7 Minutes Daily Profits – A Scam Or Legit?

If making $500 a day would be as easy as 7 Minutes Daily Profits wants you to believe, we all would be millionaires.

The creator of 7 Minutes Daily Profits claims that over 1,500 people are making at least $500 per day, because they use his 'Free Money Making Software'. 

It sounds too good to be true, so lets take a closer look into this thing. Here is my 7 Minutes Daily Profits Review.

7 Minutes Daily Profits Review Summary

Product Name: 7 Minutes Daily Profits

Product Type: Money Making Software? email Marketing

Creator/Owner: Vince Howard

Price: FREE, but a $9.00 Server Fee 

Upsells: $147 and $127

Summary: This product is like a double-edged sword:

One side, the sales video, is a total mess. It is misleading, full of hype and lies, and looks like an outright scam. There is no money making software, the owner is like a ghost without any background information, and the testimonials are fake.

The other side, the actual business opportunity, is email affiliate marketing and traffic generation through solo ads. The training is surprisingly extensive and they even provide some use fool tools.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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What Is 7 Minutes Daily Profits?

According to Vince Howard, you  can make in excess of $500 per day online, because you will get to use some secret software.  And you can do that in as little as 7 minutes.

Unfortunately, Howard is not going to show you exactly how this software works, but instead presents a couple of recorded testimonials. A nice lady lets us know that she made a whopping $85.000 in one month, while a guy with tattoos says that he made over $700 in 6 hours, and the next day he made over $1,000. 

Watching the sales video never reveals what this thing really is, so I had to buy it to find out.

In short, 7 Minutes Daily Profits is a Training Course about email marketing and Solo Ads as means of driving potential customers to your product offers.

Obviously, there is no secret software, the 7 minutes jive is just that, a jive, and making 500 bucks a day is just bait.

However, not all is rotten! The actual subject of Howard's program is a valid, legitimate and viable form of Affiliate Marketing. 

Let's take a closer look, shall we?

What's Inside 7 Minutes Daily Profits

Let me repeat myself: This is about Affiliate Marketing in general, and strictly about email marketing & solo ads to generate traffic to single landing pages in particular. You will NOT learn about anything website related.

The Course Section

7 minutes daily profits

This is the Menu within the Member Area. The Main Course is located behind the Premium Traffic Source Tab

Module 1:  Solo Ads Mastery - 8 Videos

from 'what are solo ads' to 'buying solo ads in the market place'

Module 2: Intermediate - 13 Videos

1) A/B Testing - 2) Squeeze Page Secrets  - 3) 100 Clicks A Day 4) Bait Overview –   5) Thank You Page Overview - 6) Thank You Page Tips - 7) Fill Your Value Ladder As An Affiliate           8)  Sign-up as a Clickbank Affiliate –  9) Join Shareasale as Affiliate – 10) Becoming a JVZoo Affiliate – 11) Buying Your First Solo Ad – 12) Getting Reviews From Solo Sellers             13) Solo Ad Tips

The training is thorough and surprisingly good and is NOT suited for total beginners!

Non-Course Sections

Create Your Site and View Your Websites is a bit misleading since you actually just create one or more Landing Pages, also called Squeeze Pages. The variety of page templates is not too bad and serves its purpose.

At the same time you will create an account with GetResponse as your Auto-Responder System 

Add 5X Commission Sites is an upsell which I kindly refused

Profit Booster captures the emails of visitors to your landing page IF you DID NOT create an account with GetResponse. You are supposed to follow up by manually sending emails, which is considered 'spamming'.

Unlimited ROI Traffic:

This section provides more training. 6 videos cover solo ads and ad swaps, and 13  outdated, from unknown author private label rights PDFs cover Social Media Traffic methods and other Traffic Hacks

Click Commission Activator adds a geographical banner and a social proof popup to your website

How Much Does 7 Minutes Daily Profits Cost?

A measly $9 will give you access to the member area. However, the price will go up once the launch period ended.

What Are The Upsells?

It's obvious that a sales price of $9 is nothing more than bait to get as many interested folks as possible into the member area, and then 'get 'em' with some upsells.

Add 5X Commission Sites $147

There is no description, and they expect you to shell out 147 bucks without knowing what you will get for your money. I sheepishly (not) declined!

Click Commission Activator $127

Adding a popup that shows a banner that tells the visitor to your sales page where he is located (as if they wouldn't know where he lives) is not worth $127. Again, I declined.

The Pros and Cons of 7 Minutes Daily Profits

In nature there is light & shadow, in products there are pros and cons. 

What I Like (Pros)

1) Building a List and Email Marketing is a proven and very successful strategy, no doubt about it. Solo Ads can be very profitable IF the lists you purchase are well maintained and consists of Tier One subscribers

2) Money-Back Guarantee: The product is sold through Clickbank which automatically provides a 100% Money-Back-Guarantee...NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

What I Don't Like (Cons)

  • The sales video is full of hype, deceptions and fake testimonials
  • There is no software
  • Vince Howard is most likely a fiction. Although he claimed to have been interviewed and featured by Forbes Magazine, I could not find any proof of that. There is no mention of the owner at Clickbank which also is unusual.
  • You Don't Own Your Landing Pages. They are sub-domains and reside on their server.
  • Cost of Solo Ads. You need substantial capital to run exclusively with paid traffic. Solo Ads will cost you UPWARDS of $40 per 100 clicks. Be warned that 'clicks' are not purchases rather only the opening of the email list subscribers receive.
  • Fake Testimonials. Take look at the images below. The left is a screenshot from the sales video, the right is where this person works...(Click on Images to enlarge)
7 minutes daily profits
7 minutes daily profits review

This lady works as a freelancer for fiverr and her talent is to provide video testimonials for her clients. 

Is 7 Minutes Daily Profits A Scam

No, it is NOT A SCAM! I find the sales video unethical and repulsive and cannot understand why the creator(s) choose to go this seedy way. The course is pretty good, although definitely NOT for total beginners.

I would have liked it better if they charged $39 or $47 and lowered the cost for the upsells. But I guess that's just this 'FUNNEL Mania' that has gripped most of the industry lately.

Conclusion To My 7 Minutes Daily Profits Review

Like I said before, the course is pretty good but not suited for newbies. Email Marketing and paid traffic exclusively via solo ads is a rather complex strategy that requires in depth knowledge of Online Affiliate Marketing as well as a steep budget.

There is, however, a much better way to get started than what 7 Minutes Daily Profits has to offer. 

The Alternative!

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That's it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading my 7 Minutes Daily Profits Review as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you have any questions, or something you want to share with us, don't be shy and leave word in the box below. Thanks for stopping by...

John Worthy

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