Binary Cash Creator Review – A D. Grayson Fairy Tale

Binary Cash Creator & How To Find The Secret Website


I am sure you heard the saying “One apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Well, let me rephrase this a bit:

“One New Binary Option Scam A Week Keeps The Brokers Happy”.

It does not rhyme but hits the nail on the head. The year 2014 has seen an onslaught of Binary Trading programs; and I am not lying to you that there is a new one appearing every single week.

Let us take a look at this addition by Daniel Greyson.


Product Name: Binary Cash Creator

Product Owner: Daniel Grayson

Price: Free

Real Cost: $200.00 to $250.00 non-refundable deposit required


My Rating: 0 of 100 points


What is Binary Cash Creator?

This is yet another offering of some “free software supposed to predict the minute fluctuation of the binary options market”.


is binary cas creator a scam

What Is Binary Option Trading?

In the Nutshell: Binary option trading is a risky method to “play the market”. In fact, it is a lot like a coin-toss. There are only two available bets you can take.

If you think a certain commodity, for example the USD, will be UP at a precise time during trading (called “strike price”), you place a CALL bet.

If you think it will be DOWN the bet placed is called PUT.

You wager $100.00. If you lose, your money is gone, all of it. If you win, you will receive a payout of $75.00 (the broker keeps 25% of your bet for consuming the trade)

This by itself should be a warning sign. You will have to win 25% more bets than you lose, to just break even (for more details about binary options click here)


About Binary Option Brokerage Companies

If you consider to give binary options a try, read the all of the fine print very carefully. Withdrawing money seems to be a major problem. You will not be able to withdraw your initial deposit “before you executed a certain amount of trades”.

To withdraw is even more difficult, if there is a matching deposit bonus is involved. Here is an excerpt of a fine print:


“In order to withdraw your full bonus, you will be required to execute a minimum trading volume of 30 times for every $1.00 bonus. The bonus can only be withdrawn when the preceding stipulation has been fully met and fulfilled”.


What’s The Scoop With Binary Cash Creator?

Daniel Grayson is a smooth talker, that’s for sure. His matter of fact presentation ALMOST sounds believable. But don’t be fooled; he is full of it….if you know what I mean.

He starts his sales video by congratulating you for “finding this secret website”! What did he say? There is no secret about this site, you don’t have to search for it either.

Just google Binary Cash Creator and you will find plenty “fake reviews” which are actually affiliate sites. That will lead you right to this scam.

First negative point for Mr. Grayson. And then, the BS is just piling up. You know, the bragging about his riches, false testimonials by paid actors and the presentation of fake earning/profit results is all too common in the Guru Cycle.

What really angers me about this Scam is the ease at which Daniel (and others like him) tells his lies and pretends that there is no risk involved.

I guess, that’s why he needs to put up this Disclaimer at the footer of his website.


binary cash creator disclaimer

In fact, binary trading is as risky as playing the slot machines at a casino. Remember, there are just 2 outcomes of your bet; either you guessed right, or you guessed wrong.


“But he proves that the software worked; I watched 2 trades” you may say.


Oh that!. All I see is some clip showing me numbers and a green arrow, obviously depicting that a trade was just made and Daniel Grayson earned a few bucks. Did you see any proof that he was really connected to any broker and that a trade did take place?

Then he shows a screen shot which supposedly is showing executed trades. Take a look at the first line where I inserted a red arrow.



They can’t even get their fake documents done correctly, for crying out loud. A $20.00 trade, a winner, returns a $15.00 profit, not $35.00. Adding your initial investment into the “profit” column is also a common practice of deception.


Final Thoughts About Binary Cash Creator

Before you jump into binary option trading in the hope to make $200.000 in the next year, please consider the following facts:


  • Make Money Quick & Easy: Very appealing but unrealistic. I review lots of programs that make the same promise. Not a single one works as advertised. We live in a real world and 30 minutes of “work” per day will not make you rich.
  • A Fully Automated System: What this means is that YOU will have no control over what this miracle software can or cannot do. I would not trust a system with a single penny of my money and definitely not with hundreds of dollars.
  • Fake Proof Of Profits: Daniel Grayson provides screenshots that are erroneous; why would you believe what he is saying?
  • fake testimonial by actor caseyTestimonials By Paid Actors: Mr. Grayson shows a parade of folks giving testimonials about their success with Binary Cash Creator (link to “video case studies”). The funny thing is that not a single video is available. You can find them on You Tube though…………and the actors on, where they advertise their service for as little as $5.00 per video.
  • Grayson claims that the software is 87% correct: This is utter nonsense. There is not a single computer program in existence that can predict the minute fluctuation of trading. Hundreds of different factors create ups and downs and there is no algorithm able to predict all of these. Particularly when the win/lose criteria is calculated to a thousandth of ONE CENT.
  • The System Is Free: Another lie. The use of the software may be free, but you have to deposit $200 or $250 before you can even try it with a single trade. The deposit is not refundable and you have to execute a certain number of trades. I will bet you $200 that by the time you reach the threshold, you already lost your initial deposit, and then some more.
  • What You May Not Yet Know: Daniel Grayson is not doing this thing for free. In fact, he receives a hefty commission from the brokerage firm, when you open your account (hence no refund). Commissions can be as high as $500. That means that most people are “re-upping” trying to recoup their losses.
  • Binary Option Trading Is Very Risky: Even the most experienced traders consent on this statement.
  • And Last But Not Least: Daniel Grayson makes it very clear in his video, that he is aiming at folks without any experience in internet marketing or trading. Why is that? Because they don’t know and if they fail, they tend to blame themselves before connecting the …….you know what.


My Verdict About Binary Cash Creator: It will not create any cash for you. Stay away from this Scam


What Next:

A lot of people have the desire to make money online.Trading binary options however, is not the right way. The best way is to create your own online business.

There are not many good and legitimate options available to do so. But the best way for newcomers is Internet Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing in particular. 

Take a look at my #1 recommendation. It is the best online business training center and teaches people everything they need to know. The table below shows you how Wealthy Affiliate compares to Binary Cash Creator.



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