30 Minute Money Methods Review – 600 Grand A Year? LOL


I thought that the time of outright stupid and deceiving sales videos was over when the wave of Binary Option Trading scams died down. Well, my friends, I was wrong. I just came across a product that was brought to market a short 5 months ago and uses the exact type of sales video.

The video, narrated by someone named Shelly West, is about 31 minutes long and full of total BS, excuse my English. One could assume that Shelly West is the owner of 30 Minute Money Methods, supposedly, which I cannot verify, since there is no information to be found.

This by itself would not be an automatic negative point for the product, I might add…many product creators, not comfortable with recording videos themselves, are indeed using actors to narrate their sales presentations.

But I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, so let me start at the beginning of my…


30 Minute Money Methods Review

What Is 30 Minute Money Methods?

According to Shelley West, the 30 Minute Money Methods let you make the insane amount of $600,000 per year from your Laptop, Tablet or Smart phone. All you need is an internet connection, and you can get started.

The package consists of 6 PDF files which will teach you these ‘little known’ methods:

  • Make Money With Doing Online Voice Over Work
  • Make Money Online With Stock Photos
  • Make Money Playing Games Online
  • Make Money With Online Freelance Work
  • Bonus Method: Make Money Being the Middleman
  • Secret Method: Make Money Managing Social Media

Shelley claims that it only takes 30 minutes per day to earn $50,000 per month using her proven methods.


How Much Does 30 Minute Money Methods Cost?

The system is sold through Clickbank and cost $37.

At purchase, you will be offered an OTO (One Time Offer) for $99, which will be discounted to $49 when you refuse the OTO.


Does 30 Minute Money Methods Really Work?

The simple answer is NO! I seriously doubt you will be able to make anywhere close to $100 per day with any of he methods Shelly offers in her package of PDFs.

The methods are all legit and well known ways to make money from the comfort of your home, even Shelly’s ‘secret’ way of managing social media’, but not to the tune of 50 grand per month.

Let me cut through the crap and tell you like it is: The creator (owner) of this product is trying to put a fast one on gullible opportunity seeker. Here is why:


The Sales Video!

The video is a typical production style used for many scammy products in the past; full of hype, misleading statements, display of photo shopped proof of income, and fake video testimonials by actors.

Let’s take a closer look at my points of concern:

Fake Video Testimonials!

Videos can be powerful tools to promote products IF the testimonial is TRUE and given by a real customer (user). However, if videos are produced by using actors following a script, the testimonial is worthless, and the whole promotion appears to be unethical and, in many cases, supports a scam.

It didn’t take long, and it was not difficult at all, to find out that good old Shelley paid some Fiverr actors to produce convincing videos.

Clicking here or on the Video View Image will take you to Fiverr.

Video View

testimonial by Fiverr actor

Fiverr Profile

fake testimonial by Kyle Brauch


Towards the end of the video, another fake testimonial was given by Melissa Rauch, also a person making money as Fiver Spokes Person.

Both, Melissa and Kyle, sound very enthusiastic about 30 Minute Money Methods and all the money they are making with it, but in reality, they are telling bold faced lies.


Fake Ticker Tape!

Scroll down just a little bit while you watch the sales video and you will see a ‘Ticker Tape‘ run across the screen, announcing WHO JUST MADE XXX DOLLARS WITH 30 Minute Methods’ .

This is a nice effect but totally deceiving! There is no way that any 30 Minute Money Methods users could report their earning since the sales video is NOT LIFE and embedded on the website page.


Fake Comment Section!

The sales page also has a comment section, which by itself is not unusual. However, just like the testimonials, the comment section is as fake as one can make it. I tried to leave a comment (and not a nice one, I admit) and guess what happened!!! I was re-directed to the Clickbank purchase page. Can it get an more fake, or what?


Shelly West Is Fake As Well!

Of course, I cannot prove that Shelly West does not exist, but the whole setup looks fake, and so does Shelly. As hard as a tried, I could not find any information in regards to the creator or owner of 30 Minute Money Methods, nor any insights about a promoting company.

So, Shelly that is. She is telling a sad, but totally untrue sob story about her early pregnancies, how she had to leave college to take care of 2 kids, and how her husband left her before the second child was 1 year old. And, of course, how her struggles all ended when she stumbled over a survey site that, miraculously, exposed her to a ‘secret website’ that made her over $10,000 the first week.

All that sounds so terribly untrue, it’s not even funny. Which brings me to the last of my ‘RED FLAG‘ moments with this thing.


Something Unethical!

Although ‘Shelly West’ succeeds to hide very well the ‘WHOs and WHATs’ about ownership of the product, she displays a DISCLAIMER, which basically confirms that everything said and shown in the sales video can be regarded as untrue, and examples in these materials are not to be taken as a promise or guarantee of earnings.

There also is a PRIVACY POLICY which includes some very unusual paragraphs. One of them reads….

Purchase agreement
When you sign up, we collect your name, phone number and e-mail address and may use this with a small number of third parties who we are working closely with. In particular, we may share your data with coaching partners who offer a related service to our own (where you have agreed to this).

Not many people are like me, always looking in every crook-and-nanny trying to find as much detail as possible. By their own admission, they give away your personal information. And that explains the complaint about 30 Minute Money Method I found in the comment section of another website.

what are the complaints about 30 minute money method

There you have it. Enough said.


Is 30 Minute Money Methods A Scam?

Heck no, it’s not a scam like the now bankrupt Empower Network or Digital Altitude, which was shut down by the FTC. At $37 it is cheap and you will get 6 PDFs that describe actual ways to make money online.

However, it has a bad smell to it, and the way it is being promoted is, in my opinion, unethical.


Conclusion To My 30 Minute Money Methods:

If you would ask me for advise, I would tell you to stay away from this product. The methods described are legit ways to earn some extra money, like taking surveys or playing games. Nothing that would get you out of the 9-to-5 rat race, or would make you a livable income.

If you are really interested in starting your own online business, let me give you some advise.

Stay away from offers like 30 Minute Money Methods that promise you…

  • …to make a lot of money
  • …in no time
  • …with no effort

and have no verifiable history of lasting success!

Every so often I get accused of ‘bashing other products‘ in order to promote Wealthy Affiliate, my #1 Recommendation for anyone wanting to start their own online business.

You can check my site for reviews of Legit Online Programs, and you will find out that I DO NOT bash other products that are NOT scams, but simply point out their short comings (if there are any).

However, Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal and is in business now for 13 years, with an ever growing number of satisfied members. Check it out and see for yourself. It is FREE and there are no hidden agendas.


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Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any questions about my review, or Wealthy Affiliate, leave me comment below, and I will get back with you within a day.


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