60k In Sixty Seconds Scam – Kiss Your Money Good Bye

Yet Another Binary Option Trading Scheme. “Get Super Rich With Just One Click” .  60K In 60 Seconds Review


It seems like every week another one of these annoying promotions pops up. The scoop is always the same. Some guy invents, creates or stumbles across a software program which is able to perform the “miracle of predicting the unpredictable”.

They all claim their system can consistently predict what a stock or commodity will do within a short time.

They all promise that you will make unheard amounts of money, in an unrealistic short time, with an easy “3-step setup, one click a day” program, trading Binary Options. Of course, they tell you in their sales videos that you will get this “highly secret” software for FREE, if you act right now.


Is 60K in 60 Seconds a Scam? I tell you right off the bat: Yes, it is a scam and I will show you in this review the reasons for it.


The 60K in Sixty Second Program


60k in sixty seconds scam warningProduct Name: $60K in 60 Seconds

Niche: Binary Option Trading Software

Product Creator: Phil Harris

Advertised Price: Free

Real Price: at least $250.00


My Rating: 0 out of 100 points


Phil Harris and his 60K in Sixty Seconds Sales Pitch


The production of the Phil Harris video is a “read along” boring presentation of misinformation, obvious lies and fake income statements. The good thing is that they are easily to spot. Take a look at the 2 images below and I will point the most obvious lies out to you (click on the images to enlarge)

60 k in 60 minutes sales video lies
Time counter at 00:00:00 – he is babbling on
60k in sixty seconds sales pitch1
Obvious lies, easy to spot. See time counter






Image 1 (on the left):

Phil says: “You are the ONLY one besides his family he shares this with’

Time counter top left: “You must create your account within …….(it starts at (9:00 min)

Image 2: (on the right)

Phil states: “I can still share it with a few people”

Time Counter: At 00:00 minutes 00:00 seconds, I have not create an account, but he his still telling his lies

Top of the Screen Shot: Live Update – 90 members made a Total of  $5,400,000 In The Last Hour.

Which is it?You are the Only ONE he is sharing this with, or “Sorry, I lied. I already have hundreds of members and look, 90 of them made money the last hour. Never mind that the TALLY on top starts wit 1 Member……at about the 2 minute mark. He even has 9 minute hours. But the BS does not stop here

You will see a bunch of “photo shopped account statements“. One showing a balance of 21 million dollars, the other 23 million. LOL

Why the heck is he peddling a FREE product? If I had this much money in my account, I would eat oysters and caviar for breakfast and washing it down with a bottle of Heidsiek Brut at $50.00 a bottle.

Enough with the darn sales video. Let’s take a very brief look at Binary Option Trading. You can find a detailed explanation in my Money Magnet Review.


Binary Option Trading


Unlike trading stocks and funds the “traditional way” in which you invest your money most of the times on a long term basis, Binary Option Trading is limited to a “One Trading Session Only”. That means trading starts at the begin of each day and ends at the end of the day.

As the word binary implies, you will be betting on ONE outcome: You win your bet or you lose. For example: You bet on a particular commodity, and predict that the value will be UP at a certain time during the trading session. This is called the “strike time” and you are able to set it. If it is UP you win…..if it’s down, you lose. It’s a 50-50 bet.

The payouts are: You win and make about 80% profit. You lose and you lose the total amount of your bet. You see, even if you win, you only make an 80% of your bet. If you would play Roulette, and bet red or black to come, you would get 100% of your wager if you win.

Take a look how I make money with a legitimate online business


How exactly is 60K In Sixty Seconds supposed to work?


Well, I doesn’t. It’s absolutely impossible to predict the fluctuation of the stock market. For the sake of completeness, let me continue. According to Mr. Harris, the program he created will make you a rich person with a 3-step and easy setup.

After that, all you have to do is “ONE CLICK per day” and the “dough” will fill up your bank account. Oh, did I forget to mention that you will get this miracle software for FREE? Sorry, yes you will get it for free.

STEP 1) Set up an account with  a Binary Option Broker, in this case OPTION RALLEY

STEP 2) FUND your account with your hard earned money. MINIMUM DEPOSIT: $250.00

STEP 3) CLICK with your mouse ONCE, lean back in your recliner and watch YOUR MONEY DISAPPEAR


Want to hear the truth about 60K in Sixty Seconds?

  • Fact: Phil Harris did not create or invent a software program that can predict the outcome of bets in Binary Option Trading. The software you will be using is one of many similar products used by brokerage firms
  • Fact: Phil Harris’ program is NOT free. In order to use the software you have to deposit at least $250.00 in your brokerage account.
  • Fact: Phil Harris does not make money by using “his miracle software”. He is in fact an affiliate of the brokerage firm and receives a hefty commission for recruiting folks to open an account there.
  • Fact: Option Rally operates out of Cyprus and is not regulated at all. This does not mean that Option Rally is illegal. However, I cannot tell whether OR is legit or legitimate.
  • Fact: Once you made your first deposit, you will not be able to withdraw any amount until you have consummated a certain number of trades. The 50-50 odds, reduced by the 80% payout on a win bet, are stacked against you. Most likely you will have to kiss your $250.00 good bye and deposit more money in the hope to recoup your loss.
  • Fact: Only 2 parties will make money in this game: Phil Harris by receiving most, if not all, of your initial deposit as a commission and the brokerage from the commissions of your trades. They WIN – YOU LOSE!


My Final Words About 60K in Sixty Seconds


sign of two thumbs downThere is really not much more to say about it. All the Binary Option Trading schemes you see on the internet are a scam. Not that trading in binary options is illegal or a scam; the way to lure people into this dangerous form of stock trading is unethical and I could not recommend you try your luck.

I give 60K in Sixty Seconds TWO THUMBS DOWN and call it what it is. A SCAM YOU SHOULD AVOID!


What’s Next?


I have been duped and fell for some of the scams that promise you the pie in the sky. Then I found the best online business training center that provided me with everything I needed to start my own online business. What’s best though is the fact that you can start with NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET and then decide if this is for you. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose.


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John Worthy ProfileI am John, the owner of this website. My mission is to help newcomers to start their own, legitimate online business. If you have had any experience with Binary Option Trading scams or any other unethical programs, please share your experience with us. Leave a comment in the box below or email me. john@factsaboutinternetmarketing.com



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  1. Tony

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    • John Worthy

      Thanks for your comment Tony. I am aware of the site you are promoting. Unfortunately, it is like all the others and there is NO guarantee that a profit can me made. It’s a gamble, particularly for newbies. Only experienced traders with substantial knowledge AND funds will be able to come out ahead.

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