hello Jimmy, thanks for your comment. I don’t know where you get that I ‘bash’ your product. I stated very clearly that you created a great product that deserves 4 out of 5 stars. It’s just too sad that you guys seemed to have problems with comprehending what you are reading.

      • Jimmy Kim

        John, I actually sent you a nice email to your email address 🙂

        The product in question here does not exist anymore as we pulled it off the market, so we’re asking nicely for you to remove this post

        Thank you for understanding.

  2. Jake Taylor

    I actually bought the program and got little out of it. That is the thing with anything to do with email marketing and selling that way is that money is needed. I tried there cut and copy ads and I got a lower opt in conversion then when i made my own. I tried it and invested very little money I did get about 25 subscribers but no sales, i could have stayed the course but i was done i didn’t want to spend anymore money on it. Also , i thought the autoresponder system was wacky so i was unimpressed with sendlane.

    • John Worthy

      Hi Jake, I agree. Overall, the course is not half ass bad but they promise more than they can keep. And as I said, the money maker in that case is not the course (affiliates get 100% commission!) but the recurring payments for sendlane. Thanks for chiming in.

  3. Ampali

    I trusted Jeff Lenney ‘s comments. I have just completed all the Step 1 and Step 2 training in just one hour viewing all the videos with sketchy information of a few minutes per video. Even the illustration of what is Email List is all very sketchy and only a few lines. Step 3 is all about how to set up Clickbank and JVZoo Accounts…again all these are available free from Clickbank and JVZoo…Although I am a neo-newbie, I find the training is infact very shallow. That is why John did not buy it.

  4. Ampali

    Actually John Worthy should have honestly stated his comment why he is not buying. I knew it only after the purchase. The Step 1 training is too shallow even for a newbie…Step 2 all focuses on the use of Autoresponder of Sendlane. This one can get free by going to GetResponse to learn all about setting up landing page and use of autoresponder. The training is not useful if you are not buying Upsell 1 for $98. If you buy Upsell 1, you have to pay for their autoresponder service. That the training is the best ever is ALL HYPED . The training is too shallow and each video is only a few minutes in length with just a few pages per video. Even the illustration of the different type of email promotion- money marketing and relational marketing is far too shallow in explanation

    • John Worthy

      Ampali, I gave my honest opinion. Some stuff is good, other stuff is not…..and I said it very clear. I am not an affiliate AND the course is just too expensive. I told exactly what I think about the Auto-Responder Issue.

  5. Jonathan

    Hi John, thanks for this very unbiased review. If it weren’t for this article, I would’ve bought BML to then be disappointed in being forced to use SendLane instead of another, perhaps cheaper, platform. So, yeah… THANKS! 🙂

  6. William Boyle

    Hi John, I noticed the date of this review back in May, 6 months ago. It needs to be updated some because BML has evolved and now is BML2. So little info about how REAL people are doing with this program, a sure sign to hold IMHO. If you want to follow me on WA, my name is above.

    • John Worthy

      Thanks William. I am aware of it, of course. The course seems to be well accepted, or people are just not willing to tell what really goes on. I try to get some inside info though. Will keep you posted

  7. Brendan

    Thanks a lot for this review. It took me at least an hour of searching Google and YouTube to find an unbiased take on BuildMyList.

    • John Worthy

      Thanks Brandon. Trying my best to tell it as it is. Jimmy is good and I would like to take his course, but it is too expensive, in my humble opinion.

  8. daniel

    This is a great review….and totally unbiased. I got the promotions for Build My List, and just like you never did buy it. I guess I was a bit skeptical of the whole deal. One thing I never did consider which you pointed out in this article is the amount you have to pay when your subscribers get to 50, 000. I guess many of the buyers wont consider this as they will just rush in for the 3 months free usage.

    Nice job with the review and keep it up!

    • John Worthy

      Thanks Daniel. I went through the course again, and like I said in my review, There is actually a bunch of great stuff in there worth the $49 dollars. I have explained the main reasons for me not buying the course.

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