12 Minute Affiliate Review: Affiliate Marketing System Made Easy

My 12 Minute Affiliate Review takes a close look at this Plug-And-Play system that 'Pockets Affiliate Commissions Even For Complete Newbies'. These are Devon Bown's words, not mine. 

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make a passive, full time income, but I doubt that one can set it up in a mere 12 minutes.

So, I set out to find out what 12 Minute Affiliate is all about and if Devon Brown's claim has any merit. Enjoy my 12 Minute Affiliate Review

12 Minute Affiliate Review Summary

Product Name: 12 Minute Affiliate

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing

Creator/Owner: Devon Brown & David Sloan

Price: $9.95 14-day trial, then $47 per month or $397 for BASIC Lifetime Membership

Upsells: $39 and $67

Recommendation: Affiliate Marketers with some experience and funds to invest may give this product a try.

12 minute affiliate review

Summary: This Plug & Play System has the potential to simplify the FUNNEL creation for experienced affiliate marketers.  In my opinion it is NOT suited for complete newbies

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

What Is 12 Minute Affiliate!

In their words:

12 Minute Affiliate is a revolutionary new system that simplifies the process of making online commissions with affiliate marketing.  With 12 Minute Affiliate there are no products to create, websites to host, copy to write, or techie stuff to figure out!

Basically, this product is designed to be a ‘plug and play system’ that creates a done-for-you sales funnel with pre-designed landing pages and pre-written emails. 

The 12 Minute Affiliate System includes THREE ready-to-go affiliates funnels in the hottest and MOST PROFITABLE niche markets ('making money from home', 'weight loss', and 'personal development'.

The owners claim that you MUST have this system because...

  • It's simple - even for beginners
  • You can profit daily
  • Creates multiple income streams
  • Fast and easy set-up
  • You can see results fast
  • Work from anywhere (laptop lifestyle
  • It's the perfect side business
  • It grows your email list
  • Done-for-you email swipes
  • No creating your own product or website

How Does It All Work?

The image below shows the dashboard of your system. All setup can be done from this work area.

12 minute affiliate review

Click Image to enlarge

The Setup

On the left side of the dashboard are the tasks that make the system work, and the middle of the screen shows a Quick Start Checklist to each of the tasks. 

The very first time you will have to perform some account set-ups and maneuver through some upsells like 'Upgrade Your Account' or 'sign up for private coaching'. 

Once you are done with the administrative stuff, you'll get to the heart of the system. You pick the Niche and perform the basic steps.

  1. If you don't have one already, create an account with Clickbank
  2. Open an account with AWeber and set up your Auto Responder System
  3. Pick A Landing Page and Activate Your 12 Minute Affiliate Funnels
  4. Get Done-For-You Traffic

Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? In reality, there is a bit more involved than good ol' Devon lets on and it will take longer than 12 minutes. More about it a little later on.

The Actual Process

All you can do now is to lean back and wait. While we do just that, let me explain what is happening.

You picked a niche and with it a product to promote, a landing page and a pre-made sales funnel. In order to drive traffic to your sales page, you purchased Solo Ads which are emails sent to subscribers to the list of a solo ad vendor.

Solo ads cost anywhere from $35 to over $100 per 100 CLICKS (a click is when a the recipient actually opens the email). 

Not many recipients of the FIRST email will purchase your product and you can call yourself lucky IF you do make ONE sale. However, those folks that opened the first email and clicked on the link to your product offer, became subscribers to YOUR list.

This is where the auto responder system kicks in and starts sending follow-up emails, up to 10 over a period of maybe 3 weeks. 

How many sales are you going to make? Hard to tell, to be honest. It all depends on the product and the quality of the email list of the solo ad vendor.

How Much Does 12 Minute Affiliate Cost?

14-Day-Trial: $9.95

Basic Membership: $47 per month or  $397 Lifetime Membership - 1 Niche (make Money Online) 

Gold Membership: $97 per month or  $997 Lifetime Membership - 3 Niches

Upsell 1: $39 - 3X Your Results Blueprint

Upsell 2: $67 - Done-For-You-Setup

Auto Responder System: Starting at $19 per month (see AWeber Pricing here)​​

Devon Brown Having A Good Time!

Devon Brown

Devon Brown - Co Founder

Devon is the co founder and hosts a rather informative Webinar...take look if you are interested

Pros Of 12 Minute Affiliate

  • The setup is indeed simple
  • Email swipes professionally written
  • Landing pages are well designed
  • The system creates multiple income streams
  • It is legitimate
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Cons Of 12 Minute Affiliate

  • Setup takes longer than 12 minutes
  • Works with 3 Niches ONLY
  • Definitely NOT for newbies
  • System runs on their server
  • Working this system can get very PRICEY

Is 12 Minute Affiliate A Scam?

Absolutely not. 12 Minute Affiliate is 100% legitimate. They provide products and services and their sales pages are devoid of scammy hype, fake testimonials and photo shopped earning statements.

Conclusion To My 12 Minute Affiliate Review

Let me make it very clear that this product is absolutely not for total newbies but may be well suited for experienced affiliate marketers. I am going to give it a try because it does NOT require to build and maintain a website like this review blog and my other product sites.

12 Minute Affiliate works in 3 of the most lucrative niches and even if the setup will take several hours instead of only 12 minutes, once set in motion it is relatively maintenance free.

Of course, many Clickbank offers are scammy, crappy and basically worthless, but with a little bit of effort, one can easily find good and useful products  (see my Conversi Bot Review).

In the Personal Development Niche, better known as Health & Fitness, Clickbank carries over 300 products in  17 sub categories. Most of these products have sales funnels that lead to additional sales and are very well suited for a product like 12 Minute Affiliate.

Pay Attention To Detail

At any rate, even an experienced marketer needs to pay attention to details when using this system, especially if traffic has to come via solo ad. Back in the day when email marketing was still a novelty, and list building as a mean to cultivate a high quality list of potential customers was just starting to become popular, solo ads was a great way to promote any product.

Unfortunately, over time the practice of list swapping and flooding list subscribers with spam emails led to a deteriorating of email lists. No longer is it guaranteed that you will get high quality CLICKS for your solo ad campaigns. 

However, if you are an affiliate marketer looking to add product to grow your product offers without having to maintain websites, give 12 Minute Affiliate a try. Take advantage of the $9.95 trial offer and run ONE campaign which should give you a good idea if it fits your needs.

If you are a total newbie and need to get your feet wet in the affiliate marketing industry, there is an alternative to get your share of over 1.5 billion affiliate commissions.

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I hope you enjoyed reading my 12 Minute Affiliate Review as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any questions, or something you want to share, please don't be shy and leave a comment on your way out.

John Worthy

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