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Review of: AnyTime Profits
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Kevin Greene/Chris Moran

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On July 28, 2014
Last modified:May 15, 2015


You will buy a product for $39.95. The misleading sales pitch puts AnyTime Profits in the SCAM category.

“You are only minutes away from the ONLY automated system that taps into vast evergreen cash juggernauts”, says AnyTime Profits’ Kevin Green


Really? I don’t think so. I bought and reviewed several similar programs in the past and they all claim to be THE ONLY WAY to make money online with “pre-build evergreen niche websites”.


What’s The Scoop


Kevin Greene video screen shot
Brand New? Maybe on a Monday two  years ago

“AnyTime Profits” is far from being a “Brand New Product”.   Kevin Greene wants us to believe it was released just recently. This is a lie. It has been around for almost 2 years now and the real owner is Chris Moran (click on images to enlarge)

This is an attempt to revive sales on an old and useless program. They prey on the great number of people that look for a way to make money online. Their target group is the folks with no knowledge of niche marketing.

The concept of making money in the so-called “evergreen niches” is not wrong, but you need to understand that you are facing an almost unbeatable competition. It is a fact, that pre-made and automated sites will not rank in the search engines and not attract traffic.

You can find out the reasons in detail in one of my previous reviews. So, I just summarize in a few words:

Pre-build websites will not get ranked, attract enough traffic and will not make you enough money. If you buy these websites, you will get exactly the same sites as other people that purchase from AnyTime Profits.


Let’s take a look at the AnyTime Profits Sales Video


As expected, HYPE IS KING to peak the viewers’ interest. Besides the ridiculously stupid HEAD LINE on top of my review, there is a lot of hype in Kevin Greene’s presentation.

He is talking about a Treasure Map leading you to riches on the Internet. You are looking at a “gold mine – but don’t know it yet”. Then he goes on telling you how great Anytimes Profits is and about a 14 months “extensive research and programming” effort that produced what he now calls:


AnyTime Profits is now Evergreen Recurring Income System

This is a subtle but not unusual way to hide the fact that he is peddling the same old program Chris Moran did.

Kevin then tops it of by telling you the big secret of how the big online sellers like Amazon create their websites. The secret is “Double Headers” on their website and that’s why so many people buy from these sites. Of course, Kevin and his crew of experts copied the secret and implemented it in the four niche websites you will get.


anytime profits junk websites
This is what his “expert programmers” came up with after 14 months?


These websites look a lot like hundreds of eBay shop sites. Believe me, it would take me no more than one day to throw together a site like it.

A little bit about Amazon

Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and went online as the FIRST ONLINE BOOK STORE on the internet. He targeted the book buyer niche for one particular reason: Amazon was able to offer a much greater “inventory” of books and magazines than any brick & mortar store.

By the way, Amazon did not make a profit until seven (7) years later; $20.000,000 which accounted to ONE CENT per share.

 Amazon does not make billions of dollars per year because of “their website” or some secret double headers. But you know that already.


How are you supposed to make money with AnyTime Profit automated websites?


Kevin Greene promises you “automated websites” that need no work on your part, you don’t have to maintain the sites and they developed a “automated update system”. This is the biggest misleading lie in his sales video.

First of, there is no system that updates sites automatically. Secondly, there is no automated system, that will rank your site on the search engines.

Then he promises you 75% commission on recurring sales. Amazon’s commission structure pays an average of 9.75% commissions. The highly promoted niche of “electronics and digital products”, for example, pays a 4% – 6% commission per sale.

The highest paid commissions are for magazine subscriptions with a 25% earning for affiliates.

Recurring commissions is a different story altogether. You will get recurring commissions if you qualify for a “Amazon Payments seller account”. You can look up the terms & regulation on Amazon’s website.

You see, even if you should get some traffic to your four sites, you will have to make many high value sales to make a decent income.

Then there is always the last option to make some money. You can try to sell AnyTime Profits to other people and receive 50% commission from Clickbank. Your friends and family members will be thanking you for the rest of their lives. Or maybe not.

Want to see how I make money online?


Final Words About AnyTime Profits


anytime profits is borderline scam
And he says this with a straight face!

Like I said earlier, there is nothing wrong with trying to make money in the evergreen niche market. However, pre-made and automated websites will not make you successful. Do not believe Kevin Greene and his hype about his newly created “Evergreen Recurring Income System”.

Besides the hype and misleading information, the program has other major flaws. The sites you will be spending your money on, will in fact not belong to you. You can not choose your own website hosting or domain name.

That means you will have a “sub domain name”, which is even more difficult to get a good ranking on Google or the other search engines.

And don’t count on the miracle automated updates to your sites. That is poor BS.


I cannot recommend AnyTime Profits and advise you to avoid buying these websites.



My Verdict: I cannot call  AnyTime Profits a scam. You will get a product for your $39.95 and there is no recourse for buying  an inferior product. The sales pitch and misleading information however, put it in the SCAM category.


I give the package a rating of 10 points on a 100 point scale and ONE STAR. 

symbole one star rating

What’s next for you?

Making money online is a good option if you are willing to learn the business “from the ground up”. There are no short cuts and no “get rich without work systems”. I recommend you take a look at the best online business learning center. It’s free to start and you have a chance to find out if it is really for you.


wealthy affiliate university


John Worthy ProfileMy name is John and I help newcomers to start their own online business the right way. If you have any questions, please leave a comment in the box below. If you prefer email, do so.



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12 Responses

  1. vorace smith

    You know you have all these people believing you and when they check your conciencals, they did n’t even look. Funny, wouldn’t you say. Vorace Smith

  2. sheldon leibler

    on 12 4 14 you billed me on discover for 39.95 why why for what reason please credit my discover cad for $ 39.95… if I Contact discover…then will write you and i will get me credit

    thank you s.eibler

    • John Worthy

      Hi Sheldon, you have not purchased Anytime Profits through my site. I am not an affiliate of this scam and there are no affiliate links on my site. You need to resolve this issue through your credit card company. Too bad you fell for this crappy product.

    • John Worthy

      Hi Judy, you can have a website, in fact two, for free when you try Wealthy Affiliate. This will give you a good start. You then can decide if you want upgrade to the premium membership, which cost you $47 per month. No other cost involved, except maybe $10 per year to buy a domain name. Hosting for your websites will be free and you’ll have all the benefits WA is providing. Take a look on the inside, it’s 100% free


    Thank God for your Review. I just paused the video to check up some reviews before I push the buy-button. Lol1 There comes your advice! Wao… Thank you very much.

    • Brian

      John thank you so much for your review putting in effort at wealthy affiliate has changed my life. Made my first income from my website in only two weeks. When you make money online while you sleep off of adding great value in the past like you have done here. It is truly incredible and feel so blessed to be a part of the wealthy affiliate community. Best wishes to you

      • John Worthy

        Hi Brian, thanks for stopping by. Took me longer than 2 weeks to make my first dollars, but the training and tools at WA, combined with work and effort made it possible to make money online. Good luck to you

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