Affiliate Game Change Review – Affiliate Game Change Scam

Product by:
Jack Stanley
$47.00 + $120.00/year for web hosting

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On April 22, 2014
Last modified:September 1, 2014


Affiliate Game Change is a scam product.

Warning! Affiliate Game Change Is A Scam!


Affiliate Game Change launched in August of 2013 and, supposedly was “available for a limited time only!

Well, the website was still up on April 3, 2014 when I bought into the program to write an honest and unbiased review. Take a few minutes of your time and read my Affiliate Game Change Review.




Affiliate game change scam review
Look at these ridiculous earning figures!

Product Name: Affiliate Game Change

Product Owner: Jack Stanley

Sales Page:

Price: $47.00

Upsells: 1st $97.00, 2nd $197.00

My Rating: 10 points on 100 point scale – 1 star


My Verdict: Affiliate Game Change is a Scam Product – Avoid!


What Is It and Who Is It For?

According to Jack Stanley, he “cracked the code” to a system that some large corporations use to generate 100% profits from whatever they are selling.

He labored real hard to modify the system into something that enabled him to “randomly add ClickBank links to his website”, which makes him $300.00 to $600.00 per day.

For reasons unknown, he is willing to share his system “for a limited time only“. He is doing this good deed so normal folks too will get rich overnight. Naturally, skills are not necessary, and you don’t have to “work” more than 20 minutes per day.


Affiliate Game Change launched with a time limit
First indication that Affiliate Game Change is a Scam


Affiliate Game Change is a scam

Who Is Affiliate Game Change Really For?

Like all the other “Scam Sharks“, Jack Stanley targets people looking for the easy way to get rich quick without having to work for it.

He exploits the hopes and dreams of those believing, that there are indeed systems which will automatically generate huge incomes out of thin air.

Trust me on this one. I buy into these scams for my reviews, and not one of them produces money as advertised. Soon you will find out that the only way to make some money with the product, is by trying to sell the program as an affiliate.  I am sorry to say that, but this will make you a scammer also.

Don’t believe me? I can’t stop you from trying your luck. Just be careful and make sure to request the refund of your hard earned money before the guarantee expires.

Anyway, stick with me for a few more minutes. I will explain what you will get with this product, why it is a scam you should avoid, and also show you a valid option to start your own legitimate online business.


Why Is Affiliate Game Change A Scam?

1) The Sales Video:

First off, this video is beyond ridiculous. You should watch it if you can stomach 25 minutes of pure nonsense. Let me give you some “highlights” of what you are going to see and hear.

It starts with showing a guy hammering on the keyboard with his fists, then throws the computer out the window onto the parking lot. Jack Stanley introduces himself and get’s right to the point. I should say “to his lies”. He introduces his product with lines like:

“Start making money with this ‘out of the box system’ today…….

Watch this short, wicked cool video

Make honest $300.00 to $600.00 per day or go back to the Guru Scams you like so much

If working 20 minutes a day is too much, then my system is not for you…..

You get my system 100% free

You must hurry, because I will take the video down soon……only for a few people……

Get free 100% commission …No Selling at all

No scam, I do the video my self, unlike the other gurus

No actors…..don’t even know where the Gurus find them”


For good measures, Jack throws in some “photo shopped bank deposit slips” and fake testimonials by “actors, he would not even know where to find“. But he did find them and so could you. Look at the images below. These are screenshots from the video. These folks testify “honestly” how great the system is and how much money they are making by using it.


Truth is, these nice folks offer their services on Their special skill is to create honest (LOL) testimonials for any product or services; for as little as $5.00 for a 30 second recording.  GOTCHA Mr. Stanley!

Then Jack is telling another big lie: “You will get my system 100% free“. But towards the end of his presentation, he begs you to support his “support staff” with $47.00. However, if you try to leave the page 2 times, the price comes down to $17.00. If you join for 17.00, you will be charged the $30.00 discount in a few days. So read the small print carefully.

I don’t have much more to say about this scam video…..onward we go.


2) How this “Out-Of-The-Box System” Works (or NOT)


Upon buying this product, you have access to the members area. The screen shot shows you what you will find:

Affiliate Game Change FAQ
Affiliate Game Change Member Area


The “Help Tab” takes you to the FAQ page, which answered some of the pressing questions I had about this system from the get go. You can check it out by going to the sales video and click on the yellow link in the upper left corner. So here is how it works:

You get one free website consisting of ONE sales page, no other content. You can choose ONE of four niches to work in. Wealth, Dating, Fitness and Dieting. These are some of the “evergreen niches” and, by the way, the most competitive ones.

 Jack wants us to believe that this out-of-the-box sales page will be on page 1 in Google within 7 minutes. There are only about 10 spots on page 1. At least the last time I looked.

He is peddling his system to thousands of people and he makes the same promise to every single victim of his scam. You see how scammy and ridiculous his promises are?

Furthermore, he claims that stuffing the page full with links to ClickBank or other merchants is enough to generate up to $600.00 per day.

I didn’t believe it and I was right. My site was nowhere to be found and there was NO TRAFFIC whatsoever. This system does not work. The reason may be that I did not make use of the 2 tabs I pointed the arrows at. But I doubt that these 2 upsells would make any difference. Which takes us to the next issue I have with this scam product.


3) The Price Of The System:

affiliate game change scam reviewThe free, but not so free system cost you $47.00. The website is in fact free of charge. Hosting for the site, however, is not free. You don’t have to use Jack’s choice of hosting BUT…………(excerpt from his FAQ page)

  • Because ours have been tested and work.
  • They attract customers just like a nice house catch’s your eye.
  • I strongly urge you to use the domain that our World premiere software generates for you.
  • However, you can still make some serious bank without our domains…just maybe not as much.
  • It doesn’t hurt that I got you the Best Hosting Deal on the Internet!


That sounds convincing and you decide on “The Best Hosting Deal” which will earn Jack another hefty commission. Here is the pricing for that:

  • Monthly = $81.75
  • 6 Months = $130.50
  • Yearly = $190.20
  • 2 Years = $285.60

However, traffic to your site is non-existing and you refer to the FAQ page for the answer to that. Of course, you NEED the upgrades to

  • T-Money $97.00 (creates traffic automatically!)
  • Social Tornado $197.00 (turns your website viral in social networks)

By day’s end, taking part in this charade will cost you over $400.00 out of pocket and then the monthly fees for overpriced website hosting.


4) Training, Tools & Support at Affiliate Game Change

The training is limited to a few videos on basic Internet Marketing topics. I could not find any tools (like Keyword research etc) and the support sucks. I opened a request ticket with a specific topic about traffic generation, and did not get a reply at all. Not much there to brag about, Mr. Stanley.


My Final Opinion About Affiliate Game Change

The system did not work for me. But I found out that I was not the only one. Several other members made the same experience and requested their refund. I knew going in what to expect……..a big SCAM. The system is making money, and plenty of it. Not for the folks that spend their hard earned bucks on it, but for the owner Jack Stanley.


My Verdict: Affiliate Game Change is a Scam Product – Avoid!


What’s Next For You?

You are serious about starting your own online business and looking for help getting started. I highly recommend a scam free “Learning Center” that offers an All In One Platform with state of the art training, a second to none Help & Support System, all the tools you will ever need and unlimited and free website hosting for their members.

The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that you can join for free. You will learn how to build websites, how to research niches and keywords, about SEO and much more. They even give you 2 free websites to get started.

There will be no pressure to become a paying member. It’s totally up to you if and when you decide to either leave or become a premium member.

So, give it a shot. Push the button below and take the tour. You don’t have to bring your credit card – it’s FREE. No gimmick.


Button to free membership

John Worthy Profile ImageMy name is John, the owner of Facts About Internet Marketing. If you have any questions or comments, please leave a note in the box below. I would appreciate any feedback. You also can send me an e-mail and I will get back with you within 12 hours.



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