Affiliate Income Secrets Review: Delivered By Mike From Maine

is affiliate income riches a scamI doubt that most people outside the US would even know of the existence of the US State Maine, were it not for the famous Maine lobster.

Over 40 million pounds of these pricey crustaceans are sold every year in the US alone.

Why am I telling you this, you ask; because I am hard pressed to come up with any other famous products or goods that come out of Maine. Until now that is.

On November 15, 2014, Mike Thomas, aka ‘Mike From Maine’ launched a brand new video course that has the potential to become very famous; at least in the affiliate marketing industry.


What Is Affiliate Income Secrets?


“Mike From Maine claims that his course will teach you “How An Ex English Teacher Makes $277 Each and Every Day with TWO Simple Youtube Videos and FREE traffic”.

We all have heard claims like these many times before, haven’t we, only to find out later that none of these programs could live up to our expectations.

Affiliate Income Secrets sells for $17.00 through JVZoo and is actually on the lower end of the price scale for this kind of course.

Is it worth your money and time, or would you be better off treating yourself to a tasty Maine lobster dinner, which would cost you about the same amount of money?


About Mike Thomas


affiliate income secrets reviewMike is a well known, successful AND reputable internet marketer. He made his name by interviewing hundreds of internet marketers about their upcoming product launches and how they achieved success in the past.

He then did a thorough review of the product, created a short, pre-launch, sales video about the product, and posting the video on Youtube, Mike provided valuable information for potential customers looking for this kind of products.

During his professional journey, Mike collected a treasure chest full of affiliate marketing tips, tricks and proven ways to become himself a successful marketer, making a 6 figure income every year.

He put together a video course that explains and teaches the strategies he uses for generating this income with affiliate marketing.


“Mike From Maine’s” Sales Pitch


I was in total shock when I logged on to Mike’s sales page for the first time. You see, I look at a lot of sales pages and watch the videos. Most are bad, a few are good and I came across only two I would call “excellent”.

Make that THREE now, because the Affiliate Income Secrets sales page is just that: EXCELLENT.

  • There is no hype
  • There are no exaggerated income promises
  • There are no fake testimonials by “fiverr actors”

The video is just 4 ½ minutes long and you can stop or rewind it if you want to (I hate those self starting videos without the function buttons)

Mike is simply telling his story as internet marketer; about the early success he had, the mistakes he made that wiped out all his websites, and how he slowly recovered.

He emphasizes how much he learned from the interviews with other marketers and also how to avoid the mistakes THEY made with their campaigns.

Then there is another short video that literally blew me away. Mike actually gives you a real look into his Paypal account. He does NOT project any of the photo shopped statements we, unfortunately, got accustomed to being shown.

Mike recorded the logon to his Paypal account, does a search for “today’s deposits” (which you can do in Paypal), and shows you the screen with deposits made that day.

I never before have seen a more honest and straight forward way to provide proof of the claims about the success a certain method or program has.


You can watch this short and amazing video yourself.


How does ‘Mike From Maine’ do it? He will tell you, on his sales page, the 4 simple steps it takes to create $300 to $500 income per day!

1. I choose an affiliate offer to promote.

2. I record a simple video and mail it to my email list.

3. I then create another simple video and mail it to my email list.

4. I sit back and watch the money come into my Paypal account and the FREE email subscribers join my list.

Needless to say that I was impressed and absolutely convinced that spending $17.00 for Affiliate Income Secrets will not be a waste of money. And I still have enough dough left to treat myself and my wife to a lobster dinner.

The course comes in 2 parts and here is what you are going to get with Affiliate Income Secrets.


Do you want Mike’s course now? I don’t mind you running off and get it right here!


Part 1: A Complete Look At My Business


There are a 12 videos in part 1 of the course. I simply list their titles and refer you to the sales page if you are interested in a short description snippet. However, I will comment on video #10 & video 12 and point out a very important facts.


affiliate income secrets_next levelVideo 1: Creating Your Empire

Video 2: My Personal $277/day Blueprint

Video 3: Income Cash Calculation System

Video 4: Audience Conversion Cash Cow

Video 5: The Authority Rub-off System

Video 6: The VALUE Enhancer

Video 7: Networking For PROFIT

Video 8: Your Daily ATM

Video 9: 24-Hour Product Creation

Video 10: The No-Product-Needed System

‘Mike From Maine’ claims that this video is the heart of his course. He says, and I quote “You can’t master affiliate marketing until you understand the FIRST 9 STEPS of this program”.

Video 11: Scaling Secrets

Video 12: The $1 Start

Mike is going to teach you “how to start making money TOMORROW with just $1.00“. Like with ONE dollar bill or FOUR quarters, if you wish. Your total investment, including this course is a mere $10.97!


Part 2: The $277/Day Quick Start Formula


In this section, supported by 10 more videos, Mike will walk you through real life examples of how he makes consistent affiliate commissions. No theory though, just his proven blueprints that will get you from ZERO to making REAL money.


A Strange Twist When You Buy Affiliate Income Secrets


So far everything Mike presented looked great to me. You find a well designed sales page without the usual crap, a short video without any hype and misleading information, none of the bad stuff at all. But……………

Do you remember the introduction to the Johnny Carson show way back then? “Heeeeeeeeere is Johnny“.

Well, after I hit the buy button and shelled out $17, forgoing a lobster dinner, that’s what I said:

Heeeeeeeeeeere starts the BS!”. Of course, I did not abbreviate, if you get my drift.

affiliate income secrets reviewAnd here is ‘Mike From Maine’, offering you from a self starting video THREE upsells. That really surprised me. Not the fact that there are upsells, I expected one, or maybe two anyways, considering the low cost of the course.

Every one of the upsells cost more than $30, roughly a hundred dollar bill all together. And every upsell comes on a new page with a self starting video.

So you have to go through all of this, before you get to the product you just paid for.

What I find so strange is why Mike wants you to buy some more stuff even before you go through the course. If you are like me, you want to know IF you really need the things before you buy them.


affiliate income secrets


I declined to make the purchases and clicked through the 3 pages to finally get to the Affiliate Income Secrets course.


The Affiliate Income Secrets Course


I tell you right of the start that Mike’s course is excellent, particularly for beginners. He covers a plethora of things that similar courses simply ignore. He teaches you in an easy to understand way the methods and strategies that enabled him to “go from ZERO to over $10,000 per month“.

Part 1 of course consists of 12 videos, Part 2 is made up with 10 videos, most of them about 8 minutes long. He covers a lot of things, but the information is not overwhelming.

If you have already some experience, you may find some topics you already know. I advise you to pay attention anyways. Some of the stuff my be stored in a section of “your soft drive (aka brain)” that is accessed very seldom, if ever.

So, let me show you the Pros & Cons of Affiliate Income Secrets


The Pros – What I Liked


The Introduction Video

Mike is giving you an overview of his course. He provides links to a list of experts he interviewed, his income records and where he is doing business. He also discusses his failures (which hardly anybody else does), warns you about the mistakes he made that lost him not only thousands of dollars, but also a great amount of business.


affiliate income secrets intro


The Videos

All 22 videos are of outstanding quality. The audio is clear and Mike’s presentation is in a “to the point” manner. I like video courses because they are easier to follow and you actually see what the steps are you need to do. And he keeps the videos short enough not to be overwhelming.


List Building

START BUILDING YOUR LIST NOW. With Video #8, Mike emphasizes the importance of starting to build an email list as soon as your website is up and running. Many beginners feel “they are not ready yet”. Also common, this thinking is a mistake that will cost you money.

Mike shares tips how to build and maintain a good list. More importantly, however, is the fact that he shows you his favorite methods and is open and honest about what works and what not. He provides templates and shows you step-by-step how you can easily start your list.


Talking About Failure

This makes Mike unique. He is not ashamed of admitting failure and mistakes he made. And he is mentioning this throughout the course. In Video #8 he talks about particular mistakes he made in building landing pages to collect email addresses. He shows you what he did wrong and tells you how to avoid making these mistakes.

Mike says: “I lost about 90% of my Adsense income overnight when most of my websites lost their rankings in Google”.

This is very valuable information, my friend. Taking Mike’s advise seriously will hopefully save you from suffer the kind of losses Mike had to overcome.


Mike’s Resources

I compare this information to a bag full of gold nuggets. Mike provides you with a bunch of links to really good resources he is using himself. True, you could find them yourself. They are out there on the web somewhere. But not in ONE place and easy to find as within the course.

Here are some of them:

  • Free and cheap places to advertise your new affiliate business
  • The best editing software for video, on PC and Mac
  • The type of microphone and webcam to use for product reviews and interviews
  • Mike’s scripts for interviewing guests on his podcast, and also scripts to use for video reviews.


 The Cons – What I Did Not Like


The Upsells

upsell-imageI don’t like upsells, period. Unfortunately, it is a common practice in our industry, and most of the time used to simply get more money out of your bank account.

When you buy a new car or a computer, you are offered an upsell for a warranty. You can choose if you want to buy it or not, and in either case, the functionality of your new purchase is not affected by your decision.

Online courses or similar products should not be treated any different. The creators should sell a fully functional product that will deliver the promised result without the need to pay for add-ons in order achieve the desired result.

It’s like a car dealer trying to sell you a new car with the back passenger doors missing, and you will have to pay extra to get the darn things.

This is how I feel about Mike’s upsell the section “build a list”. Don’t get me wrong, the Video #8 is excellent and Mike is providing a ton of great info. But in order to be able to really grasp this important and difficult aspect and be able to do it 100% right, it is almost imperative to shell out another thirty odd dollars.


The Lack Of A Membership Support System

The course is great and Mike does an excellent job of teaching you how to get from ZERO to making money online. But no course is perfect and you will be studying by yourself. If you are stuck on something, there is nobody you can turn to and ask.

I like programs that have a functioning help and support system and a member forum where you can turn to and answers to the questions you may have.

The total lack of a support system with Affiliate Income Secrets is a negative point in my rating of the Mike’s course.


Summary Of My Affiliate Income Secrets Review


My hat’s off to ‘Mike From Maine’ and his outstanding video course. The positives outweigh by a large margin the couple of things I did not like

Mike’s course is a “must have” for beginners and the more experienced marketers alike. The course provides great value even if “recording videos” is not your cup of tea.

I give Affiliate Income Secrets a rating of 9 out of 10 points and a strong “I recommend”.


You can get it if you want it. Just CLICK HERE!


Want A Free Alternative To Affiliate Income Secrets?

Mike has a great product if you’re comfortable with creating videos and doing email marketing. Although it is newbie friendly, I still think people will struggle with the idea of video and email. I also don’t like the idea there isn’t a support community. So with that said, you may want to look at different option which is my #1 Free Recommendation. 
I would encourage you to check it out since it’s free and you can always compare which program is a better fit for you.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review as much as I liked writing it and would love to hear your opinion. So, don’t be shy and chime in by leaving a comment on your way out.

That’s it for today

Thanks for stopping by

John Worthy


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6 Responses

  1. Charles Dickson

    Hi John, l was going to buy Mike’s product till l stumbled over your excellent Review.
    As an aspiring affiliate marketer, l have learnt a lot from you and l have to support your great work by buying from you instead. Keep on keeping on.

    • John Worthy

      Hi Charles, thanks for your comment. It’s a great product and you will like it. Let’s stay in touch. Thanks for buying through me, let me know after you did, please.

  2. Prince Smith

    Hello, John,
    I want to comment on the contents of your website. All the reviews you’ve done are very important information that the public should be aware of. I appreciate all the help and support that you have given and is giving me within Wealthy Affiliate University. I hope all the viewers to your site will consider enrolling into Wealthy Affiliate University where they will not have to worry about getting scammed as is not the case with some other organizations on the internet these days. Take care, I will see you on the inside.

    • John Worthy

      Hi Prince, thanks for stopping by. That’s the reason for my reviews. Warn when there is need, which is most of the time with all the crappy products out there. Hopefully my reviews can save people some money.

  3. Lydia

    Hi John, this is a fantastic review! You had me gripped from the start. It’s so seldom that you actually get a program out there that is not a scam.

    Keep up the good work, your site is a mine of information!

    • John Worthy

      Hi Lydia. Thanks for the comment. I actually bought it with the intent to use it. I do buy scam products for my reviews and request a refund later. They are useless anyways. However, Affiliate Income Secrets is a keeper. Mike put a lot of good stuff in his course.

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