Aurora By Jono And Brendan: A Real Aurora Review

My Aurora Review will tell you if this is really an automated life-changing software that creates FREE Built-In Traffic and $1,000 commissions.

Jono Armstrong teamed up with Brendan Mace for a WarriorPlus launch of their latest brain child with the simple name 'Aurora'.

Both this warriors are 'serial producers' of make-money-online-products', with more than 200 product releases between them.  Because of this, I wonder whether their products are high quality or just the usual worthless crap.

Just think about it, for a moment. Their motto must be 'The More, The Merrier and screw quality'.

I checked some statistics on the WarriorPlus site, and found out that Brendan is considered 'A Top Seller' and averaged about 2,700 sales per product. My guess is that this would amount to at least $250.000 per product in revenue despite the fact that the base products are pretty cheap. But Up- and Down Sells bring in the large chunk of Moohlah

Let's get to it and take a look at the Aurora Review.

Aurora Review Summary

Product Name: Aurora

Product Type: Software to generate FREE traffic

Creator/Owner: Jono Armstrong & Brendan Mace

Price: $16.67 

Upsells: $67 and $197 and $197 and $97

Recommend: Yes, with reservations!

aurora owners

Brendan  & Jono

Summary: The product is unusual, to say the least, but I do see potential for Internet Marketers with experience. I doubt that total newbies will have any success without  'getting their feet wet first,' the conventional way. 

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

What Is Aurora?

First off, I was pleasantly surprised by the Aurora Sales Page.

I expected to see the usual bullshit of fake testimonials by spokes people and a slew of photo shopped fake bank statements. Followed by a 1/2 hour long video, narrated by some actor or actress, and you have endure any of the ridiculous sob stories they come up with. And the worst of all is the fact that you never find out what the darn thing really is.

The good thing is that there is none of this nonsense on the Aurora Sales Page!

Of course, you are looking at a page that advertises a product and you must expect some kind of 'pitch', but here it is done without being over bearing. 

What stands out is not the fact that there are TWO videos on the sales page, but what the conten of the videos tells us.

Video 1

When you arrive at the sales page, you are greeted by a short video, narrated by Jono Armstrong. 

aurora review

Jono, in a very pleasant and no-nonsense manner, conveys his 'philosophy of making REAL money online'. 

He is telling you the THREE things you REALLY need ...

      1. You Need Something To Sell,

      2. You Need Traffic To Sell It,

...and most importantly, the one thing that most people don’t even realize that they need,


He talks about this for a few minutes, then the video ends with few scenes of showing the 'laptop life style'.

I watched this video two more times to make sure I haven't missed something important, and with a bit more info from the sales page, I am able to tell you WHAT AURORA IS

Aurora is a software package that 'automates high ticket product with YOUR Affiliate Link attached'.  As a result, you are guaranteed commissions from $300 to $1,000 for every sale you make. And you don't have to fight for survival with small commissions any longer.
  • without your own product
  • no advertising
  • forget about funnels
  • you don't need any chat bots
  • what solo ads?
  • no maintaining websites
  • save cost for  Shopify stores
  • no need for connections

Now that we know WHAT Aurora is, it would be nice to know how it works. I've told you earlier that the Aurora sales page is different, and here is why.

Jono & Brendan let it all hang out and here is...

How Does Aurora Work?

I like it when you are able to find out what you are buying, before spending your money. Jono demonstrates how Aurora works in a second video on the sales page.

The image below shows you the Aurora Member Area, with training videos and action tabs on the left side, while the main portion of the screen is reserved for video viewing AND performing certain actions

aurora review

Aurora works in 3 simple steps:

  1. Pick a Niche and a High Ticket product of your choice to promote (Aurora has one ready for you)
  2. Create YOUR sales page which includes a pre-produced webinar and attach YOUR Affiliate Link to Buy Button
  3. Go to Pinterest and Instagram and 'FOLLOW the FOLLOWERS' of  popular merchant in your niche to drive FREE traffic to your sales page
  4. Collect Commissions

I'll let Jono explain the exact process because he is better suited to do than I am. 

I have to say that I was impressed and I am almost convinced that this software may actually work as Jono & Brendan claim it will. 

How Much Does Aurora Cost?

The Base Product will cost you $16.97

That's it, folks...less than a Lobster dinner in the town I live. But...and I am sure you knew there was a BIG BUT coming. 

The cost for the base product is ridiculously low, but you will have to spend a bit more to make it work. Unfortunately, it became the new norm to put out products that require Upsells in order for them to work.

The table below shows you the Upsells that come with Aurora (hint: decline the first offer and then take the down sell and save about 25% to 30%)

What Are The  Upsells

Product                                       Up/Down Sell                                                              Commission

Aurora                                                       $16.97                                                                                  $16.97 (100%)

Pro Version                                             $67.00                                                                                  $33.50 (50%)
Pro Version   Down Sell                   $37.00                                                                                  $18.50 (50%)

Done For You                                        $197.00                                                                                $98.50 (50%)
Done For You  Down Sell               $147.00                                                                                $73.50 (50%)

Limitless Traffic for Aurora           $197.00                                                                               $98.50 (50%)
Limitless Traffic  Down Sell           $147.00                                                                               $73.50 (50%)

Aurora License Rights                      $97.00                                                                                  $48.50 (50%)

In order for Aurora to work, you DO NEED to purchase the PRO version AND the Limitless Traffic option. So, you are looking to spend roughly $200 for Aurora.

The Pros Of Aurora

1. Purchase Price is affordable

The software works as advertised and is easily worth the $200 you will have to pay

2) They provide everything you need

They provide high ticket product and you are automatically approved as affiliate

3) Training is above average

4) 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

The Cons Of Aurora

Forced Upsell

In order to get Instagram Traffic you have to take an  Up/Down sell

Accounts May Not Be Long Term

Jono calls the accounts 'churn & burn'. I suspect that Instagram will close your account for'piggybacking'

Creating Pinterest Accounts Is Awkward

When creating Pinterest accounts you have to log-in and log-out of VPN and Aurora an unreasonable amount of times

Is Aurora A Scam?

Absolutely NOT! Aurora is 100% legit. Let me say that again...Aurora is 100% legit. These are words I am not used to saying very often, so it feels good.

Conclusion to My Aurora Review

I truly believe that Aurora works exactly as Jono says, and I plan on purchasing this product. But it won't be today or within the next week, or so.

You see, I am a member of a generation that built it's own kites as kids, and who's most valued possession back then was a little pouch full of glass marbles.  I remember what a 'party line' was and that the letters on a rotary phone were not there for texting.  I worked computers when they were as big as a train car and needed to be in an air conditioned environment.

And I don't have a 'smart phone' glued to my hand 24-7, nor am I very active on Facebook or Twitter. 

 However, I want to give Aurora a try and when I do, I will update this Aurora Review accordingly.

But let me say that much: 

Aurora looks like a winner to me. But what if it doesn't work, as advertised? Or if it is not sustainable due to legal reasons and your accounts get shut down? Is there something you can do instead?

The Alternative

 The concept of selling other peoples products or services online for a commission is around since the inception of the internet. Affiliate Marketing is the most common method of making money online, and it may be the easiest way to get started. 

All you need is your own website and off you go. And, of course, you need to learn the trade from the ground up. This is where I come in and show you how you can get started.

Make A Full Time Income Without A Boss 

Or A 9-To-5 Job!

Hi, I am John and I've been making a full time income ONLINE since 2013, and you can too!

Start your Affiliate Marketing Business TODAY and learn the exact business model and strategies that will earn you a 5-figure monthly PASSIVE INCOME! 

I invite you to a complete walk-through to see how we can help you build AND grow a successful ONLINE business! It's 100% FREE to get started!

I hope you enjoyed reading my Aurora Review as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any questions, or something you want to share, please don't be shy and leave a comment on your way out.

John Worthy

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