One Minute Commissions – 60 Seconds To Smell The Scam

What Is One Minute Commissions? Short Answer: A Scam Not Worth A Penny!


Product Name: One Minute Commissions

Product Owner: Mike Auton & Rebecca Roberts

Price: $46.00 + 4 Upsells


My Rating: 5 out of 100 points


Mike Auton, calling himself “Super Affiliate”, is at it again. His prior releases “Mass Income Machines, Commission Hi-Jack and Quick Commissions” are some of the worse Scam Products you can find on the internet.

He found himself a willing partner in Rebecca Roberts for the release of his latest piece of crap. Mike built himself a very bad reputation and having cute Rebecca take the stage for his sale pitch gives him the opportunity to hide.


one minute commissions review


Let’s take a look at the One Minute Commissions sales video.


It starts out with some James guy telling his story about not making more than 20 bucks a day with his online efforts…..until he came across One Minute Commissions.

Now he claims to make $300.00, $700.00 and over $3,000.00 every single day. After that, Rebecca takes the stage, so to speak. You wont see her at first, but she shows you a “Clickbank Account”.

According to her claims, you witness commissions earned on a real time basis. This goes from $60.00 the first 5 minutes to over $37,000.00 within 24 hours.

And all this with a “No-Cost, No Skills and Fully Automated System”. LOL

This is followed by a parade of folks testifying how much money they supposedly make with this system. More about these fake statements in just a few minutes.


What Are You Buying With Your $46.00?


One Minute Commissions is a software program that automatically creates short videos you upload to You Tube. The idea is that thousands and thousands of people watching the 15 to 20 second flips and are so impressed that they buy the product you offer.


Prepare Yourself For A Slew Of Upsells:


Every crappy product needs upsells. One Minute Commission is no exception in that regard. You will be offered 4 different upsells. Each is introduced to you via video and you will have to watch for a while until you see the “No Thanks” to click off.


  • Upsell1: Platinum Membership $196.00
  • Upsell 2: Diamond Elite Membership $195.00
  • Upsell 3: Xtreme $67,00
  • Upsell 4: On-on-One Coaching – priceless…on individual basis (I guess they want to figure out how much more money they can suck out of you)


Find out how to build a sustainable and thriving business without UPSELLS and BS


How Does One Minute Commission Work?


The concept is pretty simple and takes only 4 steps

1) Choose a product to promote and sell
2) Get an affiliate link from the vendor
3) Find an image for the product (only ONE)
4) Enter these details into the software called “Accelero

This software creates a short video of 15 to 20 seconds which you are supposed to upload to You Tube. Accelero applies some soft music to accompany the lonely product image.

According to Rebecca, that is all there is to it. People will just flock to your video and buy the product you offer.

Fact is, this will not work. Nobody is going to buy a product after looking at an image for 15 seconds.


What About These Testimonials From Happy Customers?


Reviewing products like One Minute Commissions on a weekly basis requires a lot of research as you can imagine. That includes to find out more about the folks giving these testimonials.

I did just that and found “Michael”. That’s the guy in Rebecca’s video. Click on the image if you want to watch it yourself (I assure you that I am NOT an affiliate with One Minute Commissions)


 is one minute commission a scam


His real name is Darville and he sells his services through in the section “Videos & Animation – Testimonials & Reviews by Actors”. Enough said, I think.


Beware Of One Minute Commissions & ClickSure


This Mike Auton product is sold through ClickSure, which is an affiliate network, operating out of China. ClickSure is known to offer mostly crappy and scammy products. It is almost impossible to receive a refund if you would request one. Take a look at just two of hundreds of similar complaints.


one minute commission review

Final Thoughts About One Minute Commissions


The product is basically worthless and in my opinion an outright Scam. The videos produced by “Mr. Accelero” are of poor quality and kind of spammy. I would not be surprised, if Google, which owns You Tube, would put an end to this spamming and closes all accounts that upload this kind of products.


Final Review: One Minute Commissions is worthless crap and a Scam.


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