Bang Bang Profits Review: THIRTEEN “Done For You” Money-Making Campaigns

I pondered for about 3 weeks whether I should write this Bang Bang Profits Review or not, thinking that it easily could be mistaken with another product named Bing Bang Profits which was released in early 2018. The other reason I was holding up is the fact that the creators of Bang Bang Profit are churning out product after product like busy bees.

Last year they launched 7 or 8 of the GREATEST MONEY MAKING PROGRAMS(their words, not mine), which makes me wonder about the QUALITY of their stuff, although they claim for every single one of them, that it will make you enough money to ‘live the Internet Lifestyle’ (whatever that may be).

All of their product are sold through the Warrior Forum, and I make no secret out of the fact that I am not very keen of most of what they are selling. But maybe the can prove me wrong, so let’s jump into my first article of the new year.


Bang Bang Profits Review:

Name: Bang Bang Profits

Creators: Jono Armstrong & Brandon Mace

Sold through: Warrior Forum

Launch Date: November 18, 2018

Niche: Affiliate Marketing

Sales Video URL:

Price: $12.95

Upsells: 5 Up/Downsells ranging from $17 to $197

Rating:2 out of 5


bang bang profits review


What Is Bang Bang Profits?

Jono & Brandon have put together a package for Affiliate Marketers, beginners as well as experienced. The package consists of 5, rather short instructional videos …

  • Welcome to Bang Bang Profits
  • Case Study of POTENTIAL earnings
  • Anatomy of an affiliate promo
  • How to use the campaigns
  • get your campaigns – access the application page for each campaign

you can watch in short 22 minutes, the blueprints to 13 marketing campaigns, and the rights to use them as your own.


How Much Does Bang Bang Profits Cost?

The system is modestly priced at $12.95


Are There Upsells With Bang Bang Profits?

I am old enough to remember, albeit faintly, when UPSELLS were a common practice in the car sales business…passenger door rear view mirrors, ash trays, air conditioning or cigarette lighters were not included in the sticker price.

Nowadays however, you won’t find this practice in the market any longer, EXCEPT in the ‘make money online niche‘. In fact, about 90% of all products you may find are offered at a very low ‘teaser price’, and in a way that you are practically forced to take at least ONE of the offered Upsells in order to get the thing to work. Unfortunately, Bang Bang Profits takes full advantage of this practice. Here it is…

  • OTO #1 – Traffic Training: $37 – downsell to $17
  • OTO #2 –Lifetime Campaigns: $197 downsell to $4.95 trial, then $37 a month
  • OTO #3 – Easiest System Ever: upsell $157
  • OTO #4 –Limitless Traffic: upsell $197
  • OTO #5 –License Rights: upsell $97 downsell to $47

So, If you would to ‘GO ALL IN‘, you would be out of roughly 650 bucks, and taken on a recurring payment of $37 per month.


How Does Bang Bang Profits Work?

First, you watch the 5 short videos you will find in the Members area. Video Number 4 will give you instructions how to use the Campaigns. When finished watching the videos, you move on to the BANG BANG 3-STEPS to success:


bang bang profits review
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The 3 Steps are, and please refrain from laughing out loud…

Step 1: LOG IN (to the area where you can access 13 campaigns)

Step 2: Deploy your Campaigns. Pick the product, contact the Owner/Vendor ad apply to become an affiliate, get your affiliate link if accepted, set-up an email sequence, start email campaign

Step 3: Make Money


Setting up a campaign includes the creation of a ‘landing page‘ which contains information about the product and also provides a link to a shopping cart provider and an affiliate network that will handle the money transaction and commission payments,

That’s it, my friends, pretty easy, right? Well, we are going to look a bit more into this Bang Bang Profits system.


The Pros & Cons Of Bang Bang Profits!

The product was launched just 2 months ago and I was not able to dig up any actual user responses, positive or negative. But here is what I like, and the concerns I have with this product.


  • The online activity is Affiliate Marketing
  • The product is dirt cheap at 12.95 (if you avoid the upsells)
  • Under certain circumstances it could work without the upsells
  • possibility to make some money



  • Bang Bang is NOT for beginners for 2 simple reasons: A beginner does NOT have a list and no understanding of Affiliate Marketing
  • A campaign cannot be set up in 10 minutes (as promised): You will be promoting products from different vendors and will have to apply to become an affiliate. To be accepted can take days, and if you are a beginner, you may be rejected.
  • The products to promote are old: Brandon and Jono give you the rights and permission to use their campaign strategies they made them money. You will be beating up dead horses, so to speak, i.e. promote products which may not sell any longer (as is the norm with the majority of these kinds of products)
  • Driving Traffic To Your Offers: If you don’t have a large email list of potential customers, you will have to a) learn how to build a list, and b) invest in paid traffic (Pay Per Click, Solo Ads)
  • Limiting YOURSELF: Copying someones campaigns may be an easy way to make a few bucks, but you are not REALLY learning how Affiliate Marketing Works and what it entails.


Is Bang Bang Profits A Scam?

It is a legitimate product/system and not a scam.


bang bang profits review



Can you make money with this system? Maybe.

Would I buy Bang Bang Profits? Nope.

Do I recommend Bang Bang? Only to affiliate marketers with a list trying to make some extra dough.

Should beginners get their start in Affiliate Marketing with a system like Bang Bang? Absolutely not.

Although Affiliate Marketing may be the easiest way to make money on the Internet, don’t make the mistake thinking that it is the easiest to master. Affiliate Marketing must be treated, and thought off, just like any other serious business venture.

It takes the willingness to learn how to build and maintain websites, provide information people are searching for, and last but not least, apply some elbow grease and do the work.

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Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any questions or anything you want to share with us, please leave word in the box below on your way out.

John Worthy


  1. Daniel

    Hey John
    My name is daniel and against my better judgement i went ahead and bought this program yesterday actually, 3-15-19,, I am pretty wet nehing the ears when ot comes to internet marketing but ive dome so much research on click bank, affiliate marketing, google maps possibilities. i figured $13 would be worth it if it created a landing platform for me and speed up my learning curve. im just trying to make some money . Hard times is something that im used to. but ive been out of work and repeatedly kicked in the teethe for the past year.. any tips tricks or advice would be greatly appreciated.. I look forward to hearing from you

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