Beware of Reshipping Scams: PackAnyWere & Package Planet


The Internet is full of ‘make money online’ scams, we all are aware of this sad fact. Unfortunately, the Work At Home industry is not immune against illegitimate job offers, and often times it’s almost impossible to recognize these scams until the famous ‘bleep’ hits the famous fan.

The following is a very sophisticated, elaborate international scam that started early in 2015, leaving behind a trail of defrauded work from home folks, as well as thousands of innocent victims whose credit card information was used illegally. It was brought to the attention of the authorities just ten short weeks ago and is under investigation by the U.S. Postal Inspectors and the FBI.

The story I am going to tell you today is about Reshipping or Package Forwarding Fraud, how it works and the parties involved:

The Perpetrators: PackAnyWere And Package Planet

(the missing ‘h’is not typo of mine, that’s how they spelled it) popped up by the end of 2014, offering a ‘work-at-home’ job as Logistics Coordinator. The base pay was $1500 per month PLUS $10 for each package shipped out. The company promised to reimburse all business expenses, including expenses for travel, entertainment, and similar items.

Address: PackAnyWere LLC., 1210 Dutch Neck Rd., Middletown, DE 19709

Phone: toll free (855) 339-3924, fax (855) 295-9072, email:


is packanywere a scam


PackagePlanet followed suit just 3 months later with an identical home job offer. The website was completely different, of course, but the purpose was the same.

Address: 2005 Merrick Rd., STE. 122, Merrick NY, 3247

Phone: 1-646-593-7732 (cellular phone)


is packageplanet a scam


Susan – Work At Home Victim of Reshipping Scam

reshipping fraud employment contract
PackAnyWere Employment Contract

Susan (not her real name) lives in Alabama and like so many other people went online searching for a way to make money from home. She found what she thought was a perfect fit when she cam across the website from PackAnyWere. The offer looked great; she could work from home and the pay was pretty darn good.

She applied, was accepted and signed the employment contract and necessary tax forms. It took only a few days before packages began to arrive in the mail. She was instructed to open the packages, inspect and inventory the content, and then ship the items to addresses provided by PakAnywere.

The merchandise was mainly tech stuff like computers, laptops, digital cameras, camcorders, iPhones, tablets, but also higher priced hunting and boating accessories.

Unsuspecting, Susan went about her business handling about five or so shipments per week. She was supposed to get paid every month, and after about 4 weeks, there was a wire transfer made into her bank account.

The amount was a whopping $28,000 and totally unusual for Susan’s banking history. This raised a big red flag with the manager of the Credit Union, and the security specialist with the bank could verify that those funds were fraudulent.

The bank informed Susan what they found out and that the company is not kosher. Susan called the company and they explained to her that there was a bookkeeping mistake, she should deduct her “pay for the month” and transfer the rest of the money to their associates in Romania.

Luckily for Susan, her banker got suspicious and they found out about the fraud, otherwise Susan would have to pay all the money back. Unfortunately, she did not get paid for the work she did, and did not get reimbursed for her expenses.


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Where Did Susan Send The Merchandise

The Postal Inspectors were able to track most of the packages Susan sent out. Some were sent to a mail drop in Brooklyn, New York, and the workers there claimed to have no idea what’s going on. The others were shipped to a freight company, Ukraine Express, which then sent them to Russia.

Unnamed Victims of the PackAnyWere Reshipping Scam

You may have guessed it by now that all the merchandise received and reshipped by Susan and many others that fell victim to this scam, had been bought online with either stolen credit cards or fraudulently obtained account information.

Postal and FBI investigators are looking into thousands of reports from individuals as well as retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and others. The damage inflicted goes into the hundreds of thousand of dollars, and counting.

Wash, Rinse & Repeat – Enter PackagePlanet

The gangsters running these scams know very well that sooner or later they will be exposed and have a contingency plan. As soon as the cover of PackAnyWere blew off, another similar operation popped up. PackagePlanet was waiting in the wings to take over. A different look website, different address and phone numbers, same scam. I am not sure for how long this operation was active, but it shut down about 4 weeks ago.

How could Susan get so easily duped?

That’s easy to understand if you look at their websites, which are designed very professionally with about 14 to 18 pages and lots of information. The images of delivery drivers in their trucks, a worker on a forklift driving a stack of packages around, the Employment Contract and Tax Forms make the whole thing appear 100% legitimate.

Then consider the work at home opportunity and the pay. It’s relatively easy work at a fixed $1,500 salary, plus $10 for each shipment and bonus, and it definitely has a great appeal for people like Susan. You could easily do 25 shipments per week; that would bring your monthly pay check to $2,500……not bad at all.

Of course, in hindsight it’s easy to point out the obvious signs on their websites:

  • packanywere reviewThe delivery truck image: No logo, license plate some where in Europe
  • Warehouse and forklift: Name on roll cage bar: Miami Industrial (Image lifted from their website)
  • Making $2,500 a month for shipping packages? As they say “if it sounds to be too good…….”, you know the ending.

What Should You Do?

1) Don’t get involved in any reshipping or mail/package forwarding companies. Believe me, they are all scams (ABC News Video). In our day and age there is no need for services like that. There are millions of online transactions every day, where people purchase merchandise, and companies like Amazon ship the products to the buyer’s address or to a different shipping address. These transactions are traceable. On the other hand, these criminals that use stolen credit cards or account information cover their tracks by using folks like our Susan as recipient of the goods and the electronic tail will lead to them. 

2) Cover your ass if you are involved already, stop what you are doing and report to the authorities immediately. Hopefully you saved all paperwork, email-correspondence etc., because when ‘the boys in blue’ the Feds or Postal Inspectors come knocking, you need to be able to prove that you are a victim yourself. Here are a couple links to report to.

Postal Inspectors: 1-800-876-2455, or file online here

Internet Crime Complaint Center: Also file with the government here

3) Fight back and help others to avoid falling victim to this scam. Let us know your experience in the comment box below and list company name, email address and contact names so that others searching for info can find out what’s going on.


Let me be the first to post this SCAM ALERT. Here is a list of companies that are actively running this scam as we speak (July-24-2015)

  • reshipping scamsArion Forwarding Services LLC – Tyler James
  • (see image)
  • PackExpert LTD
  • M&G Logistic services LLC
  • Worldwide Supply Express (WSE)
  • SCM Logistics
  • US Pack and Ship LLC



As I said earlier it’s not easy to recognize these scams if you are unaware and unsuspecting. I hope that my yapping helped you to avoid falling victim and saved you the embarrassment and the headaches poor Susan experienced. That leaves open the question “how you can make money from home“. 

Let me keep this short. If you are really interested in leaving the nine-to-five trap and become your own boss, check out my #1 Free Recommendation and find out how I got started. It is not a get rich quick scheme (they don’t work in first place), rather the only program that will teach you everything to build a successful and sustainable legitimate online business.

That’s all for today. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to let us know what’s on your mind.

John Worthy




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15 Responses

  1. Hi, just like everyone else here I came into contact with one of these types of companies which happened to have the same name that someone else here mentioned as well which is Packaging Plus LLC. I was offered the position of Packaging Plus Logistics Manager through an email message where the person contacting me, a man named Raymond Scully, said

    “Our company invites you to apply for a job with business. The position is for a Logistics Manager.

    The position tasks are:

    • Receiving and mailing out parcels
    • Creating daily reports
    • Recording data about packages
    • Inspecting orders to determine if they are intact.

    Job regulations

    • Motivated by goals
    • Optimistic and cooperative
    • Reliable
    • Knowledge of Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Office
    • Ability to carry packages weighing less than 30 pounds

    This is a full-time job and our company’s goal is to try to obtain client approval. You have to accept a package, assess it, ensure it is not damaged. Then, the parcel will be transferred to to the client.

    If you wish to apply, please reply to this invitation. A team member from HR will be in contact with you in a timely manner in order to arrange a conference to fill this vacancy. ”

    After questioning the person who contacted me I was then messaged by a Lisa Dixon who replied by saying

    “We would like to thank you for showing an interest in being a part of our company. Packaging Plus LLC is pleased to offer you the position of a Logistics Manager. Your duties will consist of: tracking, receiving, putting together, consolidating and sending merchandise. You get paid $40 per package + bonuses for packages shipped in time. This is a remote position, you DO NOT pay for shipping and there are no any start-up fees, investment or other costs related to it.
    I have attached a detailed Job Description and Application form. Please fill out the application and email it back to me at your earliest convenience.
    Packaging Plus LLC is an international mail and package forwarding company that provides people overseas access to the US consumer market. Using our service non-US residents are able to purchase any item from US store and have it shipped to their home location anywhere in the world at a reasonable cost. To learn more please visit us at
    Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions. We look forward to welcoming you to our team.

    Lisa Dixon”

    Considering that so many people have come across these job offers and that I’ve heard that sometimes scammers tend to reuse their messages, hopefully putting their words onto this site will lead anyone suspecting them of anything here to verify. Also just to be more safe, the phone number 1 (615)988-7770 and the fax number 1 (615) 796-6901 were used, as well as a link to their site, Thank you for reading.

  2. ty fitzsimmons

    yes, my son was hit by packaging plus llc, scam scam scam, we reported it to the proper authorities.

  3. Hi,
    Recently one lady with email address: contacted me & we agreed to do business.
    So, i have received couple of packages & sent 2 of them. 3 Packages are still in my house. Should i just send them back or i can keep them with me? Do they can make any harm to me?

    • Sazzad, I strongly suggest you research this amanda person. Sounds a bit fishy to me why people need someone else to forward packages. Yes, it could create a big problem for you.

  4. Ruben Macias

    I just received an email from packing plus it does sound good and everything,bit after reading Susan story I will least it alone.. What happens if I signed up but instead of sending them back the items just keep??. play their game can I get in trouble??..

  5. Hello, I am a victim as well by the company: Packaging Plus LLC
    I have sent to packages only and then the postal inspectors mailed me telling me this is a scam and I stopped sending packages and rejected them all. I changed my bank info. They keep sending me packages and I emailed them that stop sending me and I quit. She asked why. I told her I dont want to ruin my life working for a scam company. Did I do the right thing? Will they be able to do anything to harm me? She keeps calling me too and I ignored. Should I contact the police?


    • Hello Hanin, thanks for your comment. You did the right thing. They cannot do anything to you. Most likely they are located somewhere in Europe or Russia. The company registered here in the states is obviously a shell company. If they continue to send stuff and call you, report it to police.

  6. Christin

    Thank you for this post and I was the firsto report on Tyler James. Everything looked legit, but wheninquiry minds start inquiry nothing adds up; Names given, testimonials on there website, personnel task panel to report the shipping and receiving of goods, even there address with a business ID number failed to have a suite number listed for there business. What a shame and disgrace to the people getting scammed and being used to eventually be the blame.

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