Bitcoin Millionaire Club Review – Scam Or Legit?

“Time flies, when you have fun” is the old saying, and 4 years passed since a big wave of Binary Option Scams hit the Internet like a tsunami hit Japan after a 9.2 earthquake back in 2011.

Starting around March of 2014, almost every week a new website popped up promoting yet another trading brokerage willing to accept your hard earned money with the promise to make you very rich in a very short time.

I reviewed about 10 of these scams over the period of one year, until the fad ran it’s course and died out:

Definition of ‘fad’

an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object’s qualities; a craze.

Recently I came across a new product offering that looks eerily similar to the Binary Option scams and promises to ‘making millionaires faster than early investors of Uber, Facebook or Airbnb‘ and is the subject of my Bitcoin Millionaire Club Review.


What Is Bitcoin Millionaire Club?

The name implies that you will join a membership site, but that seems not to be the case. All I could find was a typical video sales page, narrated by a certain Steve Banks, who makes the typical, and often heard promises to make you a millionaire by investing in Bitcoin, using a software program he created.

Steve Banks claims that his Bitcoin Trading Software has earned over $18,484,931.77 over the past 6 months, and if you join the club today, you will have $13,200 in your account just 24 hrs from now.

That is Eighteen Million Dollars, but it is very important to show the 77 cents, because it makes the whole darn thing so much more believable. Yea, right!

Of course, you don’t need any experience and the software runs on ‘auto pilot’ after you clicked on a few buttons.



How Much Does Bitcoin Millionaire Club Cost?

They ask you to deposit $250 in a ‘trading account’, but at the same time, you will have to literally disclose all pertinent private information. I always avoid to give out my credit card numbers, telephone number and address for non-physical products that have not to be shipped.


How Does Bitcoin Millionaire Club Work?

It’s very difficult, even impossible, to find out how this all works. ‘Steve Banks’ reveals only that his super software “FLIPS BITCOIN ADS”, the use of the software is FREE and that you will have to invest at least $250 to partake in the windfall of money.

I am sorry, but this is all I can tell you about how this all is supposed to work. I’ve never heard of ‘flipping Bitcoin Ads’, and there is no information to find that could give a plausible explanation.


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Is Bitcoin Millionaire Club A Scam?

I am not taking it easy to call a product or program a scam, but Bitcoin Millionaire Club definitely belongs in the ‘class of scams’, just like all the Binary Option Trading fads, and the now bankrupt Empower Network, and Digital Altitude, which was shut down by the FTC just a few months ago.

Let me show you WHY Bitcoin Millionaire Club is a scam:


No Information About Ownership:

Whoever is behind this product is making sure that ownership remains a secret. There is no website, there are no disclaimers, there is no contact address, there is no business registration, there is nada, zip, zero.

They introduce a certain Steve Banks as the ‘Genius Behind The Bitcoin Millionaire Club’, but that’s an outright lie.

Image of Fake Owner
Click on images to enlarge

another image of fake owner


Steve-shutterstock imageAs you can see, this smiling person is ‘Steve Banks’ the proud genius with Bitcoin Millionaire Club, but also ‘Steve McKray’, the proud genius at Bitcoin Code.

It is obvious now that the real owner(s) of this scam running several editions at the same time to increase their chances of reaching unsuspecting victims for their scheme.

But the deceit doesn’t stop there.

It took a little more digging to find out that this person is not even involved in Bitcoin trading, nor is he an ‘ex-software developer’ but an acting model offering his services through Shutterstock.


You know, it is quite usual practice in this industry to use actors to narrate video representations or pose as owners. It is not easy to speak in front of a camera, and many people are not comfortable doing so.

What is happening here is a blatant and shameless effort to deceit the audience and trick people into buying into their scam.


Fake Video Testimonials:

But they are not done yet with their BS. They present several video recordings of supposedly happy customers, confirming the functionality of this non-existing software. The first of a series of video testimonials features a person that makes a living recording any type of videos as a fiverr spokes person.


fiverr spokes peron generatecashbiz

same fiverr spokesperson, different client


One has to wonder why this person still records videos for $100 or less, don’t we. You can look up his profile page o


Fake Print Testimonials:

It wouldn’t be a perfect sales page if there wouldn’t be another form of testimonials, fake or real; so, it’s no surprise you’ll see some of them in the Bitcoin Millionaire Club sales video as well.


image with 2 testimonials


Here is Joey Feldman, another fiverr spokes person, delivering a print testimonial praising Steve’s software and letting you know that he was able to pay back a debt of more than $130,000, and can now live debt free happily after.


fake testimonial for bitcoin millionaire club


Of course, you notice that both fiverr spokes persons are thanking The Bitcoin Millionaire Club and The Bitcoin Code for their good fortune of becoming debt free. What a wonderful world!


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Untrue Profit Potential:

What surprises me again and again when reviewing obvious scams is the fact that the scheisters producing this crap must think that we all are total idiots. Anyone with some common sense knows that the only way to get rich over night is to win the lottery and that the odds are heavily against the participants.

So why the heck do they have to make those idiotic statements like this…


promise to make $13,200 within 24 hours


I am almost done tearing this little scam of theirs to pieces, so hang with me for just a few more minutes. Here is last of the deep red flags about Bitcoin Millionaire Club I am going to throw at you.


Buying Into It!

I decided to look at the checkout page, hoping to finally find out who is trying to rob us blind. What I found took me totally by surprise:


checkout at banner bit


What the hell is that? I expected to join the Bitcoin Millionaire Club but ended up at a checkout to buy some DIGITAL BANNER ADS.  And I thought I’ve seen it all. Enough is enough, don’t you think?



Wrapping It Up!

The Bitcoin Millionaire Club does not exist, is an outright scam and will not make you a dime.

Let me be bold…you are here because you are an opportunity seeker; someone who is fed up with the 9-to-5 routine, a boss you don’t like and someone who wants to be HIS OWN BOSS.

I’ve been there, done that, fell for scams and wasted time and money, I admit. But now I can help you to start your own online business. Simply check out my #1 recommendation and join me as a FREE starter member.

I won’t cost you a penny to find out FIRST HAND what I am offering you, and then decide if this is the right thing for you.


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Thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions or comments about my Bitcoin Millionaire Club Review or my offer to join me, please leave a comment below and I will get back with you within 24 hours.


John Worthy


7 Responses

  1. Alvin Normand

    Hi John Worthy, Sir thank you so much for saving me 250.00. The research you have done on the Bitcoin millionaire Club scam has now taught me not to be so gullible in the future. Get rich deals on the internet scare me to death, it just doesn’t come that easy. So again mr. Worthy thank you and would you please send me your internet deal you were speaking about thank you.
    Alvin Normand

  2. Gael

    Thanks for your honest assessment . You have saved lots of gullible people a lot of $$.
    If such a thing existed, why would they give it away?

  3. G. Taylor

    Thank you for taking the time to research this scam! I am struggling financially so when I open an email like this with an opportunity to make large amounts of money, it is so scary and without people like you, I may have become another victim to online scams. Your review was so clear and through. I am so thankful for your knowledge and will look for your reviews in the future before I do anything online like this bitcoin club.

  4. Thomas Eames

    First of all, I think it’s awesome that you include a comment section on your blog. Second, thank you for your I sight. It seems EVERY money making advertisement I receive is BOGUS and after losing money a couple times, I do my research prior to giving my money away. I just want to know how I can legitimately make a significant amount of menthly residual income, without having to invest any more than 1 or 2 hundred dollars, by means of following a successful business plan using the internet, however without the need of having to be an expert in the field of whatever that protocol may be. Is it me, or is everyone posting information on the internet, selfish, ruthless, inconsiderate, narcissistic, and greedy individuals solely out for themselves with no regard for those giving them their hard earned money, only to get invisible make-believe money in return for their investment? In other words, is everyone just a FRAUD!?? I am 48 years old with a wife and 2 daughters, yet I honestly am unsuccessful. My wife is the bread winner, so without her, we would be living in a box. Is their any useful information to can offer me that might help me pave the way to a successful outcome? If not, thank you anyway for the time it may have taken you to read through my words of hopelessness. Sincerely, some guy in California named Thomas E.

  5. Feneta

    Hi, I would like to collaborate on your website. Please email me.

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