Automated Cash Cloud Review – “This Scam Smells So Bad It Creates Clouds”

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Craig Kaye
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On May 6, 2014
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Craig Kaye is trying to sell you a "Cloud Optimized Website". Don't buy - this is a SCAM

Here They Go Again – And I thought I Seen It All – Please Read My Automated Cash Cloud Review And Save Your Money!


Automated Cash Cloud_Scam Alert
4 1/2 million dollars in just 10 Months!

I say “THEY” because it’s hard to fathom that just one person could come up with a pile of crap like this all by himself. At least we know now what the Syndicate of Internet Scammers did at their last get-together in the Philippines just a few months ago.

Craig Kaye, chosen to present this “Free Website Scam that will make you $1,000 or more in the first 24 hours“, is doing a darn good job. He tells lie after lie in an almost sinister and somewhat convincing manner.

With this review, I will expose the lies he tells in the video and explain why Automated Cash Cloud is a SCAM. (Click on the images to enlarge)


The Automated Cash Cloud Videos


Yes, there are in fact 2 of these ludicrous productions to lure you in. The first explains what this is all about. Here is the short version.

They offer you a Free Website and promise you to make a 6-fugure income in a short period of time. You don’t need any skills and you don’t have to do any work either. The “cash cloud websites” and his team will take care of everything.


Automated Cash Cloud Scam Review
Automated Cash Cloud Screenshot #1

Screenshot 1: Craig is giving away $1,000 to 20 lucky people TODAY. You need to hurry and sign up because this page will be removed as soon as the FREE Cash Cloud Sites have been claimed.

Bold lettering screams at you “do you want to make over $1,000 per day starting now”.  In the upper right hand corner a counter informs you that there are “only 7 free sites remaining”.

This special offer of “20 FREE sites per day” runs over five days, and today is the last day. Craig Kaye also guarantees the “1,000 per day is YOURS 100% free.

Really? Over $1,000 per day………..

and all you have to is 5 mouse-clicks and his team does the rest for you! I thought he is joking. But no, he is dead serious. He repeats this lie about 4 times within 2 minutes.

You know as well as I do that is is pure BS, to be very blunt. It is not possible, period.


This offer is limited to only 100 people, 20 every day for the next 5 days!

Give me a break here, will you. I watched this video on April 20, 2014 for the first time. It was, supposedly, the last day of his give-away-for-free campaign and only 7 websites were still up for grabs.

Today, May 4, 2014 the video is still up and running and “LO and BEHOLD”, the time must have stood still. Same old,  same old situation…….last day and only 7 sites are available!

What happened Mr. Kaye? No takers ever since, or did I just detect another one of your big lies. I figure the latter may be the truth here.

Looky here, I’ve got PROOF – 20 people made over $1000 in the last 24 hours!


automated cash cloud_fake proof of
Screenshot #2

Aha, there it is. The obligatory spreadsheet without certifiable credibility. Come on, this is a fake. I can make one up in 5 minutes and so could you.

I may be wrong, but it’s unbelievable that 20 folks sign up, perform a 5-minute and 5-click miracle set-up of this system, and out of nowhere appear thousands of dollars in their bank accounts.

Oh, I forgot that “His team is doing all the work for you”. Sounds like good old Santa and his little elves.

By the way Mr. Kaye, last time I looked, you were desperately trying to give away the remaining 7 free websites. If my math is right, there should only be 13 new “students” on your spreadsheet. Oh well, I forgive you that one, nobody is perfect. Especially those that get caught in their web of lies.

LOL – The POT is calling the KETTLE BLACK!

He points the finger at the other rats?
Yes he does. This tactic is not new, but not used very often. When he says ““the only thing standing between you and making money right now is misinformation”, he is simply trying to gain your trust.

The funny part is, that he is telling truth by calling all the other scam products “BS”, and exposes their technique of using actors to give false testimonials about their products.

However, this is the only time Craig is not lying. He continues by pointing out how lucky you are NOT living in

  • Albania
  • Nepal
  • Cuba

The reason: Craig actually does not know why, but his program will not work there. I wonder if the people living there know about their being the lucky ones. THEY CANNOT BE SCAMMED BY MR. KAYE!

Automated Cash Cloud is YOURS 100% FREE – Is It?

automated cash cloud scam alert
Automated Cash Cloud Screenshot #3

Watching the video and listening to Craig Kayne, the word “free” appears at least 200 times. Now you are getting real excited to soon be the proud owner of a 100% free, totally automated, totally brand new Internet Sensation that will make you $365,000.00 in one year.

You will learn that 97% of all transactions are processed “in the cloud” already, and the cloud will procure over 100 Billion dollars next year. Today “You can grab your piece of the cloud with the Cloud Optimized Free Website“. (Automated Cash Cloud screenshot #3).

The video winds towards the long awaited end, but not before more encouraging lies to “act fast & today” in order to get yours for free.

The urgency to claim one of the remaining 7 spots NOW is highlighted by the showing of the web page that  “will replace the current one TOMORROW“! (Automated Cash Cloud screenshot #4).

automated cash Cloud cost money
Automated Cash Cloud Screenshot #4

There you have it. You start feeling uneasy and afraid you will miss out if you not get in now. Free today, a whopping “Only $997.00 PLUS $59.00 per month” tomorrow.

Relax already and fear not. This is just one more trick to get you sign up and lose your money today, instead of tomorrow. The original site will be up as long as the scam is alive, usually about 12-14 months before they pull it and cook-up another scam.


The video finally comes to an end and you enter the “Holy Grail” (Craig’s words, not mine). Courageously you click on STEP ONE and are greeted with this (Automated Cash Cloud screenshot #5).

Automated cash cloud owner craig Kaye
Automated Cash Cloud Purchase Screenshot #5


I am sorry. If you hoped somebody would would hand you a miracle system, that will generate over $1,000 a day, for free, your hopes have been trashed. If you still believe such systems or secrets do exist, I have to disappoint you.

Automated Cash Cloud is not free. You would be signing a web hosting services which would cost you a minimum of $90.00 for a 1-year contract. Yes, Craig Kaye would give you a worthless, 1-page sales page for free.

He offers the choice of a site in one of the most competitive niches in Internet Marketing. These sites will not make you a single dime.


Here you can build 2 (two) FREE websites and learn how to make money online – A Scam Free Zone!

Automated Cash Cloud Video 2 – The Secret Revealed

The Mystic Cash Cloud is the brain child of a lying Scammer


automated cash cloud lie
Automated Cash Cloud Screenshot #6

Craig Kaye wants you believe that there is a cash cloud generating billions of dollars. He boasts to have unlocked the code to tap into this cash cloud by using his 5-click software.

Don’t believe a single syllable of this nonsense. There is no cash cloud and hence no code to be unlocked. There is no way “to grab your piece of the cloud”, and there is definitely no Cloud Pro team to monetize your Cloud Optimized Website for you 100% free”.

What the heck is a Cloud Optimized Website?

Tell you the truth, I don’t have the foggiest idea. Searches on the web are fruitless, because there is no such thing. It’s a fancy name they thought up to scam people out of their money. They must be sure to get away with it, because not too many people know what “Cloud Hosting” really is. So let’s take a quick look, shall we?

Yes, there is a Cloud – a brief introduction

There is nothing mystical about the cloud. It’s not a physical thing but a “techie term” for the out sourcing of server capacity. You see, servers are not like your common PC or Laptop. Servers are super fast processors that can handle millions of operations per second.

They are costly and many companies are saving money by “renting” server time. It actually started back in the main frame area when computers where leased and often times cost several million dollars a year. With the advent of the Internet, “clouding” became a business.

Definition: Cloud hosting services provide hosting for websites on virtual servers which pull their computing resource from extensive underlying networks of physical web servers

If you are interested in more details about “the cloud and cloud hosting” read this interesting article.


The biggest Lie about Automated Cash Cloud

Now we know what the cloud is and that Cloud Hosting is one of the services offered on the virtual network of network servers.

Craig Kaye spins his tale how the cloud “attracts automatically 1,000 x more traffic to your cheap website“. This is the biggest pile of BS I have ever heard. Website Hosting is NOT attracting traffic to a certain computer file. That’s what a website is. A computer file and nothing more.

Here is how his scam works

the automated cash cloud lie
Automated Cash Cloud Screenshot #7
The Biggest Lie told by Craig Kaye

You get a useless sales page and sign a hosting agreement with Business Cloud. Mr. Kaye gets a hefty commission, I guess about 50%,  for referring you as a customer. Don’t believe that the folks at the hosting company will do work for your website.

They don’t care about your business. They make their money from the agreements with the folks being scammed by this ridiculous Automated Cash Cloud scheme.

Will you make money with it? Definitely not. What you will be doing is writing a false review about this program and promoting it on the web, your social networks and with inundating  spam e-mails.

That explains the hundreds of fake reviews you find when searching for “automated cash cloud” on Google, Yahoo or any other search engine. Have you checked on You Tube yet? Hundreds of folks praise this scam with their not so funny videos.

I understand though and I feel sorry for the people that fell for this scam. They have to find a way to get their money back.

My Verdict about Automated Cash Cloud



How You Can Make Money Online

Craig Kaye is using one aspect of Internet Marketing in an unethical manner for his scam. Affiliate Marketing is one of the many methods to run a successful online business. If you are interested in starting your own legit and honest internet marketing business, I urge you to stay away from these “get rich quick schemes“.

There are a few legitimate programs that can teach you how to get started. I recommend highly my #1 online business learning center that will provide you with everything you ever need. Building a solid foundation for your business is important. And there is no better place to build this foundation at Wealthy Affiliate University.

 And when I say “Leave your wallet at home because you will not be asked for a single dime” it is the truth. Give it a try. You will not be disappointed.

 solution to how to start an online business


John Worthy ProfileMy name is John, the founder of Facts About Internet Marketing. I am here to help newbies to get a solid start with their online business. I appreciate your feedback. Please feel free to leave a comment in the box below or send me an e-mail.



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    Thanks for this honest review , I always put scam after the title of the program , you just know its to good to be true but still your ready to click and buy, I’m glad I kept researching this and glad i found your review, thank you.

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