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Wealthy Affiliate is a full-service online community that taught tens of thousands members from 195 countries

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Let me introduce you to the exact business model and strategies  applied to make a Full-Time income from the comfort of your home!

Our Community

Wealthy Affiliate has welcomed over 1.6 million members since its inception in 2005. What began as a membership site that provided a list of the 'hottest keywords for PPC campaigns' to its members, became the worlds largest and most successful online learning community for aspiring home business owners.

Today, education is still the main focus point at Wealthy Affiliate, but its Full Service made WA the "go-to-platform for Internet entrepreneurs and the most trusted and respected affiliate marketing platform in the world"!

 How WE Make Money

It's all about the almighty buck, isn't it? I am not the 'bragging type' and a pretty private specimen, but I will let you take a peek to show you what's possible, IF you can put your head to it!

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John Worthy

Internet Marketer

About The Author

I got my start as Internet Entrepreneur in 2011 after losing my 9-to-5 job to the outsourcing mania that started in the late 1990's. After a rocky start that had me buying into outright scams, losing not only money, but also time, I fortunately came across Wealthy Affiliate which gave me a great start in Affiliate Marketing...

Essential Tools For Internet Marketing

The 'Main Ingredients' to get started in Internet Marketing are:

  • A Website to promote products & services to customers
  • In-Depth Training and Support 
  • A Keyword Research Tool to be able to write SEO friendly content that will rank in the search engines
  • Affiliate Networks and/or Merchants with products/services for you to promote and earn commissions

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