My success in Internet Marketing began at Wealthy Affiliate!

Reality Check! I set out to learn how to start my own online business. I had no experience in website building or any other aspects of Internet Marketing. After being duped by several of the scams that are out there on the web, I joined Wealthy Affiliate. That was the best decision I ever made.

My name is John Worthy and I am retired. All my life I was caught up in the “Old School” teachings about the importance of holding down a JOB, entering a workforce of millions dragging themselves to a daily chore they really don’t like and is unsatisfactory.

But being a good boy, I “went with the program”, became quite successful as computer programmer in the mid ’70s. In the ’80s I expanded my field into Engineering and Manufacturing, earned a decent living and had a relatively good life.  That was long before anyone could imagine the amazing progress in computer technology that enables millions of people to own and work a computer.

So here I was, going to work every day, sitting in traffic for hours (both ways) but did what I was taught to do.But deep inside of me there was this desire to own my own business. That desire grew even bigger when my 401K and Retirement Plans were almost wiped out, not only once but three times. We all remember the Wall Street crashes in the late ’80s, late 90’s and early on in 2000’s. 

I was fortunate being able to live in other countries, learnt the languages (German and Italian) and travel the world and I never wanted to lose contact with friends I made overseas. It was important enough to keep informed about news, sport results and what’s going on in general that I subscribed to 4 news papers which, of course, took about 10 days to be delivered and often times the news where NOT new to me anymore.

Then the fantastic happened. They called it the INTERNET and it provided what I was looking for almost instantly. I admit that I became an Internet Junkie”. And then I realized that THIS IS THE OPPORTUNITY I was hoping for all my life.

I realized that the INTERNET is the future for MY HOME BUSINESS.

Excitement and the determination to finally start my own business took hold of me. Of course, I did not have a single clue HOW TO. Easiest way, so I thought, was to search on Google for opportunities and was very surprised by the sheer number of results I got. Eager to get started, I forgot the most important thing to do.Research, Research and more Research!

Needless to say I fell for the SCAMS that are out there. I am embarrassed to admit that I got duped THREE times, yes THREE times and lost just about $3000.00 in the process of being stupid, plain and simple.

My enthusiasm waned, I was discouraged and put my efforts on the back burner. However, my desire to succeed did not allow me to give up on my dream. After a few months I decided to search again, but this time I did my researches and suffered yet another set back. It seemed impossible to find a LEGITIMATE program which is NOT OUT TO GET MY MONEY without delivering the promised results.

Taking my time, I read review after review of the “How To Make Money From Home” websites and came across Wealthy Affiliate, a company that offers TRAINING COURSES about Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Niches, the importance of Keywords and Keyword phrases, how to get traffic to a website and, most importantly, provides TWO WEBSITES……and all of that FOR FREE!


Still skeptical I took the chance and logged on to their website. What did I find out? Exactly what they promised! I started the course lessons, created a website, learned about content and the power of blogs and articles……and it was free. There was no pressure to become a full member at any time. It’s totally up to the individual IF and WHEN they want to become a Member of Wealthy Affiliates. You can take a look at my personal profile within Wealthy Affiliate.

  1. Sonja

    Karat Bar International has defrauded thousands of people with their ponzi scheme of cyrptocurrency backed by gold. It is a pyramid program although that is not how it was presented to me. A friend encouraged me to sign up as an affiliate promising after their ‘hard fork’ conversion my investment would triple. I asked specifics, such as how can I get my gold or money after the hard fork. She shared their website and the process and assured me I could take either out at any time w no penalties.
    Ive got documents, screen shots, communications, VM, emails showing the extensive attempts at communicating with the company asking for guidance, assistance and asking for my return of investment in June. I sent a certified letter to the CEO Harald Seiz requesting they honor the hard fork or return my money. As usual, no response. My upline insisted I stay in the company as the crypto was supposed to increase by twenty five cents Dec. 16, 2020, Now if you go to the Karat Bar web site it is not active. Ive got hundreds of websites and complaints from other affiliates in the same position.
    How can we start a class action law suit against the CEO and Karat Bars?

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